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Aug. 27th, 2012 08:55 pm
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Canon Tag Requests:
  • Only request canon tags if you've posted with a pup from that canon/are planning to post with one (to avoid the tags page getting too cluttered).
  • Include the official franchise name of your canon.
  • Include links to any already submitted entries you would like tagged with the requested canon, as members are not currently able to edit tags on already posted entries.
Game Tag Requests:
  • State the exact Dreamwidth or LJ username of the main community of the game you're requesting a tag for.
  • Indicate whether it's an LJ, IJ or a DW based comm.
  • For complaints or comments about a specific thread or post, please include a link.
  • If something offends you, don't wait for us to notice it. Due to the content volume, we don't check all posts daily. Please alert us of offensive content by commenting here.
  • We go over the tag list each month to delete empty tags. This means that, if you request a tag and don't use it for a month, you may have to re-request it.
The mods will react as quickly as possible. All comments are screened.

Previous Mod Announcements:
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I have a proposition for you. Let's skip the headaches and
melodrama and grab a few drinks instead, how about it?
Besides, last I checked, I'm kind of off duty now.
I hear there's a great place in Sector 7 we could check out.
Or we could just hit up the usual watering hole down in
Wall Market. I should probably drop in and see how the girls
at the Honey Bee Inn are doing, anyways, you know? I'm a
loyal customer and they totally count on my patronage!
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If you say love is an open anything. I might run you though with my sword.
neptuned: (pic#8097665)
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Yeah, I think I passed the cool test, too.

[He'll reenact the "cool pose" just in case you missed it the first time.]

As for Sun's friends... Well, they're certainly something.

voice test

Jul. 26th, 2014 01:36 am
bearmeatprince: (pic#8094618)
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Listen, mun, we should talk. I know I said I didn't need anything formal--but you had to pick this?! This is no way for me to represent the Shepherds!

N-no, I didn't mean that! I know you thought hard about this name. I'm sure it's not easy. In fact, I know it's not easy, I don't have any better suggestions. Your strategies have taken us through countless battles, you're much more creative than I am--

Maybe we could try for something a little more...ordinary?

Voice Test

Jul. 26th, 2014 12:30 am
faring: (➸ cocky)
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So you've finally given me some freedom. Nice of you. (She doesn't sound convincing.) What's next? If you keep moving at this pace, we might get something done by...next year?

Even that might be too soon.
thevillainagain: (Things I almost remember)
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See? I knew you'd be back! You're sensible, unlike some other people I know. But don't worry about them, either. They'll get on the same page soon enough, too.

Eh? There's no need to be nervous! You should just relax and let me handle everything. I've had a lot more practice than you. I'm much older than I look!

Trust me!
freefell: ( ᴍɪɴᴇ | ᴅɴᴛ ) (pic#6949663)
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Well, well, well! Look what the Bat dragged in. If it ain't Ye Olde Stick in the Mud. I knew you'd come crawling back to me — you always do, don't you?

Aw, c'mon, sourpuss! Let's turn that frown upside down, shall we? You have to admit it, we always did have a certain explosive chemistry between us.

So, whaddaya say, huh? Let's you and me have a little fun. After all, Batsy's a whopping 75 now! Haha ha! We haven't even had time to celebrate.
fascists: ([A] Finger of Extreme Judgment.)
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Well, it's about damn time! Do you know how cramped it is waiting around in that attic you call rent space? Not to mention all the company I have to put up with.

Look, kid, if you're gonna drag me out here, at least give me something to do. Death is more interesting.

Just start reading and catch up and- what do you mean "too convoluted"? Your head's too convoluted! You got demons and nutjobs and everything from a pretty face to government guard dogs up there (You know who you are!) and you want to talk to me about things being complicated?! No, you can't just use those eleven minutes of runaround at the airport. That wasn't even-

...You're not serious, are you? Thanks. You reminded me why I prefer lonesomes.
bunnygirlgoddess: (Default)
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"On a whim" you say? Then perhaps you should allow me to return to my last task. I still have much to finish.
equite: (cross)
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I... [Esmeralda hesitates and pauses, looking around]

What is this place? It's unlike anywhere I have ever seen before - it's not Paris, is it? And definitely not the Court of Miracles. Huh!

[She looks perturbed though] Look, I have to go back. Now. My people need me - I don't have time to play your silly games. Paris burns, and you pull me away to talk of all sorts of nonsense. I have to go back.
little_worm: (looking over her shoulder)
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It's dreadfully nice of you to choose me out of all the other children in my class. But, you see, I don't think this is actually going to work out. My mum and dad are going to miss me sooo much. Their hearts will break if I don't go home for dinner. They'll definitely notice that I'm not there, and I'd hate to have them looking for me.

Besides, if I am here, I cannot be there, can I? And if I am here and not there, how am I going to change my story?

...What do you mean, my story is already changing? Only I can do that! There are no such things as fairy godmothers.
iron_fist_king: (over the shoulder)
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You are surprised? I'm not. For fifty years, everything has been building up to a confrontation like this. Regardless of who walks away, it's time to end this war with Kazuya.

[That's not what surprised me, Heihachi...]

I don't know what you're talking about then.

[...Yeah you do.]
stele: (Default)
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Are you finally going to try and do something with me? Look, start small. Start with memes.

That way you can try and build your confidence with me. [There is a little smirk.] I know I am amazing and that is intimidating.
iknowtheconsequences: (Default)
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Mun! (Oh, crap, another red-head to deal with.)

Ryoji Kaji, nice to meet you finally. I've gotta say, that dry run we had was one wild ride! Of course I was going to stick around. Although, Ryoji Kaji, Hero of Light? I'm not exactly the man for the job you're signing me up for, but I guess that's the joke, with you, isn't it?

Speaking of jokes, I do take issue with one thing you're threatening to write in my application, because it is factually incorrect.

I was not. Killed. By Pen-Pen.

You realize how old that joke is now? Not quite old enough to legally smoke, but it's getting close.

[Okay, then, Kaji. So who did kill you?]

Tsk, Mun. It's been over fifteen years. Haven't you figured it out by now?
snedronningen: <user name=na_i_cons> (pic#7862165)
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I don't find taking me from an "earlier point" amusing. And the fact that you do brings your sense of humor into question.

[ shush elsa. you have no VISION. ]]

Hans being the reason your torn on this does little to bring me any peace of mind. [ a short, terse sigh as she crosses her arms ]

I hope you know what you're doing
lifewithnoconsequence: (12)
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Why? Do you not already have a person there? You do. Then why send me along? I hardly think that I would be the most interesting one there.

[Krebs does not like surprises or going anywhere that is outside of his normal routine. Even less so, a place that requires you to kill your fellow man.]

I believe it would be best for you to rethink this train of thought.
notstimpy: (pic#8096037)
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... She's strong.

[ Which "she" is he talking about? Then again, does it really matter? ]
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Look Sweetheart, in case you haven't noticed, I'm kind of busy right now. So how about you get back to me when you've actually got a plan of some sort, alright?