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Took you long enough. You said you missed me, you said you wanted to "play" me again somewhere, said you wanted a new partner. It's sad being the one who's left behind, isn't it? I know a thing or two about that, you know me. I also know that you've invested so much time and energy on those people, and for what's it worth, I did enjoy the...things I've had, with Galen, Hux, Thrawn and even Ventress. Didn't think I would remember, did you? No, not that Galen. I know you don't like his mun. I don't like him too. But the others. Well, at least some of those things. Didn't much like some other things. It's not fun being chased around by female Hux while he--she--blamed me for her misery. It's not my fault. You know it's not.

Are you going to find a game for me instead? Or other people that you can scheme things again with? I know I'm your best muse and you loved me the best, and we've achieved some great things together. Amazingly, I wouldn't mind if you do. I know, it's a miracle. No, please don't find a Tarkin. I did not need that man breathing down my neck. 

Anyway, you should probably finish all the things you're supposed to be writing first, including that motivation letter and scholarship application, and stop playing games so much. I used to do that too when I was your age, but that was decades ago. Look where I am now. I didn't arrive where I am because I played video games all the kriffing time. No, don't you dare criticise my hobby for partying. That was...a phase.

Bottom line, get your sh*t together, mun. I'm not going anywhere.

Mun, no.

Aug. 8th, 2017 03:20 pm
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I don't have time for this, and neither do you.

If you need something, just say it.

Unless you are volunteering to join the resistance. We could use a hand.
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Miss Mun,

"Why not?" Maybe because I shouldn't be here. Or if that's not enough, why don't you return to your Jedi in a computer, or to your ISB deserter?

[mun can do three Star Wars characters. Sometimes. Would love to do five or six, but not enough time.]

[he sighs]

Last question: why me? You're not even 'apping' me. And giving me a temporary PB just shows it's a rushed post. What's the point? Let me go back.
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I wasn't happy with you, when you decided to put me in this place. It's primitive, and I'm once again stuck on a planet with no way of leaving.

But having someone from where I'm from, even if it's decades before... It's helped. The people aren't terrible, either.

I don't love this Dark Future you've prepared for me, but the prospect of having a family, of him accepting me as his daughter, even though I'm just... me. It's probably not as dark as it should be, at least where I'm concerned. Even in the present, I'm happy.

I suppose anything is better than Jakku.
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I know you are considering letting me step back out but I think you should seriously consider everything before reaching your final decision.
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We both know that you only did this because the name was available.

Is it really so difficult for you to decide on a single option and develop that exponentially instead of leaving them all open? I understand that because you don't have intentions of putting me anywhere with a set structure, like a game, that it shouldn't be an issue for you.

But how am I meant to keep these ...different versions distinct? It's easy for you, you just run with whatever ridiculous idea crosses your mind and I'm the one who has to live it.

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What if my story was supposed to end on that beach? What if there is nothing for me here? There was barely anything for me before.
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Why me?

You already have the droid and the mystic, why not bother one of the others, why does it have to be me?
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I know you're upset and hurting right now, and I can't say it's going to get easier, it's going to hurt for a while, probably a long while. Maybe forever.

But that's how life goes. It's always been cyclical, it always has to end sometime. The will of the Force as your new friend would say.

I know part of why you chose to play me was to get some small piece of your own mother back, if only for a little while at a time, and I know it feels like you've lost her all over again, I understand what that feels like.

So yes, it's going to hurt, but don't let yourself drown in that pain. Don't let that pain blind you, or make you think you're the only one hurting. Reach out to those around you, support each other, because a pain shared is a pain halved, while a joy shared is a joy doubled, and I know the joys seem few and far between right now, but I trust that you can find them, start with the small ones, work your way up.

The same as you'd do for a rebellion.
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...nothing has changed. Send me to any world and I will see to its ruin. [Out of spite.]
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No. I already have, thanks to you, my hands full at all times. You do not need to give me more of my former-Darth-Revan memories back. Really, you should be grateful people even go along with the ridiculous notion that is 'Force reincarnation'. I don't care how well you think it explains the mantra that there is no death, only the Force, I have a full time job living this life - which you may have noticed is in a state of thorough disarray as of now, again, thanks to your total lack of planning.

I also do not need to become 'more involved' with my family. Please stop throwing me at every iteration of my father that shows up. Although he admittedly is safer talking to me than getting himself knee-deep in trouble with another smuggling deal gone awry - Force only knows how he survived before he met Uncle Chewie - my mother is here. She can handle him. I have to focus on the Force right now, not whatever melodramatic dribble you feel in the mood for at the moment. Which is also why you need to stop seeking out Lukes. I will face my uncle when my reconnection to the Light is stronger and I have made more progress undoing the damage I wrought as Kylo Ren.

And stop bringing up my tauntaun. Many people strong with the Force have connections to creatures. It is not 'cute'. [He crosses his arms indignantly.] Besides, it isn't as if there's anywhere here I could bring Tom-Tom along, anyway.
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You can't even decide on a canon point for me!

Should you bring me in after my main education, when I'm twenty-one and about to set out on my exploration years--

Or should you bring in the child I used to be, the teenager who cared more about insects than his real friends.

... well. It's up to you.

(Either is better than Caedus.)
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I would never turn down a chance to see my son or daughter. [What mother would? Padmé doesn't want to know.] But you realize that seeing them - no matter how briefly - only makes me homesick? Family has always been important to me. If my mother, father, sister or nieces had asked me to stay behind, I would have.

[She wouldn't have been happy being a homebody, but her point stands.]

Ani too. I would have been there for him in a heartbeat. If he had asked.
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Look, I'm actually really happy that my father and my sister might be joining us on the Barge. I mean, I miss Leia, and I never really got to know my father.

But I'm worried, you know?

So much has happened, both here and at home. And Han's from three years ago, and Leia doesn't even know we're related, and I know it's gonna fall on me to break all that to her. As for dad, well... I want a relationship. Of course I do. But where do you start, after all the years of not knowing, and then all the fighting and hatred, and then there's Ben's obsession...

Maybe that'll be good for him. I don't know.

The thing is, how in the nine hells am I supposed to help an inmate, when my family's this messed up? And how do I even start thinking about the future, when I'm faced daily with the notion that contrary to what Yoda said, it's already fixed and I've already failed?

Okay, stop right there, lady. All the above is important. Whether I'll ever find a suitable object for my affections is the least of my worries right now.
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Whaaat, you can't send me out without the others! We're a team! They can't do anything without me, you know. Boss and Fixer don't carry nearly enough explosives between the two of them, and Sev- well...yeah. 'nough said.
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Do you have any idea what you've done? How badly this will end?

This is ridiculous! Madness! [Grumbles, and tries her best to not swear or do anything rash like yell, scream or throw things. Then, she stops and realizes....that's something Kylo Ren would do.

....Today is not a good day.]
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Okay so, let me get see if I've got this...

You've been throwing at every wall possible to see if I'll stick to one.  Which is kind of a gross metaphor when you think about it.  And now you want to find a game where I'll have to actually deal with people on a regular basis.  Also, I don't need the Force to know what special brand of annoying you're thinking of. 

Face it, no one is going to want a Sith Lord just hanging around, no matter how awesome I am.  


Can I go someplace with Jedi?  Like LOTS of Jedi?  That would be amazing! 

Please!  I don't even have to kill them, as fun as wanton murder is... I would be sooo good with just making their lives miserable by my very existence!  Honest.

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