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Long time no see!

Listen, I'm one of the last people to object to the opportunity to visit new worlds. You know that. But the choices you've given me for 'games' this time sort The haunted mansion sounds boring and frankly more than a little claustrophobic...but I could deal with visiting an island that runs on emotions.

...I get the feeling you're not telling me everything, though.
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This again? Do these people even care? Honestly, every time you re-read that garbage you call "tags" it always ends with you bringing me and a few others back. Get a grip.
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Shucks, I thought you were a lady, but.. happy birthday mister dad!

... Oh, me? Are ya sure? ....

... Gwarsh, I guess it is my birthday! Whaddya know! I suppose I was feelin' a little older today... Think I grew any since last year?

But I bet there's a bunch of other folks out there with birthdays too! Let's give 'em a hand! Yahoo!
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[The Lingering Will's "voice" isn't much more than hollow, metallic noises. Despite that, he can be understood on a weird, fundamental level.]

Why did you take me from the battlefield? I can't atone for my mistakes here.

All I am is armor and rage. There is nothing else for me.

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No, mun. As you can see, there's no currently active "KH Dressroom" and no, moping about it won't change a thing.

If you can't play me regularly till March, you only have yourself too blame. You're just late for that "FF rp", as you call it, and have to wait. And that's that, as my partner would say.

[as an afterthought] Then again, he'd just laugh at your antics, in all likelyhood.

No, I won't laugh. I have no right at laughing at anyone unless I laugh at myself first. Maybe some next lifetime.
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Dear Mun, 

I know I said I wanted to go and explore the worlds, but I mean with my friends, not stuck on some weird space ship in the middle of space with a bunch of strangers!

...Yes, I know I'm gonna make new friends. But... 

I just miss them, ok?
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So that goody-two-shoes me gets to run around doing whatever, and I'm stuck here?

You keep saying we'll do something, so do it.

You never know what might happen if I get too bored, y'know.
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It's sure been a while, hasn't it? And you've grown so... small. You're still really-really small. But that's okay! We can be small together. Unless Riku asks. Then we're big. We're super big. We're giants.

I hope you haven't been too grouchy... because there are a lot of grumpy people out there, and then how would I tell you all apart? Oh! That's right! You're the amazing one who can type with both hands.

It's good to be a team again! Although, I wish you'd called me back when you made sea salt ice cream... I'm not sure why you wouldn't trust me with it...
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It is kind of weird, isn't it? I know you've always loved going through the stories again. I guess it is more ... Informative, having the history so fresh in your mind.

A little bit sad, too. Knowing everything that's happened, kind of makes you feel things a little more deeply, huh. But don't worry, everything will work out in the end.

We'll see everyone again.

( x-posted to dear player)
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I don't really get it. It's a game, right? So I'm only going to be pretending to lose my memories? Or I really lose them, but I can get them back?

[There's a head-scratch here, and a shrug.]

You know, you seem more nervous about this than me. But we're gonna be in this together, and you've got another friend coming. And you never know, maybe some of my friends will show up too! I don't think I'd ever really be able to forget them... Even if I'm "brainwashed" like you say, my heart will still remember.

Yeah. Being in a band, meeting new people... It doesn't sound too bad.
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Hey. Little Miss Mun.

It's Yuya. Yuuuuyaaa. Kid's the reason you've logged back onto this site after ... what's it been, two years? Not me. I'd say something about being flattered, but that's a dead horse that's been beaten waaaay too many times too many over the past decade.

And that's just it, isn't it, Mun? A decade.

Alright, sure. You didn't pick up the games that I'm in the year they came out, and for some reason you've liked me as a character for even less (I mean, c'mon, Marluxia? You chose Marluxia over me. Do me a favor and let that sink in when you get the chance). You haven't even been into the whole roleplaying thing for that amount of time, but point is, I'm old news. I'm safe. And real talk here? You don't get anywhere worth going to by keeping it safe.

