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Dear Mun Mods ([personal profile] d_m_mod) wrote in [community profile] dear_mun2012-07-14 11:43 pm

Note: Posts Not Addressed at the Mun


There have been a number of posts recently that were not addressed at the character's mun. One of the few rules of [community profile] dear_mun is that any post must be a note from the character directed at their player. Hence the name of the comm.

We don't want to be misers, but there have been too many wrongly formatted posts lately to ignore them. So from now on, if we catch a post that is anything other than a character addressing his/her/its mun, all ongoing threads and new replies will be frozen and the OP will be given 24 hours to save the post before it will be deleted.

If you want to post general role play, please use one of our open sister comms linked in the sidebar. Thank you so much for using our comm, and happy RPing!