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Aug. 27th, 2012 08:55 pm
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Canon Tag Requests:
  • Only request canon tags if you've posted with a pup from that canon/are planning to post with one (to avoid the tags page getting too cluttered).
  • Include the official franchise name of your canon.
  • Include links to any already submitted entries you would like tagged with the requested canon, as members are not currently able to edit tags on already posted entries.
Game Tag Requests:
  • State the exact Dreamwidth or LJ username of the main community of the game you're requesting a tag for.
  • Indicate whether it's an LJ, IJ or a DW based comm.
  • For complaints or comments about a specific thread or post, please include a link.
  • If something offends you, don't wait for us to notice it. Due to the content volume, we don't check all posts daily. Please alert us of offensive content by commenting here.
  • We go over the tag list each month to delete empty tags. This means that, if you request a tag and don't use it for a month, you may have to re-request it.
The mods will react as quickly as possible. All comments are screened.

Previous Mod Announcements:
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I'm really happy you are apping me for a game, but are you sure leaving Snow alone is the best idea. We both know she's had a rough few years and maybe taking both me and the baby away is going to be a bit much. Not only that but you are putting me in a situation where I not only have to deal with Gold but Hook too? Not exactly sure I'm ready for that to be honest. 

Despite my worries though I'm really excited. I was afraid I was going to go into what the others call the "dusty corner of your mind," when you got upset over the first part of last year. I understand that things have been a little confusing as of late, I'm confused as well. And while I don't understand what pandering in regard to Elsa, I do understand it makes you angry, which is not a good thing either. You need to trust me on this, I'll be fine in this game and so will Neal. After all we'll have our family with us and that's the most important thing.   
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I'll have you know that I am a prosecutor, not some sort of wind up, robotic toy. I refuse to deal with anyone unwilling to do the bare minimum of research required to not embarrass themselves. Surely reviewing my cases can't cause that much strain.

Let me make this perfectly clear: a successful argument relies on manipulating all the variables, so there can be no other conclusion but your own. Fail to remember that, and you'll be sunk.

I trust there are no further questions.
stafftotheface: (Well I _AM_ Awesome)
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Mmhm, mm hmm, well Mun lady - Mundy, whatever you want to be called, I can't blame you for wanting to play me. I -am- pretty awesome. Buuut here's the catch see. Joshua and I are a team- you can't go dragging me away from my brother like that. Besides, we're already on a mission - remember? Traveling and registering at all the Bracer Branches? Getting our recommendation letters? We just have two to go, can't you wait till -after-?
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Hello again! It's been awhile since we talked, but that's alright -- we could all use the practice, you know. Let me know if you need any help or advice, and I'll be glad to provide it. I believe you know what to do from here, however.
noonedies: (pic#8461245)
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You are incredibly prepared, and most of the initial work is done. You need to calm down and press forward. Your work will be self-evident.

Besides. Who wouldn't want to recruit me? Obviously, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.
didntdrown: (pic#8541253)
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Well, yeah, why would I be? You're talking about taking me away from camp. I know it's our off season but just because the kids are away doesn't mean I can pl- I mean, slack off.

[he stares off into space blankly for a minute]

And even worse, this means spending more time away from Mama. You know why I would have a problem with that.
biochemistry: (competing for a love they won't receive)
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I'm fine.  I'm fine.

I wish you would stop worrying about me, honestly.  I'm really going to be all right.  I'm working, and I'm helping the team, and I'm around, and hell, I got to hold something that Peggy Carter held and I'm still excited about that, and things are getting back to normal.

[Jaw tightening.]