....nooooot that I don't want any of your attention, though. So, tell ya what: you stick with the definitely-not-sad clown for ... let's give it four months, and if I'm still kicking around then, I'm all yours.
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Th-that is the worst idea you could ever have! Why would you send me to a place that has Xemnas? You know why I can't let them find me and you'd still do that?
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Mundane, I shouldn't be the one to remind you of the long list of mistakes you have made in the past. Let me speak for myself when I say that I of all people understand your intrigue with my current emotional state. It's unusual to say the least, and will take some time to become accustomed to.

However, we both know that between the two of us it's unlikely for a common interest to arrise. While the musebox you have me in for the moment seems to have potential, you are far too impatient for the speed of which it seems to go. Memes will get you no where, and yet you refuse to allow me to assist you in writing out an application. It would be beneficial to the both of us if you would simply make up your mind on what you wish to do with me, or let me go about my own devices while you worry about other matters at hand.
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It's been a long time since I've seen the people who mean the most to me. I made my decision to stay back, especially if it was to save Terra. I don't even know how long it's been since I've seen their faces.
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Yeah, yeah, I kinda expected to see some new Kingdom Hearts muses too but, darn, we can't have it all, can we? Maybe we really have to wait for the big game or at least a release date to see people returning to those characters...
Me? Oh, Just give me a Cid, an Aerith and Squall and I will be happy? W- what? Why are you laughing? I'm gonna find them, ya'now?
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... Well I can't really disagree 'bout that, what with saying there wasn't gonna be any news and then pullin' that outta their hats! Animatin' all that hair is gonna be pretty tough on the computers, but I guess that's why they call 'em next-generation! Now as for yer question... did I give Sora his new duds and teach him how to summon the full force of the Main Street Electrical Parade?

[Mickey just looks in his mun's direction... and smiles.]

Square-Enix aren't the only ones who can keep cards close to their vest~.

[... Et tu mouse?]

Afraid that's all I can say, besides "congratulations Rapunzel, and see ya in a couple of years!"

[Et tu.]
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It's nice to be given the chance to stretch my legs. I haven't explored outside of my world in a long time. Thank you for choosing me to do so.

[Although she can see the uneasiness coming from her mun's general direction. The concerns over her voice, writing, and the over thinking is beginning to get a little out of hand. Aerith decided it might be about time to offer words of encouragement.]

There is no need to worry. You'll soon learn to get used to all this. All you need to do is practice and ignore all the negativity. [After all.] Isn't the point to doing something like this for fun? You do love to write, right?

[Well. She does have a point.]

Then you should let loose and throw away all the nervousness in your system. Go out and practice. I'll be right here to help you. We can take our time since the game you have in mind to join won't be open for a while. [And besides.] Your always open for help and suggestions.
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... Please don't.

I know you think there would be some interesting interactions there, but... it's a little questionable, isn't it?
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(Cross posted to [community profile] dear_mun )

...I suppose it's too much to ask you pick a 'nice' canon point, or one that does not involve him.

[B|] Though It is nice you are attempting to rewrite my AU. It's almost laudable, where I not the arbiter of changes.

At least I shalln't recall everything your sadistic self did the first time I interned as a denizen of that game. Though knowing you, it shall only be a matter of time before you come up with new ways of 'fun'. Don't you have other 'toys' to play with?
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I'm so not leaving Leon and the others you... mun-creature-thing. No, seriously, I can't leave everyone behind when we have so many things to do. Plus, Cid's gonna eat my cheesecake again and Squall's gonna miss his best partner. Shall I repeat I will go nowhere with you?

Yeah, yeah, control over my life, whatever... Just wait until I escape...
I mean, it's weird! You keep mentioning people who will recognize me even if I can't recognize them and that kind of stuff and I can understand some excitement over world-hoppin but... I'm not sure? Not being stuck with heartlesses might be a pleasant change for once, traveling in new places too, but I have duties back in my place and I feel bad at the idea of leaving, okay?
Geez, you're, like, really not listening, aren't you?