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Yeah, so you saw the new movie. That's great and all but it's going to be awhile before you can see it again and keep this going. There's also the whole conflict that might form with the older rangers, as you're thinking. Like, there's a lot of changes. Some things are basically the same, I guess, but you're really stirring the pot.

Have fun, I guess? And get me back to Angel Grove soon.
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Well well, 'mun' isn't it? You don't exactly ooze confidence for me, and believe me at least my generals had that. (Not smarts or anything else but I digress.) You're thinking of things far too small. Why should I concern myself with just Earth where there are over 20 teams of spandex-wearing do-gooders, when I could be taking over the whole multiverse! Where I Lothor command an army of thousands and everyone must bow down to my greatness, is that really so terrible a thing?!

All this fuss for that Blue Ranger, you know how this ends. You're going to abandon her soon enough. Once you have a taste of my power you won't go back! Now on to my orders, find my generals especially Zurgane: my number one general, keep any 'heroes' from ruining my plans, and above all else: do NOT even think of looking for my nieces or nephew!

Lothor, Evil Space Ninja aka the future ruler of the multiverse.
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You know, binge watching Shameless and playing Pokemon isn't a "canon review." I mean sure, I'd probably binge watch Shameless too if we had Netflix in 1998, but it's not a thing. Doing something I'd probably do doesn't count as getting into character.

So get on it. Also, new icons. You've got no excuse for some of these.
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[Looks at the rules, then at her mun. Then back again all with a disapproving look.]

No. I don't think that... frog thing is going to work... And isn't this more up Chip's line of thinking or even Clare? I have too much to do.

[Looking for Nick you mean? And what is wrong with Froakie as a starter? I thought you were over your phobia of frogs?]

I am not! I just... have to be on guard in case of monsters attacking Briarwood. And I am not still afraid of frogs but it still gives me the creeps...
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Um, not that I'm not flattered 'mun', but of all the Rangers to try why me? And why now? Nick or my sis would be better choices than me and if the place you have in mind for me does accept me, you'd have to cut off my Legendary Titan form to make it work. Not that I would mind seeing other Rangers, but you don't even know if anyone plays from my 'series' as it is.

Just... try to keep things like that in mind.
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Great. Take the guy who has no idea about anything and plan to put him in a game with people who know about things. Clearly we're dealing with one of those natural super geniuses here.

[There's a shake of the head]

I'm just going to sit here, and wait till you get... whatever weird impulse this is out of your head. You want a Power Ranger? There's plenty out there willing to be helpful. I'm not one of those ones.
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Why would you want to inflict more Rangers on me?

I have no shortage of toys without them. Honestly.

Your idea of 'fun' is even more warped than mine.
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You know, it's great that you requested the Astro Megaship as a wish request for the new gift plot the mods put out. That's wonderful. I do miss my ship. But did you really have to request the gift shop and the bird poop?

Also, your insistence that the other rangers have microchipped me in the event that I run off again is not funny.  Stop laughing.
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Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled that you've blown off some of the dust that was collecting in this journal, but— You should probably sit down at some point and do a rewatch. It's been a while since you've seen any of the episodes from my season (okay, seasons, if you wanna get technical) and a refresher would do us both a lot of good.
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Dude, I know you want some more Rangers to app and play with (and man I don't mind the break) but dude! Seriously! Lothor would be a bad idea to play anywhere with him. Unless someone makes a villain game someday man, but still... You remember what he's like right, dude? And mun, as for Blake and that Madison girl that I don't have a problem with but man, aren't you looking at too much too soon? You don't even know if Chris got into that Legion game! You should slow down a little, man.

Poor Kim

Oct. 23rd, 2016 12:43 pm
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So, I'm flattered that you feel the need to pick me back up and all but couldn't you have picked a better location? Some place with a mall maybe? And the guys? It is going to be like that time traveling time all over again.
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Dude, mun, I cannot believe you let her---

What do you mean it was bound to happen? I'm not--

I hate you so much, and I better get it back.
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 So, you finally relented and changed my username back. I'm not sure how I feel about this.  And you found a Karone for me! Kind of.  I'd be happier if she wasn't still Astronema, thought I was tricking her with the locket and hadn't already hit me with her staff. I haven't even gotten out of the TDM yet and we're off to quite a start.  But there's at least one thing we both agree on. Think you could find us a Zhane? Or anyone really. I'd just like some Astronema back up in case I can't get through to her.  

Or, maybe a familiar face.  Don't tell anyone I said that.

Also, did you have to choose a place that defies physics so much? I'm on a floating island with rainbow bridges. Islands don't float and you can't stand on rainbows.  But at least people seem nice here. 

One more thing. Try not to kill me in the first 5 minutes I get there. I'd rather get some more information on this island before I use my battlizer so I can fly and leap off the edge of the island. Really hoping there's not some force field there that's going to disintegrate me on contact.
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It's cool that you chose me, but what do you think is gonna happen now?
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Billy and Adam might have to rethink their secrecy vow. If for no other reason, there's going to come a point where we all can't hide in the bathroom. Especially if Trip comes. I'm not sure we could all fit in there. And what if we get a girl? I hope the Enterprise has some co-ed bathrooms.

Also, Billy and Adam are really terrible liars....
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Let me get this straight, the thing that gets you to drag me back out of retirement is the news that they're making a movie reboot of the original team?

I don't know what you're worried about. If it's good , good. If it's bad, it's not like any of it's going to be what really happened.
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I get it. You want me to stop picking on Dustin. But, just in case you do realize he got a morpher from a talking hamster right? Or was it a gerbil? That doesn't really fill me with confidence.

And yes, I realize I got my morpher from a giant floating head and this makes me a little hypocritical. Call me crazy but Zordon vs....talking gerbil.

Alright.  I'll make you a deal. I'll stop picking on the Wind Rangers and you finish working on my app.

But, once a ranger, always a ranger I guess. Whether or not you get your morpher from a talking hamster.
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You! Are you insane?! It's not fair to send me to some stupid prison-planet! What have I done?

Anyway, you can't make me go. Emperor Gruumm won't let you. When he finds out what you're planning to do to me, he'll make you wish you'd never been born!

Wait...did you say a place with no SPD? No SPD means no stupid adults. No stupid laws. I can do whatever I want! Right? I can, can't I? You'd better not be lying to me. I hate being lied to.

Well, I suppose I can take a break from helping conquer the galaxy for a little while. Just so long as this new place is fun. It will be fun, won't it.


[Canon is Power Rangers: SPD]
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The new powers are super mega awesome, don't get me wrong. The turning into Legendary Rangers thing? Wicked sweet!

But...Gosei never said why my key's the wrong color! Green's not bad but...come on. Black's so much better!

[First Episode of Super Megaforce is up early at]