Not everything.  I know that.  But it's -- there are some things only time can take care of, aren't there?  We both know that while I'm not entirely shy about feeling, I'm not the greatest at unloading my feelings without, well, feeling terribly guilty about it, and sure, maybe that's a part of it, maybe I do feel guilty about what I'm feeling and why I'm feeling it and the other things that I can't really talk about, and maybe it wouldn't hurt if I could talk to someone about everything, maybe I wouldn't mind just curling up with a blanket and a cup of tea or, or my head in someone's lap, someone I could get advice from about other someones and somethings, because of all of the ways and things that I might possibly feel, but --

I've gotten by in the past without elaborate hurt/comfort scenarios playing out, or without talking about it, and eventually things feel right again.  I get by.  I'm fine.
lifewithnoconsequence: (04)
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[All praise the mighty YouTube]

I don't understand what it is that you're excited about. Are you going to use that fellow to change my face and general appearance?

[Because he kind of likes the one he has.]

Or do you feel a sense of disappointment towards the fact that no other such images, or descriptions were made for me?
themotherofall: (Granting monsters)
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Join the club.

There is kindness in your words. Not that I could care less about your opinions. You're not the only one who was disappointed by my short-lived appearance. My children surely felt the same way.

But I shall not be shipped. Most especially not with a human who harbors the commander of the heavenly hosts. Your delusions are beneath me and are ill-fitting. He is not the same Adam. Get your stories, straight.
gaebolga: (pic#8541952)
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I WON'T be controlled again.
secondshift: (Default)
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Watch late-night TV and now you miss Doug?

I miss him too, but you can't be getting all sappy every time someone's face shows up. Hell, you've still never given me an explanation for what you did to Scott.
survivra: (02)
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You're mad. You're positively mad, and I'll not stand for it. He's dead beneath the sea where he belongs, and Bitterblue is too small for something such as this. I won't have saved her only to have her walk right back into danger, where her own castle guard and all the rest can't protect her. Mention it again and we'll see how you ever mention anything again at all.
hislivinglegacy: (Default)
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...We haven't done anything since 2009 and now you're interested?

I'm actually kind of concerned what you and your friend have in mind for Zack and I...
gintokisakata: (015)
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I hope you didn't strain yourself too hard coming up with this username.

Are you actually going to do anything?

I doubt it.
pansophical: (006)
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I do hope you are aware of who it is you invited into your mind, my mundane. To hide something from one who possesses all knowledge, past, present, and future, is... inadvisable. Oh, but that much you know, don't you?

But don't fret. It is a warning, nothing more. You are free to plot and plan as you wish. And as you do, I am more than content to sit back, as they say. Meddling would get me nothing of value.

You'll find that many mortal affairs become ever so dull once you have observed them for long enough. But in this case, for a loyal servant of mine, I may make an exception.

[A dark chuckle.]

You object to the term? Yes. Many have in the past. But it changes nothing.

Any and all seekers of knowledge serve me. Voluntarily or otherwise. You are no different.
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Heehee, Mun, it's only natural that you would give in to your desire to 'play' me. My task in that other Hyrule is complete, so I suppose I could offer you my time now.

Where would you like to take me? You better not be thinking you can just leave me here now that I've allowed you to have me for a time. You know me, so you should already know what my requirements are. I would like to emphasize again my desire to see Link.

((You just did.))

He was not my Link.

((... Okay, Ruto, I'll see what I can do.))

[She smiled.]

Don't worry, I don't mind talking to others. I expect it may take some time; he always did just leave me to wait.
metalicforce: (I'm fine over here | Content)
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Don't be so hard on yourself sir. As you kept saying earlier, you're a winner for just participating. There's nothing saying you can't continue writing even if the time's up. After all, you dragged me out again and you does seem to enjoying, uh, "playing" with me.

Just keep going soldier, you've already gotten over the first bump.
dragonseeker: (we'll burn alight)
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Stop. Harassing the chantry members for your entertainment, you know as well as I how that won't help our cause.

...I don't care that you find it 'fun.' [An exasperated sigh.] 

samuraibird: (HM?)
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 Mun-san, you are being lazy. You picked me up to play me ,didn't you? Then find a place for me. I don't mean here. It can be on any other site. [He takes a deep breath, his brows knitted together in determination] Don't feel sorry for yourself any longer.