Jul. 4th, 2013

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Are you sure you're gonna play me right? I dunno about this. [ No please Nanako I have to play you why won't you trust me. ]

I guess if you really think you can do it, then... I believe in you! [ Good because I don't. ] We can get better -- together -- I promise! And maybe we can find Big Bro or Daddy in the place we're gonna go to!

[ Uhh... ]

Wait... you mean no Big Bro or Daddy?
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Mun, I will say this once and only once.

It's not a date. [And the mun is still laughing like crazy.]
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I am not being loud.

[ a beat ]

I am just impatient in my current position. I do not like being idle. I was not Lord Protector because all I could do was be idle.

a longer, heavier silence stretches. ]

I simply miss Emily, ... and the Empress.
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Ohh, no. No, no, no way. What am I doing here exactly? I shouldn't have to remind you we've still got unfinished business over at--excuse me for looking over the fourth wall, here--Tumblr.

Y'know, there's still trees to chop, Thneeds to make? I can't just up and ditch that. I've got a role to fulfill here. Heard coughing out Schlop was up on the schedule, can't wait for that one again. Not.

Ahem. Just as long as you don't plan to keep me here long. I heard the "homes" here are more whacked up than the Truffula Flu AU. Sure wouldn't wanna stick me into those, right?


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You decided to bring me back, after all this time? Not that I am complaining, I like being here - talking to people, not being stuck in bed all day...

Do you have any plans for me? A game, maybe? If you do, perhaps you could find one with my brothers? I want to do things and have fun, but, well..in the past...

[In the past his mun was a little shit to all her muses and he doesn't want to be on the receiving end]


..perhaps I should wait a little longer?

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 Mun, with all due respect, if you have enough time on your hands to make me a 'journal' with the sole purpose of putting me in surreal and/or dangerous situations for your amusement and the amusement of others, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one in your life who thinks you need to take a step back from the computer.

Walk around. Get a drink. Leave the house tomorrow. I don't know - make some kind of effort to stop your muscles from atrophing at the very least. Make the most of the time you've got here , don't waste it in front of a screen-

That's not 'rich' coming from me; just, decide what you're doing and see it out. And please, don't make me regret saying that.

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You have poor face for poker. Is very... twitchy. You must be strong! Make-pretend you are powerful giant woman and not leetle soft baby.

Also, maybe learn to play better. "Throw chips at the table and hope for best" is not good strategy.
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Ay, what a busy week and it isn't over yet! Do you need a cheer up charm? °✧Fu so so so!✧°

There's nothing wrong with having a little wine while you work. --Wait, what are the rules again? I want to play too!

We still have to run with Toro this weekend. He does it every year. If he doesn't get to do it, he'll begin to get restless. Everyone should join! And if they have fun, they should join us at [community profile] hollyheights.

Huh? What do you mean I have somewhere to go? Ay, we just finished one of those horrible games and now you want to send me to another! Well, it's nothing Spain can't handle! Let's go!
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Well then, that was certainly.... a thing.

You were right I suppose. It did seem like an enjoyable tale. I should have been in it. I make everything better.

And I know what you're thinking. Don't even try bringing her in. It will not end well for you at all.
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I don't really mind the fact that you brought me here, but... We both know I likely won't find a place to call home in my situation. Even if my powers were restricted or taken away completely and I were to go somewhere outside of Toue, I probably wouldn't last very long. Having that sort of freedom is outside this body's limits as I am now.

... Please don't make a face like that. Just like brother you're worrying over something that cannot be undone, but I promise it's all right. I'm just glad I was able to help when I could.
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Hold on, mun! You're telling me that people from different worlds all show up in one place together and can just understand each other without strange machines?

[ Pausing. ]

That's unfair! [ Harumph. ] Ain't that so, Grace?

[ The small rodent perched on her shoulder indicates her agreement through a wide array of high-pitched chirps and squeaks. ]

See, Grace agrees. [ Can Amy even tell what she's saying? No, not one bit. ] It's cheating to have it so easy. So how does that work? Does everyone have their own little machine or--oh, magic? [ Wassat? ] Maybe it'll be better if I just ask the people here...

Er--I can understand them, can't I? [ Halp pls. ]
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Mun...I didn't mean to catch your attention.

I'd rather be back helping Brother Aidan create the Book. [For Kells, for Uncle, for Iona, for all that the Northmen have taken.]
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Ok, I get that this is the day the founders of America declared independence, but I don't think bringing Columbia into this is a great idea. I mean, considering Columbia is its own nation, do we really need to celebrate it?

In any case, I'd rather celebrate Bastille day than have anything to do with Comstock's father Washington.
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This isn' anything close t'my holiday.
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It's been a while again, hasn't it?

It's nice you remembered and that you're even thinking of taking me somewhere, but does it really have to be a scary place again? I know it's been years, but the city with the giant monster was enough, you know. There has to be some place nicer.

[ . . . ]

There's nothing that's going to change your mind, is there.
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... so our school life of mutual killing's started again, hasn't it...

[ She says this more as a statement than as a question, before sighing and dropping her cheery idol act - a rare sight. ]

... I don't see why you're so excited about it. You're not the one who ends up dying in the end, are you?

Is there even a point to all of this...?
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To be honest, I thought you forgot about the show. Do you remember everything that happens? Or do you know where you want to take me from? You've never even played me before. I--

[ deep breath. ]

I just think you should really think about this before you look into any games or anything. You shouldn't commit yourself, you know? Maybe re-watch the show. That should help you with my voice.
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Surely you cannot be serious. I did think better of you, but perhaps that was a mistake.
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Indeed, it is America's birthday and wishing him well may be appropriate. But... Given the current situation I am not sure how I feel about congratulating him, mundane. This is a matter of trust...

