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Dunno what you expected, checking Route 29 again. Still says no Vocaloids, and it's always gonna, no matter how cool it'd be to be a Pokemon trainer. And go on an adventure. And make friends. And fly on the back of a Bird Pokemon and wander through caves and fight evil--

Q-quit plotting for stuff I can't have. Maybe there'll be a meme on one of those museboxes, or somethin'. Or there's a game where you get to be part of an RPG party or something, like Final Fantasy. But I"m as sick of you are of not bein' let in places because I haven't technically got a 'canon'.
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Hey, you there! Yeah you, soaking in yer day off all proud and smug like! It's good that ya got your groove back n' all, but I got things I need to do, nya! Get off yer butt and get me back to my universe!
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Aaa, you're waking me up? Go for somebody else, no game'll take me and nobody plays anybody I know. 

[!!! he starts when mun turns to leave]

H-hey, same goes for Kaito 'n Miki and all the others. Who's the newest... Yan He...? Don't think they'll say any different! Just give up and write a novel about our musical careers already. Not like your headcanons have had a basis in any kinda canon for awhile.
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I get it. The Vocaloid Dressing Room has slowed down considerably since the last time you were there.

[back before the Great Move to Dreamwidth, honestly]

But why me? I'm not a talkative guy. Just 'cause my train happened to crash into the DR bus and blast it into the sky, you think you can use me as a billboard?

There's probably some unwritten rule about our kind being here, anyway. Give up.

I said give-- No, don't hit "pos

New muse

Oct. 19th, 2014 09:51 pm
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I'm honored that you like me enough to pick me. But...I really shouldn't  be too far from the princess, she's very high maintenance.

As they say, a servant's work is never done Mundane. So please take me back with haste.
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You're finally talking to me again for this? I mean, it IS nice to see you again, but! [he sighs, shaking his head a bit.]

Uhh... look, no matter what was outside our walls, I'd still seek reunion with the rest of humanity. But I'm pretty sure it isn't Titans.

If it is, though, they have excellent taste in music.
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Get out of my way! You're not the one I want.

-Or do you want to repent, too?
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You truly are an idiot, you know that? It's hard enough to do what Lady I.R. needs without being dragged off for your "games". Idiot, idiot, idiot. That's what you are.

[Sigh.] I don't know who gives me a bigger headache: you, or that Beelzenian duke.
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...Ah! So you're still at it? That seems so persistent. But in retrospect, because of that, it turns out i'm a little different than you expected.

[ Pause. ] --but at the same time, exactly what you thought, right? Even though you first intended to choose someone else... Somehow it ended up like this.

[ An unsure smile. ]

I'm not afraid. After all next time I'll just try even harder not to fail, now won't I?

[ and get that ending you want, right, D-ne? Again and again it seems pretty hopeless with you guys.
Plus, B-ko isn't even around. ]

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 What is this? You give me the attention that so obviously deserve and then you leave me there? What in the world are you thinking?!

How dare you abandon me in that stupid "headspace"! I am not a worthless pawn in your plans. I'm an important princess! It's far too crowded in this stupid headspace.

Fine fine... You did get me out of there, so I guess I could forgive you.

Now... redeem yourself and go get me some pudding.
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Hmm? This is even less interesting than those disappearances Toy was going on about. You are so very, very dull, mundane. And useless. But I'm sure this will sort itself out in due time.

Until then, if you'd be so kind? I would prefer a few more of these tiny pictures for myself. You'd do that, wouldn't you? By royal decree?

- "You're not my queen"? Hmph. How stubborn you are.
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Munny~ You haven't been paying enough attention to me. You've been giving so much attention to the others....What if I made them disappear? Would you give me more time to play?

Oh? You don't want me to do that? Then let's find a play mate~ I want someone like Pharos~ He was fun! But I won't be too picky this time. But you better hurry and find someone~ You don't want to become my toy right?
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[ flat out, complete in a deadpan tone, a fully annoyed look on his face. ] I don't want to.

It's a bad idea, anyway. Just because you're almost caught up with backtags, it doesn't mean you have time for me and that other guy who you already have there. Especially if I can't save... Hiyori... [ "..." ] Even if those two, Takane and... Haruka are there, [ it's still weird to not call him "Konoha"... ] do you really think even Hiyori and oba-sa -- er, Momo -- would ever arrive to that place?

I can't just sit around like before! Because if... Hiyori's still... I've got to save her! [ DETERMINED!! LOOK!! Complete with a brief flash of red in his eyes. ]

-- Besides, our anime doesn't even air until April... [ well, at least it wasn't August 15th... or August 14th ] and you'll have to canon update me as it goes. You should just wait until then! ...The manga's route will probably end like that too, anyway... even if you take me from there! And you should still wait for more chapters to come out. So we can see what happens to... Hiyori. This time. So I can figure out how to save her...

[ flatly. Again. ] So, I don't want to. At least... not for a while. [ ...maybe if the manga ends like that, again. ]
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Wow, after all this time...You never once tried using me! But better late than never I guess. Let's go and have some fun! Maybe we'll find Mikuo or Taito! You think they might be here?

If they are then we better get searching!
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Hello, everyone, I'm Scott: President of Domino's Pizza.

Have you heard of Hatsune Miku?
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Excited! Days and days. Many weeks. Waiting, waiting.

___ PATIENCE 0% error, error. Spring-Time, soon. Winter-Time fast. ZOOM.

Winter-Time slow?


Soon! Missed play-time. Long time. Dusty. Ventilation: poor.

Correction. PATIENCE 5%
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Dearest mundane,

What is this about picking me up again? It was about time that you did such a thing, it has been so boring being ignored in favor of the others. Though, I must say, I am not too keen on how this... family nonsense is supposed to work.

I am not the daughter of some mere peasants, as you know. Nor do I wish to remain somewhere without my darling brother servant along there with me.

Do fix this problem if you wish to continue this path.

Sincerely Yours,

Princess Rin Kagamine
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"Miss" me? [ snort. ] Don't make me laugh.

I finally got what I wanted, and you took it away.
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...wait, you only decided to look for a game for me now?

[A huff, and she crosses her arms. Someone apparently does not appreciate having been pushed aside in favor of other, newer characters.]

Jeez, all you've been doing with me is tossing me into the TFLN meme and other memes while you play around with that wolf guy and the green lady. And you're only now starting to look for a game for me because, what, you got nostalgic?

You are the worst. No, really. You even forgot my anniversary! It's already late September, mun, and you said you'd have found something for me weeks ago! At least follow through on looking for games instead of forgetting about it.

And don't even think about putting me in a horror game, I already went through that once. I don't want to do it again.
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[ i think she's mad. ]

You just dump me for however long then think you can just toss me willy nilly into whatever games and memes you feel like? THIS IS RIDICULOUS! I don't want to be stuck in any of those stupid places you picked out!



[ Miku makes a noise akin to a kettle steaming. yep. she mad. ]