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Listen. I'm perfectly happy not being chased by evil apparitions, thanks. I mean. I appreciate the attention, but why would you do this to me? Honestly, it's like you're trying to get me to die a greasy, messy, ectoplasm-covered death!
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I sounded so awesome!

... Until that GIR part.

Ugh, why didn't I edit that out.

Can I edit that out now?
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I'm a genius, an awful, evil, brilliant genius! Of course The Dib would do that!

I should have done this years ago!

[but it literally took years to do-]

SILENCE! Canon update me immediately! Get me some new icons, don't just stand there with your gross milkshake in your boy-less yard!

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 Don't act like you didn't fully think through the ramifications of having an insectoid hell-creature radio host get a crush on me.

Why? Why do you love to torture me? Why do you think this is going to be good for "character growth"? I mean. Think about it. I've dealt with shit like this so much that it almost seems dumb of you to make me do it more!

No, you know what? I'm not going to get fazed by this, just to spite you! How about that. Try gaining your sadistic glee out of me NOW!

poor baby

Oct. 26th, 2014 04:58 pm
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Of course I'm a serious character!

I'm a dangerous, highly skilled, incredibly intelligent evil master mind!

I'm really amazingly super ultra serious!

[ur not tho]
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Maybe I haven't said this before, puny human, but this idea you have is really STUPID and I don't even see why you're trying! There's no way you can change Zim! Changing me would be like changing everything...! And I don't think you want to do that, do you? Because you're lazy!

Try as hard as you want to change me, pathetic waterbag, for it will never happen!

...will it?
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[[community profile] capitalh? [community profile] box_network?? both??? ?]

Yeah, maybe that box game would be kinda fun, if stupid Zim wasn't already there, ruining everything. Why are you even looking at that one, anyway? Last time I checked, babies who still have to sleep with nightlights don't play horror games. Heh.

Here's an idea: put me in the one where I get to keep my Gameslave, and stupid Zim and stupid Dib aren't around to make everything annoying.

I don't care if you want to go play with Zim; if you put me anywhere near him I'll cut all your fingers off!
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[This new pet is amusing. As long as the weapons it makes are good, it gets to live.

Shame it's so mouthy though.

He might look into muting it later if it becomes obnoxious enough.

Subject is useful.

For now.
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I'm not interested in taking over a few measly miles of earth. I want all of earth, a ten mile radius of earth is not going to cut it!

I could be conquering earth while that useless idiot is stuck in that box and you want to send me there?

Can't you think of anywhere better? You have me in your head, there's got to be more than three brain cells to rub together in there!

Stop being stupid!
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Okay, Mun. It's gonna just be you and me. You and me against all of the horrible, unspeakable monsters in there. Luckily for the both of us, I have come more than prepared to face any supernatural and paranormal activities that may or may not occur while we're there.

Although... I'm not sure I like how the whole 'required death' thing sounds. I usually try to avoid it as much as I can, you know. BUT! If my calculations are correct and my timing can be just right, I might be able to thwart whatever horrible evil ZIM has concocted! I can't let him get away with his evil plans! Not while all life on Earth is counting on my amazing brain to stop him! Also, it would be nice for people to not think I'm crazy for once. It gets old after a while, you know? Plus, maybe I'll get to know some real vampires and werewolves! And study them! For... purely scientific reasons, of course.
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You're a rather fickle woman, you know.

It's been, what, at least three of your planet's years since I was last acknowledged? With such fleeting loyalty the resistance has no use for the likes of you! Might I ask how long before you turn your back on us again?!

If you really are serious this time, then you're going to have to prove to me that I can trust you! Although I won't be holding my breath.
... Alright I will, but only to preserve oxygen aboard this ship. Bloody reserves are running out again...
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You spent all day rewatching cartoons. Pfft, lame.


So, that other one was where that Mandy girl I met here once was from, huh? Yeah, she's kinda cool, I guess. Needs to ditch those two morons, though.

Also, if your friend brings MORE obnoxious aliens into my life, I will make her SUFFER.
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Look, mun, I know this is really hard for you, having played a grown version of me for a while, but I'm pretty sure you aren't going to screw me up! I mean, he's still me, right? Essentially?

Okay so look mun, I'm sure I'm not nearly as rusty as you think I am! Look! All my joints work just fine! And my mouth still works too! And my brain still thinks... words... to speak things with? Okay so maybe I suck at that, not you.

See? No problem. Just drop me on in there, mun. You can do this! You...

You don't have the vaguest idea what to do with me now that you've got me, do you.


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Well, at least it isn't a horror game. That's pretty great. But you went out of your way to find a game with that... that in it! 

AND HE'S DOING STUFF! You planned this, didn't you!?

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Avocado Brains? A-VO-CA-DO BRAINS?!??

WHAT is this and WHY do you prod ZIM awake for THIS, smelly dirt-pig?! If you have nothing more worthwhile to say to me, ZIM, theeeen-- Leave Zim alone. Your miserable little head of filth is suffocating enough without you pestering me for nothing! Zim has no time for you and your avocado brains!

Now- Hey! HEEEYY!! Did you just fall asleep on ZIM, head-human?! YOU SHALL REGRET THIS!! ...you stupid, sleepy human.
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No no no no no no no.

You're not putting me in a horror game.
You aren't putting me in any game. Listen. Look. Listen. Okay.

You listening?

No. No games. None. I reeeeeeally don't need that kind of pressure. And horror games? Absolutely, positively, 100% fuck that, no.

OH COME ON! Stop ignoring me, I see you doing other shit, paying attention to not this. Which is import--



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You just love my innocent, precious face and my Disney hero hair, admit it.

And hey, thanks for keeping away from those horror memes with me. I mean, I saw you eying a couple, but it's nice that you've refrained from doing that to me just after getting back into giving me the keyboard worky.

Oh no. Nonono. No. You're not going to get me all buttered up and easy to deal with just to throw me into one of those things, are you?

See, you're the reason I have trust issues.

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I really doubt this is what that other mun had in mind when they said they wanted more characters from our canon.
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What do you think you're doing, typing-slave!? Get your filthy meatdigits away from that keyboard! What makes you think I want that DIB-filth or TAK or anyone else barging in here and ruining my plans for ship-wide conquest!? I mean... not that anyone could actually stop me, of course! I just don't want to have to take time out of my horrendously busy schedule to brutally destroy them!

...Though I suppose you raise a good point, mun-beast. If the Tallest were to show up, they could witness my AMAZING EVIL first hand! And I guess I wouldn't destroy GIR.

Or Skoodge.

...No promises, though.

NOW, begone with you! I have a universe to enslave!
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Let's get one thing straight, filthy Mun-creature! The mighty ZIM is nobody's plaything, and I refuse to take part in one of those ARR-PEE things! Zim has no time for games!! Especially games IN SPACE!! In case you've forgotten, there's a filthy, dirt covered Earth rock that needs conquering! HOW IS ZIM SUPPOSE TO DESTROY THE EARTH WHEN HE IS TRAPPED IN SPACE!?

Do you see my issue with this, Mun-filth? Speak no more of these ridiculous games. DO NOT INVOKE THE MIGHTY WRATH OF ZIM!!

...You're not even listening, are you.