Further, your interest in spending more time with us has been noted. You may need to put some effort into that task.

This is all.
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[An excited yip and an enthusiastically wagging tail. Yes, she is happy to be going somewhere.]
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There you are, Mun! Sheesh, I was wondering what was taking you so long. It's been how long since you decided to do some role playing that didn't involve dice and a bunch of complicated rulebooks? Do you have any idea how unbelievably boring it is to be cooped up in your headspace like this? I'll even take one of those crazy games over that! At least there, stuff actually happens!
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I'm not one to criticize inspiration whenever or however it chooses to strike. In fact, I applaud your enthusiasm. But do you think that perhaps you’re getting a little ahead of yourself? We barely know each other after all and you already have plans to insert me into alternate universes. [Gentle, tempered smile.] I think it might be prudent that we discuss the matter in detail first, don't you?
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You can't be serious. Is this a joke? Because it certainly seems like it. A commoner such as yourself, no more important or more interesting than a grain of sand in the desert, actually considering himself worthy of "playing" me? I would laugh if this whole incident wasn't making my stomach turn.

Exactly where do you get off thinking you could play me? A spineless little worm like yourself could barely play the gambler and ogre properly, according to your own words, so what made you think for even a second that you could take on someone such as myself?

...no answer? I thought so. Get this asinine thought out of your head and find something else to do. You're only wasting your time and to a far greater extent my own.
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[It's really quite impressive how elusive Artemis can be. She is hidden behind a tree trunk, digging her nails into the bark.]

What language must I speak for you to understand? I care nothing for a new home. My home is amongst the trees in the forest and amongst the wild beasts. No man shall confine me within your so-called "civilization".

Leave me be.
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If you mean to ask me if I do regret the course of my choices of employment, I don't. I am well aware of the dangers as much as Nanny is aware of hers. I'd rather be here than on the streets wandering aimlessly. Do you know what freedom is, mundane? I do. It means that I am no longer being observed, restrained, and manipulated. To me, there is no greater freedom. I have a duty, don't I? I am the cook, after all. To ignore the rest of us who chose to be on here of our own free will while speaking of no lesser evils is hypocritical in my eye. If you are willing to kill another being, then you should not turn your nose down at others who do the same.

Do I pity Connor? Perhaps. But suffice to say, he should be old enough to know that the world does not come in black and white. I might be nineteen years old, but I know better than to have the concept of only "good and evil" exist in this world. No. Everything comes in greys and every being is capable of true horrors as well as goodness. I will not forget this, especially when I've been told there's no lesser of evils. There will always will be lesser of evils. I might wait for time to pass where his naivete is horribly crushed. His actions might be pure of heart, but that does not make him no less blind to arrogance as any other man.

I promise you, I will not forget this and I may not be as patient the next time.


Jul. 4th, 2013 09:21 pm
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All you know about me is the history of my life. My existence as a Lancer class is still mostly a mystery to you. I would prefer for you to wait.

.. 'Lancer-bros' is a ridiculous term.
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I suppose there's no helping it. Our school life of mutual killing has started again.

But if things will not end differently, is there much point in reliving it?
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Yo, Mundane or whatever! What the fuck are you talkin' about?! You pick me up. thinking you can throw me in some place you've gotten attached to when your first app hasn't even gone through yet?! What if they throw you out on your ass, huh?! You'd better get your shit together!

[ abruptly, her entire body droops and her eyes well up with tears. ]

if we were to be rejected......

wouldn't that be stimulating.......?


.... i'm looking forward to it, mun-san

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What's so bad about not knowing a lot about me? That means that once you figure out where to look, you can pick whoever you want to be me! It's kinda like following path of the god of ice. Nobody knows anything about him, but I'm still going with it!

Or you can just keep this "placeholder" one. I think this works!
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Dude, you just sent an app to that place that Billy and that Cedric guy are at. You shouldn't app to that Route place until you know if we get accepted or not at that Exsilium place. I know you miss the people there at Route, and that Tenten girl is pretty cool as well as Maka, but dude... Don't rush into it. Yeah, I know I'm the last person in your headspace who should say that but relax a bit.
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Well my dear, I don't know that you necessarily have the chops for this, but then the art of subtly guiding others into what is best for them is not easily conveyed by humans. But if you truly think you are capable of acting as shanje liro, I would not dissuade you from trying. Bear in mind the great shaming that would occur if you were to fail.

Remember my dear, that seeming is being, and bear in your heart how brave you are to make the attempt.
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[ Muse is standing, pinching the bridge of his nose under his sunglasses. ]

Let me see if I've got this straight: you want to pull me out of my very relaxing retirement and throw me in a school with a bunch of freaks to whom the laws of physics don't apply?

The hell would I even do there? [ "Teach school? A course on being a surly bastard seems right up their alley."

Muse scowls.
] Oh, piss off.
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Me ship is an absolute mess, Jack is still hanging about being a complete hindrance, and I've got an assassin after me blood, I'm sure. All because he hoisted colors first.

I do hope you're proud of yourself, lass. Between this and the other nonsense happening, I'm inclined to give neither the attention they want.

It's time for me to return to work. I'll thank ye to remember that.

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I'm not really sure about this. I can tell that you aren't either, and I can't say that I completely blame you, you wouldn't be the first person to give up me.

But I'm not opposed if you think it'll help. If it even can. As long as I keep talking, someone's bound to want to listen. Right?
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Would you look at that, you spent that money you shouldn't have and went and made a typo--

[Did I?]

... Oh goshdarnit it's a pun.