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Hey, I mean...it is about time you picked up a muse from this canon...I gotta be honest, amiga....I didn't think I'd be the first one.

I thought for sure it would be the Edgelord himself...or even the cowboy?

So...what's the plan today?
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Because I like it in here, that's why!

I'm not leaving, you should be thanking me for making this cluttered, dirty little headspace decent.

What did I do?

I put myself here, that's what.

It's already better, you're welcome~
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Ah, the purloiner of Cinders... It seems that once more you have sort to disturb our grave. You remain keen in your unrest, for that much is clear.

Tell me, Ashen one... What is it you desire? Has the flame still yet to die, fade into ash and dust? Or have you woken my brother and I for more, selfish a purpose?

We have little interest in games Unkindled one... Let us rest here, in the silence of darkness. For no good can come of our presence, our curse, our grief...

It brings nothing but death and revival. A never ending cycle of magic and flame. What use have you for such things now? Our soul, our life is that of chosen solitude and exclusion... To now be of light is a foolish notion.

But then... You always were foolish in your ways, Ashen one.
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What the hell do you think you're doing?

Leave me be and go find someone else to bother. I've got more important things to do with my time than be anyone's plaything.
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Are you sure you want to do this, mun? You haven't played me in years, and back then I was with Shinichirou. I'm not sure I want what you have planned for me. I'm sure it's all very nice, but being separated from him for that long?

Do you have too?

Yes, thank you. I'd love some tea.
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Hey, I'm not late. I just had a lotta things to take care of. Worth the wait, though, right?

I know that time fog is some crazy stuff, but how many versions of me do you have now? Nevermind, all the alternate universe stuff makes my head hurt. But didn't you try this once before with Natasha? oh, and Jan too? Why would I be any different? The academy's just not that popular.

Don't tell Fury I said that. He keeps giving me the evil eye. I don't think he likes that I made them accept animals before I'd join up.

((cross posting to dear_player))
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Whatever you decide, I wish you the best.

Bear in mind I do say that because my fate rests in your hands.
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I'll be fine.

It's going to take a while, but humanity will rebuild. As for me... like I said, it's going to take a while, but with Dan by my side I know I can get through this.

...So, um, with that said... what exactly are you planning to do with me? I'd really like to know, instead of just having you be all secretive.
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Mundane, there is absolutely zero reason for you to be upset. While I agree that the idea is a little upsetting, I can assure you I have no bar code tattooed at the back of my neck.


I may have been artificially created, but I was raised as a human.

[...] Yes, I know Commander Akutsu treated me as though I were an item rather than a person, but I assure you he was in the minority, even within ISDF.

[Another sigh.]

Yes, I know the other ISDF soldiers shot at me after the specimens for Haze and Hypnos were installed in me. And that they saw me as a monster. But honestly, I am a draconic humanoid abomination, so what were you expecting? Humans judge by what they see most of the time. I'm sure I must've appeared frightening to them, and I had just struck their Commander down.

I don't blame them and you shouldn't either.

But, back to the topic at hand- The only items I have on me as an identifier are my dog tags and my military issued ID. No bar code. I promise.
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I suppose being here is better than being nowhere.

I was less than graceful, wasn't I? Perhaps this is what I deserve.

Though by being here, perhaps I'll have the chance of meeting them again.

Who knows?

I will do my best to be their friend, if I do.
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Dear senpai,

Hey! It's your pal Uncle Death!

Found a sweet new platform to contact you through, and it's kind of a cool 2009-ish social media throwback eh?

Anyway! I got some advice. I know there's nothing cooler than jumping into the thick of things and kicking tons of ass, but you should know better than anyone that it's also the best way to get in WAAAY over your head! I mean, only one person has even beaten the game yet!

Oh? You're doing it anyway?

Your funeral! (hah.)
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You're doing this because you want to antagonize... Are you serious? I would question your morals but for now they match up with my to do list. Count yourself lucky.

And all I have to do is wait here and eventually any one of those fools will show up begging for death? Too easy.

[He crosses his arms expectantly.]

Better not be lying about this one. I have a long list of names to cross off and not a whole lot of patience to waste on silly games.

voice test;

Nov. 7th, 2016 11:31 am
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Why do you deny being a "genji stan"?

... No, I do not know what that is. I do not care if it means good or bad things. What I think about it?

I think the time you spend denying being a Genji stan might be better used on other productive things.
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That idea you have... it's not a good one, so it'd be best to just drop it.

Besides, it's not something I want to deal with right now. It's probably best if I keep that distance anyway.

I should probably have a more positive reaction to your attention, but honestly it gets irritating.

[But when is he not irritated?]
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Interesting that you bring me here. Amari 1.0 not found?


You do too much


Te voy a humorar por ahora.
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Fuckin' hell. I'd shoot you without a second thought for doin' this, but it looks like I don't have a choice.

You remind me of a certain piece of shit I know. Neither of you knows when to shut the hell up or leave me alone.
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Such a chaotic place, this "Dear Mun." Perhaps you would like to meditate with me?

[He settles into a more comfortable position.]

First, you must relax. Seek out the silence within yourself.
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Seriously, bro?

I..I get it, okay? You want everyone to live. I do, too. But let's be real, you and me. Let's be bros for just a second. You know what happens. You know what's waiting for me.


Let me die, this time. You don't control me anymore. You're not....the boss of me. Capiche?
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I don't think I should be here. I need to find my way home.


You think I should consider this a vacation?

It does seem far more safe than the Underground. Maybe I could stay here for a little while as long as you promise to send me back.