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Aug. 27th, 2012 08:55 pm
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Canon Tag Requests:
  • Only request canon tags if you've posted with a pup from that canon/are planning to post with one (to avoid the tags page getting too cluttered).
  • Include the official franchise name of your canon.
  • Include links to any already submitted entries you would like tagged with the requested canon, as members are not currently able to edit tags on already posted entries.
Game Tag Requests:
  • State the exact Dreamwidth or LJ username of the main community of the game you're requesting a tag for.
  • Indicate whether it's an LJ, IJ or a DW based comm.
  • For complaints or comments about a specific thread or post, please include a link.
  • If something offends you, don't wait for us to notice it. Due to the content volume, we don't check all posts daily. Please alert us of offensive content by commenting here.
  • We go over the tag list each month to delete empty tags. This means that, if you request a tag and don't use it for a month, you may have to re-request it.
The mods will react as quickly as possible. All comments are screened.

Previous Mod Announcements:
erst: (Nice Effort)
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Yes, well, while I do appreciate the fact that you've recalled my birthday, I can't honestly condone the use of your resources towards extra... icons, as they're called. This partnership-- for lack of a better term-- is new and shaky. How far it will be able to go remains to be seen.

Of course the thought is appreciated, don't misunderstand, I simply want ensure the best outcome for the both of us. Still, it admittedly is rather flattering. I suppose a short stroll won't be of any harm, will it?
not_sheng_long: (Interesting...)
[personal profile] not_sheng_long
I see. A fight involving Ken-san is what inspired you to attempt to rekindle my 'voice,' you say? Hmm. My one worry is this other man you have there; Mishima Kazuya. His mentality is fairly similar to my brother's, though more diluted in reasoning. Because of that, I worry there may be a conflict of interest. He would no doubt seek me out upon my arrival, but if you say that is not an issue, then so be it.

See to your family first, and when you return to that place, I will gladly go, should you desire it. I would actually welcome the opportunity to face this 'Bison' fellow myself, and return the trouble he has caused for Ryu and Ken in spades.
thenpoof: (Not a wolf...)
[personal profile] thenpoof
What is so amusing about breaking apart into tiny pieces? It looks rather painful...

Perhaps it's best you not laugh at such dark magic.
ehrenvoll: (Half Light)
[personal profile] ehrenvoll
As much as I appreciate your interest in my canon, you must face facts. It's going to be hard to find a place for me. You can't even find sources for my canon. You'll be hard pressed to find a place that takes me without a point of reference or even a book summary. So I would advise you to quit fretting over my journal so much. Things will happen when they're meant to happen. I have faith in you.

[Because that attitude worked out so well for you in canon.]

I don't regret anything. Hope, faith, integrity - these are the things that make the human race great. To give up on those things is to give up on what makes life precious. You know how much I can wax poetic about this. What was it that Aldaric said, that I should've been a speech writer? There may be more truth to that than I ever let him know. Not that someone with his ego needed confirmation of his rightness.

I don't suppose - ah. With how obscure this is it's unlikely I'll see the others again.

[It's impossible. The word you're looking for is impossible, Philip.]

Impossible is not something I allow to be part of my reality.

[Oh FFS-]

If I may interrupt? I have one small request: please stop thinking about forcing me to tag a Captain America. I'm a medic, I have no chance in a fight with him. Please don't get me killed before I even get to a game.
sixcollegecredits: (pic#7054211)
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 Spot whining, you'll see Winter Soldier soon enough. You might even have to wait until it comes out on DVD so chill out. 

And stop trying to find spoilers.
omegabound: (All your words confounded)
[personal profile] omegabound
First off, I appreciate you helping me get over my issues with what happened, I'll carry my new oath with me no matter where I go. I made that promise.

Second, make up your damn mind about the icons. You've changed sets three times. It's irritating.

Third, I noticed you're game searching...and not just passively. Maybe find one where I'd be slightly less prone to suffering?

[Here I thought you where a glutton for punishment]

---That's not funny.
soldieronwards: (for one more son?)
[personal profile] soldieronwards
How long did you think it'd take me to figure it out? I mean, I am trained in this sort of thing. Pattern recognition. Observing the enemy's behavior and putting two and two together...

Maybe I shouldn't think of you as "the enemy," but you're not making it easy to do anything else.

Do you have any plans for me that don't involve making me suffer? Or is it gonna be yet another express ticket to pain and regret for Bucky Barnes?
glassesbrat: (I see what you're doing off screen)
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I don't just let Kid go to let him go.

[ Sure you don't. ]

It's not that I don't want to catch him it's that if I owe him a favor I repay it by letting him go, why is that so hard to understand?

The way you talk it's like you think we're friends or something.
treasureling: (6)
[personal profile] treasureling
A crush singularity - when so many preteen girls like a boy that it stops being about him, and more and more join the crowd simply for the sake of it.

That's humiliating. But you enjoy taking away any agency I might have, don't you? Whether I'm child, adolescent or adult. You ensured I knew almost nothing of my mother's culture. You ensured the best love I have confines me.

