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Aug. 27th, 2012 08:55 pm
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Canon Tag Requests:
  • Only request canon tags if you've posted with a pup from that canon/are planning to post with one (to avoid the tags page getting too cluttered).
  • Include the official franchise name of your canon.
  • Include links to any already submitted entries you would like tagged with the requested canon, as members are not currently able to edit tags on already posted entries.
Game Tag Requests:
  • State the exact Dreamwidth or LJ username of the main community of the game you're requesting a tag for.
  • Indicate whether it's an LJ, IJ or a DW based comm.
  • For complaints or comments about a specific thread or post, please include a link.
  • If something offends you, don't wait for us to notice it. Due to the content volume, we don't check all posts daily. Please alert us of offensive content by commenting here.
  • We go over the tag list each month to delete empty tags. This means that, if you request a tag and don't use it for a month, you may have to re-request it.
The mods will react as quickly as possible. All comments are screened.

Previous Mod Announcements:
eviljeeves: (a)
[personal profile] eviljeeves
Oh honestly.

Is this really how you decide to welcome me back? Perhaps one must be grateful that you've decided to keep my previous account. At least that name retained far more dignity than this.

There are times when one does indeed question your decisions.

[ Hey, at least I might not actually app you anywhere with this account. ]
chasescene: (pic#9416104)
[personal profile] chasescene
Like nuh-uh, no way, man!

Why can't you find a game set in a locked all-you-can-eat buffet? Or keep me locked in a pizza place? Most of these places give me the creeps! Isn't there just one where I don't get experimented on or won't get like, abducted by aliens?

Haha, I figured. At least send me somewhere I don't have to starve. Actually, can you like, think me up a buffet first?
lifepreserver: (paper what do)
[personal profile] lifepreserver
You've gotta be kidding me. You're thinking of sending me somewhere again?

I'm not sure if I should feel flattered or annoyed. But hey, if you're really considering it... do I get to bring the DeLorean with me too?

Well, I guess you've got plenty of time to decide.


No, that wasn't a pun. I'm allowed to use the word "time" without it being a pun, geez.
shelbycobra: (Definitely pissed at you)
[personal profile] shelbycobra
Don't tell me that. No, it's not that third place sucks, it's that I gave back 18 points in the championship by being in third place. We've got two races to go, and mathematically unless I win one of them or he does something insane, he can still beat me.

Do you realize that? I can be the most consistent driver the entire season long and still lose.

[Sighs, pinches bridge of nose.]

This is why I tell people not to tell me points standings. They make me crazy.

It's not that I wouldn't be happy for him if he won. We're all friends here and I know he's worked just as hard as I have to get to this point. But this is as close as I've ever been, and I've given up a lot to make it happen, I don't want to lose it now.

Even if - especially if - I still have to have that conversation with Michael. Which I don't even know if I should have. But if I'm going to talk to him about that, then this could be the only shot that I get. How can I waste that after everything?

Yeah, I think I'm going crazy.
magenta_pyro: (Hard At Work)
[personal profile] magenta_pyro
Guess even a "combat nerd" like me could use a break now and again. An' I was kinda made to work with the earth anyhow, right? Sure, why not. I'll take up farming for a month to see how it goes, can't hurt.

'Less I eat my own cooking, I guess...

What am I gonna name the farm, though? Gotta be something awesome, and something with 'fire' involved.

How about Muscle Explosion Farm?

...Too much?
diversities: (pic#9409498)
[personal profile] diversities
Okay, I've got to agree with that. You're rusty. Super rusty. Rustier than a machina we had to disassemble and say rest in piece to, and that's saying plenty. But hey, I know you couldn't forget me! It's been a while, huh?

Let's gooo!
bridgetjones: (pic#3956883)
[personal profile] bridgetjones
Hey mun, can I ask you something?

Has anyone ever told you that you are a massive fuckwit?


perses: (pic#9411054)
[personal profile] perses
What games you mortals play.

Tell me then dear scribe, what do you intend for me? Do you intend to find me my husband? Perhaps a home? Or shall we stay in the land of memes.

Or, will I be doomed like so many in your headspace to be forgotten?
entertainmentvalue: (Default)
[personal profile] entertainmentvalue
Yeah, so...not sure what the point of this "thing" is. [Sighs, this is probably some stress induced dream or some shit like that.]

But, it needs to stop. Or wait until production wraps up for Everlasting. I have a killer finale to produce and get things squared away. Or you can do whatever the hell you want. If you want Quinn to bite your head off, or kill you, don't say I didn't warn you.

