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Aug. 27th, 2012 08:55 pm
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Canon Tag Requests:
  • Only request canon tags if you've posted with a pup from that canon/are planning to post with one (to avoid the tags page getting too cluttered).
  • Include the official franchise name of your canon.
  • Include links to any already submitted entries you would like tagged with the requested canon, as members are not currently able to edit tags on already posted entries.
Game Tag Requests:
  • State the exact Dreamwidth or LJ username of the main community of the game you're requesting a tag for.
  • Indicate whether it's an LJ, IJ or a DW based comm.
  • For complaints or comments about a specific thread or post, please include a link.
  • If something offends you, don't wait for us to notice it. Due to the content volume, we don't check all posts daily. Please alert us of offensive content by commenting here.
  • We go over the tag list each month to delete empty tags. This means that, if you request a tag and don't use it for a month, you may have to re-request it.
The mods will react as quickly as possible. All comments are screened.

Previous Mod Announcements:
dearie: (§ playful --> new thing in town)
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My, my. What's this, a reunion of sorts? How lovely. And here I thought you'd already left me to rot.
privatelives: (he makes me smile)
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Yeah, that made me think about marrying Connor, too. It would be really sweet if that was how we did it. But to do that I actually have to talk to Connor first.

Even if it doesn't happen I can say I was part of something really special, and that's good enough for me.
hungrylikethewolf: (Default)
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You're flighty, скъпа. Don't think I don't know that you turn to me only when you're restless, or when other things aren't progressing the way you might like.

I always tell you the same thing; if you don't like a thing, change it. It irritates me that you don't take my advice.

Ah, but you're a glutton for punishment, aren't you?

Yes, I thought so.
lethermindwander: ([kay] talking)
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Yes, by some strange bit of fate, you've managed to assemble nearly a full cast of characters for your collection of private stories. All you're missing is Mme. Giry and Raoul, now. I'd love to see the two of them in those sorts of settings but...

Do not for a second think that I will allow you to drag Raoul down to Hell with me. Going to Hell was my choice. I have my reasons for it, even most people wouldn't understand them. Raoul does not belong in Hell and I'd rather not see my dear husband subjected to the flames.

I subjected him to enough in life. Leave him in peace, let him enjoy the pleasures of Heaven. He deserves it, truly. I'm already trying to come to terms with the fact that I will likely see my son in Hell, eventually. If only because Charles is the sort that would absolutely insist on making that journey so that he could help underprivileged demons.

...And stop thinking about all the other characters you'd perhaps like to "ship me with." I really am quite content to be alone right now.
boyjournalist: (seven.)
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I'll try not to resent the name and the comparison. After all, Tintin is a driven journalist who exposes some pretty epic cases which is more than what you can say of me in my current, shitty job. That aside, though - he's still a kid, not to mention a cartoon character, so that's where we're at. Great. You sure think highly of me.
secondtotheright: (perched)
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[Peter looks around, and blinks in surprise]

Well, gee, I didn't know it was his birthday! You shoulda told me earlier, Mun! We gotta get all the Lost Boys together to celebrate his birthday! An'... well, and everyone!


Well, not Hook.
welldressedevil: (Default)
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your level of excitement about my joining this so called "Legion of Doom' has gone from amusing to worrying. You know what I am and what I want so why speculate about my reasoning as much as you are. I know you miss me but honestly it's time to calm down.
4starsaviour: (still kinda hungry)
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Dunno what was with that Torishima guy [It's Mashirito... never mind, you won't remember it anyway.], but it was great seeing Arale again! Guess her bein' a robot explains a few things, and it was a fun break from that boring job!

An' what's baseball? Is it that thing that Lord Beerus ate? 'Cause I don't want that. [Sure, Beerus seemed to like it at first, but Goku doesn't want to be stuck with those after-effects.]
its_the_accents: (profile: indignant)
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You sure you want to do this, Honey? I mean, didn't you just pick up someone new?

Are you trying to get yourself a whole collection of cooks? Don't get me wrong, I don't mind, I'd love to help, especially since it seems you like cooking just as much as I do, just seems like there's an awful lot of us, and some of us don't like sharing kitchen space.

And as long as you understand it's probably going to be a while before we find anybody to play with, I don't mind waiting.

[xposted to dear player, spoilers probable in comments]
smashing_good_time: (Default)
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Puny humans are all the same.

Will never stop bugging me.
theaugmentedone: (Default)
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Yes, I know you have other characters. Of course you'd be drawn in by me. You're neglecting them? I don't care.

Forget about them, I'm the only one you need to have. I'm far more interesting.

Because I am better.
expulsions: (And just think about the war)
[personal profile] expulsions
No more fish puns, okay? I got it. It's hilarious that you're sending me to "fish" for information about the underwater tunnels away from the base and that you're hoping to "net" more of our friends by sending me this way. Yeah. Super funny. That's about as funny as the "can Percy drown this month?" jokes. [So. Not funny, really.]

Of course it'd be great to see everybody else. Annabeth, Reyna and Magnus have all been there for even longer than me. You don't think they miss people, too? But what am I supposed to do about that? I can't wave my hands and make everybody appear, and no, I'm not asking the reefbacks to go look for them.

[Not yet, anyway. But there's a sigh.] Who knows? If the others did show up on the base, maybe we'd finally figure out how to make cheese for a pizza.
redhairedknight: (Default)
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And the winner is... )

This is clearly a sign that I need to train more. Mundane, you'll have to find Natsu and Gray - I'm sure Lucy and Wendy could use the practice as well. Maybe even Juvia - it will make for a nice team bonding exercise! [... All of the people she just mentioned, run.]

Voice Test

Dec. 1st, 2016 03:47 am
knowsnorest: (☄ from the sky)
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(He looks up from his book. Briefly.)

You do not make your case well or succinctly. I am in a good mood, so you may have one more attempt.
pipers_son: (bestia-domitor) (And I'd rather cry while putting a)
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What do ya mean we're "shameless"? Ain't like we're doin' it in public, Mun! And anyway, it ain't that serious, just a bit of fun, innit?

I rather like bein' one of the few people I know who's kissed a fella from another planet, besides~.

Although... [And he grins dryly, spreading out his wings and gesturing to all his other changes.] We both know this ain't the strangest thing ta happen ta me in the carnival, don't we?
maestermind: (Default)
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You would send me?

[I remember someone saying once that the actors must play their parts! You didn't think you were exempt, did you?]

Ah...so that is your plan. The stage shall be a world without the Farplane? Very well, then. You have my consent.

[There's no Sin, either. So don't go getting any ideas!]

I think that is where you are mistaken. A story without sin? A world? Surely such a place cannot exist.

[Hey, you know that's not what I—]

Truly, it will be a wonder to behold. Not just a city of machina, but a great and vast planet full of possibilities. And one I shall see for myself, not just through mere glimpses of reconstructed memories in a sphere...

[—um, are you even listening???]

Take me there.