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New tag type!

We've just added a new tag to our character type tags: "type: fusion/amalgam."

This covers characters who are either
a) original characters who combine characteristics of two or more canon characters and live in a universe based on one or both of their inspiration canons, or
b) characters who are modeled after only one canon character but "live" in a canon universe different from their source canon's.

If you're playing a character called Harry Saxon-Potter, the Boy Who Died, a rash but loyal kid who regenerated when Voldemort killed him as an infant, rose to the top of his class at the Prydonian Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and who's as tempted by Voldemort's Dark Arts as he is determined to defeat them, this is the tag for you.

If you're playing John Smith, aka "The Doctor," a nosy scientific genius who roots out wrongdoing in Holmes's Victorian London with the help of his compatriot, Dame Rose, this is your tag.

If you're playing Green Hulk, a master archer who turns into a monster when he gets angry, or Bat X, a near-immortal, amnesiac Canadian who escaped from a secret government weapons program to become the vigilante guardian of Gotham City, this is also your tag.

(As a reminder, we also have these character type tags:

"type: alternate" - for player-created AU versions of canon characters (think 'what if' characters--what if Thor was a woman? What if he was the Frost Giant child instead of Loki?). High school AUs would also go here (unless the high school is a canon high school. If your teen!Thor is also going to SEED or William McKinley High School or the Gallifreyan Academy, tag him "type: fusion/amalgam")

"type: canon alternate" - for alternates that are canonical (i.e., a canonical alternate Batman from one of DC Comics' many different Earths, vamp!Willow from the Buffyverse)

"type: canon original" - for player-created characters in a canon universe (new kids attending Hogwarts, an X-Man you've created, countries that haven't officially appeared in the Hetalia manga/anime)

"type: original" - for player-created characters in player-created universes

Long and the short of it--any character whose state of being and/or universe is a mash-up of two or more canons is "fusion/amalgam." Everybody else is one of the other four.)

Any questions, please tag in with a comment. Comments are screened.