[ooc: Rachel from Lifetime's UnREAL. Voice testing, please be gentle.]
16_screws: (you had to open your mouth)
[personal profile] 16_screws
Really? The man is an asshole! Nothing Archer does is "cute". He isn't capable of "cute"! Do I have to remind you that he shattered my femur and unapologetically fucked my fiancée while looking me in the eye?

And plenty of people like animals. I like animals! Besides, Babou hates him anyway. Not nearly as much as I do, but I think the dumb cat comes in a pretty close second.
acid_rayne: (Talk)
[personal profile] acid_rayne
Oh, sure... You remember me now - after wading through all the crazy death-robots.

What am I? Your go-to girl for when you need 'loud and bitchy'? Fuuuuuck you, pal... Last time I poked my head above water, I spent years on USS Shit-Hole almost always getting paired up with fucking vampires. Hell, most of your other voices had a set of fangs. You think I liked sharing thought-space with shit like that?

Oh-oh-ohhh, you going to take another look at those comics about me? The ones where I fucking cry 'cause I want to be human? How about that last video game where I'm flying my ass around in a motherfucking 'coffin rocket'? Yeah, would that be cool? Can we, can we, can we? Pretty please?

Yeah, I fucking bet you would...
nicerdisaster: (Default)
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Y'know, I'm a little surprised you haven't made a journal for me. I've been around for like, what, two years? Three?

At least the people around here are chill about actual fourth-wall, hypertime-breaking characters. Don't know how chill they'd be about me destroying a few universes.

We'll see.
anne_marie: (Default)
[personal profile] anne_marie
Goddammit Mun!

You need to stop this...this...conspiring. I'm not some damn trophy you can pull off a shelf and show off to your little friends whenever you feel like it. Got it?

Say it so I know you fucking heard me.


Jesus Chr—

Fine. Do what ever you want. Just leave me the hell out of it.
unlikelywings: (Default)
[personal profile] unlikelywings
Let me get this straight...yer pullin' me out of storage because of some guy that jus' looks like me...

I don't got time for this...

Look here sweetheart...and let me remind you of one thin' you seemed to have forgot all about...and you need reminded of it.

 That wasn't even me.

why me

Aug. 2nd, 2015 11:37 am
choserapture: (if atlas shrugs any harder he'll fall)
[personal profile] choserapture
Well? Don't just stand there, gaping. You are capable of independent thought, I would assume, and if not, of doing me the courtesy of temporarily pretending. In any case, no, I won't bother repeating myself, or wasting my time and yours with meaningless, empty hearted words of praise. The Great Chain of Industry demands hands along the links. Climb it, or be dragged along the bottom with all the other parasites.
richmondfelicityavenal: (Default)
[personal profile] richmondfelicityavenal
[ Speaking very quietly, ]

I'm not- not sure I aught to be leaving my room... won't everyone be absolutely furious?
ivanova: (facepalm)
[personal profile] ivanova
I'm too busy, too annoyed, and have a raging headache from the fifty-thousand other things I'm doing.  Get in line, take a number, or perhaps, if you're feeling particularly charitable, get on the next transport out.  I've got Narns bickering with Centauri, Vorlons being cryptic bastards, and Drazi being absolutely ridiculous.  Not to mention the ventilation issue with the Pak'Ma'ra.  No one wants to deal with that.

Least of all me.

Try me in a few years, if I'm still alive.
cojoined: (Hold on Dog...)
[personal profile] cojoined
Now Mun, we're both very flattered that you have a big enough sense of nostalgia to play us, but don't you think you might be rushing things by thinking of sending us to a game already?

I dunno Cat, I think a game would be fun. We've been here for a long time already and I wanna do something already.

It's not that kind of game, Dog. This isn't going to be like a game of fetch. It would be going to a place that's far from home and all of our friends, seeing people completely unlike anything normal.

But that could be a great adventure!

No garbage trucks either Dog.


Yeeeeah...terrible. But see this is why I'm asking her to think about it carefully first.

We could just ask her to take us to a game with garbage trucks. You can do that right Mun?
longunderthetree: (encouragement)
[personal profile] longunderthetree
Rest or you will not heal! Then where will I be? Returned? We have not accomplished a thing!

[A pensive frown and he nods.]

You wish for entertainment? What can I provide? I am no bard or artist; more the shame!
kill_all_vagans: (Default)
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He's dead!  I killed him and stopped the "Hundred Years War" after it'd only been going on for sixteen years!

And my disappointment of a son and grandson don't exist in that continuity either!