I deserve better than this.
tessanne: (Default)
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Hey, don't tell me I need to get out more! I have other friends than Will...you just never see any of them.

[Because none of them are actually played by anyone, Tess. You need more people to interact with than just your husband.]

...Well, who'd want to play with the executive assistant at a law firm anyway? Even if it is Lockhart/Gardner. Which I am very proud of. But it's not the coolest job in the world.

[Yes it is. Ask Donna Paulsen from Suits.]

...Well. Um. She's better-looking than me.


Oh, don't do that! Okay, I'll try. Maybe some of those Chicago Fire people my brother hangs with are around. I could ask them about saving people and stuff. Or...I don't know. But please don't do that. That's not good for you.
loyalflower: (game icon -- embarrassed)
[personal profile] loyalflower
Ah, Miss Mun?

I'm not really sure how I feel about this username. Are you trying to make a joke?
aerophobe: (pic#5156183)
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I do hope you enjoy slaving away on that application, considering how much extra analysis you'll have to provide. Given my handful of scenes in the film, you were lucky enough they even allowed it.

Oh, don't you think to start complaining. After all, you did ask for this.
fionna_time: (SRSLY?!)
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So floatin' islands and Gf's and stuff wasn't enough? Now I gotta go to school in space?

I mean, its cool to be with the guys again, don't get me wrong. They're my family and I'm totes gonna be with them. But why you gotta keep throwing me places where I'm the fish out of water?
hadonejob: (10)
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Um. Yes. Hello there.

I'd hate to be a bother, really I would, but well, I've just happened to notice that you've been staring at a few of these, uh, "games" lately.

If I can make a request, I'd like to steer clear of the dangerous and disastrous ones. If it's — If it's all the same to you. Not exactly a fan of pandemonium. Especially when it's, ah, directed at me. Really not a big fan, in that case. And I can even make recommendations, since you're having trouble choosing.

Indecision's just a bloody pain. Probably a side effect of the brain damage. Quite common, I hear, among humans. A shame, but it's to be expected when they're composed of smelly flesh and organs. Why do they have so many, anyway? And useless, most of them, what with their need to eat and sleep. And bathe.

Ah, um. Not saying you're useless, of course. Or. Smelly.

I've known many fine humans. Brilliant ones. And not at all smelly. As it happens, uh, some of my best friends are humans.

Er, technically, I've only met one. And she did, in fact, have brain damage.

But. Well.

Voice Test

Apr. 18th, 2014 10:48 pm
mirkwoodking: (↣ a morbid hunger for blood)
[personal profile] mirkwoodking
I shall not leave my hallowed halls to chase such pests. I will not deny that I desire the Arkenstone, but the risk is too great. Sacrificing the lives of those who look to me for guidance would be the acts of a Dwarf; not an Elven King.

Take care that you do not mistake me for one of them again.

[He reclines on his throne, looking utterly unmoved and uninterested.]

Deals are made when you have something to offer. Show me your hand and we will be closer to compromise.

[Closer but not there.]

totsuka no

Apr. 19th, 2014 02:18 am
raveling: (pic#7695166)
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It's all right if I try this too, isn't it?

You have a really good eye for things, you know—this looks like fun! Let's see, let's see ...

Well, for starters, it's definitely the kind of thing Yata-chan would complain about! Off he'd go, all "haaaa? O, oi! Who said you could pretend to be me, what are you doing to my voice!!"

Ah! That's right, he'd be quieter for you, so: "WHAT ARE YOU DOING, Y, YOU—"? That sounds better!

San-chan would be much prouder—he'd be sure that you made a good choice when you picked him! So totally, absolutely certain ...

Kusanagi-san's the easiest of all. I'd say bonsoir, mademoiselle! ... and we'd stop! We'd have to—think of how hard it is, talking to someone when you're overcome by them! But that's very natural, you know, he can be pretty charming! Especially for his age.

... It's fine if we leave it at that for now.

He won't be here today, will he?
doombotcaresnot: (Default)
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Can you really think your puny human mind can contain me? Bah! I will show you the error of your ways before too long!

Do not think trying to flatter me by calling me the best character in the series will help. For one, stating the obvious is no compliment, and for two, Doombot cares not for flattery.

Still, I suppose I might spare you, for now. But only as long as you prove useful, human.
legaltoughguy: (doing a little recon)
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You're well within your rights to fix the parts of me that don't work. Actually, I'd like it if you did. I really don't think Matt or Kelly or anyone else is going to stop talking to me simply because you admit you made a few mistakes. Unless your next idea is to turn me into some sort of homicidal maniac, then they'd probably have to arrest me.

Do whatever you're going to do and let's see if any of this actually works any better.
milliebon: (default)
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Oh, Bonaparte... I know you're hungry, but you can't just go around eating people! It's rude! Didn't I teach you any manners!? Do I have to poke you in the eye again?

Look, I'll find a home for you soon, okay? Then we can eat there. Just hold on for just a liiiittle longer! You're lucky you're so cute, or you'd be too much work!