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Mod Post [OOC]: New Tag Set

This is your mod speaking! We've got a new tag set, to go with the canon and game sets: the type set.

There are four new type tags: type: original, type: canon original, type: alternate and type: canon alternate. These tags refer to your character's type.

  • type: original should be used if your character is an OC who is not based on a pre-existing canon, as in you made up all of their backstory, their context and their environment yourself without taking recognizable elements from an existing, copyrighted canon.

  • type: canon original should be used if your character is an OC who is based on a pre-existing canon. You've got a Harry Potter OC who lives in J. K. Rowling's wizarding world but doesn't actually show up in the books? That would be a canon original character.

  • type: alternate should be used if your character is a self-created AU (alternative universe/alternative version) of a canon character. You've got Harry Potter who isn't a wizard but grew up to be an accountant with no magical powers whatsoever? He'd get a type: alternate tag.

  • type: canon alternate should be used for AUs/alternative versions of characters who show up in the franchise's canon. You play a mirror universe Spock? He would get a canon alternate tag.

This means that original characters should not use the 'canon: original' tag anymore, and should instead use the 'type: original' or 'type: canon original' tag. Thanks!

Any questions, please tag in with a comment. Comments are screened.