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Dear Mun . . .

I think we have issues.

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Name:Dear Mun . . .
Website:Mod Contact
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Characters speak out - RP your muses meta-style
This community is inspired by and borrows the name from [ profile] dear_mun on Livejournal. Are you an RPer or a writer? Do you have a character who just has to get something off of his/her/its/their chest? Well, this is the place for them to do it.

At [community profile] dear_mun, characters post notes for their 'muns', i. e. their writers. Do they hate the ship they can see you planning for them? Was that last bit of fanfiction you wrote a smidge too fluffy for their tastes? Have they been turned into a cat just one time too many in the past few months? Or are they pleased as punch with the new plot twist you've introduced? [community profile] dear_mun is the place for them to drop you a note.

Other characters can respond to your characters' announcements with sympathy, shock, raspberries, an offer of drinks or a trip to the stars—conversations start from the smallest gripes. [community profile] dear_mun's a meta-mixer, where no one has to worry about canon-puncturing and characters are free to know as much or as little about each other's worlds and their state as fictional beings as you, their writers, wish. It's all fair in love, war, and meta.

We are not affiliated with the Livejournal community in any way beyond having asked permission of the LJ mods to replicate the concept here on Dreamwidth. The comm has open membership and no application process; all you have to do is register and post. It's recommended, though not a requirement, to tag your post with the appropriate canon, game and type tags. This makes it easier for your canon- or game-mates to find you.

You can contact the mods with complaints, tag requests or other inquiries by commenting on this post. Also follow this link for more information on how the tags work.
1. Posts are from a muse to their writer only. Think of posts as notes pinned on a bulletin board or speeches on a podium in/on which characters can speak or write only to their muns. You can do whatever you'd like in comments, of course.

2. You can respond to any entry as a character. You cannot respond with your personal journal/a sock journal to any entries. You can't use a role play journal to tag into someone else's entry in an OOC (out-of-character) voice. [community profile] dear_mun is absolutely not the place to hash out OOC disagreements. You got a problem with someone harassing you OOC in a post you made, do not reply OOC but contact the mods. We will take care of it. As a general rule, OOC voice should only be used to add explanatory notes to role play tags. Any other OOC communication has no place in this comm. Take it elsewhere.

3. Don't godmode or use offensive characters to troll other players. If a player is godmoding or harassing others, IC or OOC, report it in the mod post.

4. Cut long entries. As a rule of thumb, anything that you have to scroll to read in the input box should be cut.

5. Cut and warn for graphic (sexual or violent) content. This includes discussion of such content. If your character is talking about rape or graphic violence, then you need to cut and warn.

6. Cut for spoilers.

7. Do not advertise for your game or event by using OOC notes in your post.

Rule violations may result in frozen comments, deleted posts, and/or banning. Due to the member volume, there is no official warning system. Accoding to the severety of your rule violation, we may decide to warn you, or we may decide to instaban you, either temporarily or permanently. As long as you follow the rules, use common sense, and don't wank, you should be fine.
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