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It's not like anything has changed, mundane. I am still as you've always perceived me to be.


Well, okay, maybe there's been a teensy change, but that hasn't ever stopped you before. Or me.

[nothing stops you, neah. not even Death.]

What can I say? I'm persistent and I like to keep my promises.

Now, do you intend to do nothing but lurk again? I don't like to play wallflower.
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This is only because you're having fun with Lavi, isn't it? [SCRUTINIZING HIS MUN] You better be ready to commit to this, because I don't intend to sit around and take whatever comes. I want to be active, alright? [points an accusatory gloved finger] Active!

And the cookhouse better be all-you-can-eat. And I refuse to work as a mercenary! And I won't allow you to alter my body with anything weird. It's weird enough. And . . .

[he deflates, his arm dropping uncertainly. his gaze darts away, and he smiles wryly] It would be nice if some of my friends were there. But that's a little selfish, isn't it?

[come on, Allen, don't say that! you'll chase them away!]
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...........  Well at least one of us finds it funny. Good for you.
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Yeah, so you don't have me in a game and you're in therapy and why do I care?

Oh wait, yeah, don't.

Seriously, why are you even typing this. You haven't read the latest chapter. I'm a dot in your crazy mind

Though I do like it

Being real in your dream crazy land is as lest a place to be real.

So okay, I'll play ball. What do you want to do?

Burning the world sounds like a plan, but not for you.

yeah, let me say those things. I'm far better at them anyway.

Kisses and stabs,

PS; Anyone reading this want to show me a good time?
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Yanno, 's probably a good thing you're wanting to revive me. Kiddo's too much of a loudmouth.

Your bigger concern is finding a place to dump me into. You're extremely picky yanno...
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Are you an idiot?

[ Cue one Angry Guy, teeth bared like some kind of feral animal-- there is even a glint to his eyes so sharp they could cut you at a glance... how scary! ]

We have nowhere to go, don't know how to join places, I don't want to talk to a single damn person and the fandom is dead! What are you thinking?! What are we going to do?!


[ The back of his hand is placed moodily against his chin, ]

Moron... we're finished.
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I've got to wonder whether or not it's really a good idea for you to be looking back into things like this. You know how they always go.

And besides, I'm not a fan of being a pawn. I don't play into anyone else's plans but my own.
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While I guess I should thank you for technically getting me out of one annoying situation, you've dropped me right into another... So here I am, again stuck in someone's head.

It really was rude to interrupt my important familial bonding, you know.
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Hey, lady.

Not that I'm complaining be out and about, but I've got some concerns. Why're you looking at games if you're too hesitant to join them? [Paaause.]

You've been out of the loop for a while now; how about you reread everything before deciding to play me?
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If you can't read what anyone is saying, then why are you crying?
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-- Nah. 'm not surprised at all.

Someway, somehow, we always end up right here, back where we started.

Just try not to drop me s' quickly this time around, yeah? Hurts my feelings.

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Please take a break. If it's causing you so much strife, you shouldn't push yourself. Just taking a breather isn't giving up. You can always tackle, er . . . what was it . . . role play? Later, when you're more able! Reserve your energy and pace yourself.

[wow, says Mr. Try Hard. puking blood? just push past it! a hole in your heart? walk it off! it'll be FINE]

[Allen crosses his arms indignantly] Pushing your limits in a fight is different. And anyway, you shouldn't use me as a role model. "Do what I say, not what I do," isn't that how it goes?

No one's life is on the line. Your friends will understand. You can afford to take a break. So please just rest and leave me to it.

[selfish hypocrite]
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Mn, it's alright, mun-san.

I don't need a 'game' to go into just yet.

[ A sweet, gentle smile flits onto her lips. ]

Take your time catching up and don't stress yourself. I will not just disappear on you, so please, take care of yourself first. If you still decide you'd like to play me in a game, then we'll tackle that then, okay?
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Two more days, and it would've been a full year since you let me out t' play, y'know. And I can't say that that doesn't hurt!

[ But he grins despite himself, in the usual way: lopsided and somewhat mischievous. ]

So let's get serious this time around, yeah? No more throwin' me into the darkest depths and forgetting about me.

Yu might be able to live like that, but I sure as hell can't.
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It's not that I don't look forward to seeing all of my old friends or meeting new ones. [He's quick to assure this. Still, his face looks entirely unsure.] I just don't know if this is the best idea. I don't think there's very much for me to do here.

[A sigh, a defeated look.] But if you say there is, I'll just have to trust you. [Somehow, coming from him, it still manages to sound that way: trusting.]
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Well, isn't this something? We haven't seen each other in awhile, yeah? Good to know I'm still around in your head, mun. Though there seem to be several new redheads in here since the last time I woke up. You don't have a type, do you?

Anyway! It's good to be back. Hope I can stick around for a little while, this time.
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...I understand. It's a lot to catch up on, isn't it?

You've been reading quite a lot. Why don't you take some time to rest? Give yourself some time to take in what's been going on.

Just be sure to keep going on, though! It hurts now, but don't give up. Just keep walking, okay?

.......Or maybe, just keep reading fits a little better!
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Oi, oi, oi!

I thought we'd called it quits, yeah? And now I'm going back to another testing facility with collars? Yeah, no, that ship sailed a long time ago. I'm not going to let you ruin me like you did before.

[Runs his hands through his hair.] At least there's no angel statues.
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I don't suppose anything I say from here on out will have much an effect on your decision. [pauses] And yet, that's the whole point of this, isn't it?

It's smaller than what I'm used to, but little else that's different. The danger, the feeling of being trapped without the freedom to leave, the monsters -- only this time, I'll be entirely on my own among strangers.

[...] No, I forgot. That's happened before. [smiles] As for your impression that I'll do fine, well, I can hardly disappoint you now, can I?