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Boredom is a awful thing, Miss Mundane but I advise you to not get too bent out of shape out of the fact I don't have a playground. I'm... not the most blessed with a story that is written down, so you have to guess at things. Not all places take the likes of me.

Besides, you've played me for seven years, you know this is a lean-time. You write me better face to face with another playmate anyway. I know doing nothing sort of kills you, but perhaps you can focus on other things.

Like finding me a victim, er a playmate.


Jun. 24th, 2017 08:32 pm
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Dear Mun,

You so clearly have no idea what you're getting into. I know I can't send Milo's people to warn you off of this, but really. Why do you expect me to post my innermost feelings on the Internet for anyone to read? Do you not understand the concept of the whole "faking my death" thing?

Plus, you also have a dissertation to write, and you don't even have the inability to get to Antarctica as an excuse for procrastination. 


P.S. Must you have picked that image of me smiling like an idiot in that ridiculous t-shirt?
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This is spectacularly bad idea, and trust me, I've seen my share of bad ideas lately. I don't know what you hope to achieve where anywhere y'stick me will have that itty bitty issue of me strugglin' with gravity. And no, that ain't cute.

Think about this.
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As much as my ego dictates that it is not true, I fear it may be far to late for this endeavour. There are many other versions of myself out there. The one of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, or even the lovely Penny Dreadful version. Do you truly think anyone cares anymore?

Do you think you will find Harry, or Basil? Maybe that evil desire of yours to find Sybil? And you say I am the cruel one. As much as I detest the idea of being forgotten, I fear this may be pointless.

Still, I do love to be adorned, so, maybe something will come of it.
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I've been on enough adventures. I want to find a home of my own; some place that is permanent and preferably free of Cymrian excrement. Those tapestries will never be clean and you know it.

Besides, I have too much Lirin in me to be happy living inside of a mountain. I need to see the sky, though it was good exercise having to climb up a path every morning and evening to sing.

[Then there was Achmed and Gunthor... Jo...]

Ah... Maybe Ylorc isn't so bad.
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( his hands move inside his jacket pockets, long fingers searching for a cigarette. he mutters under his breath, the name "ajit" only hissed loud enough to catch. finding no cigarette, byomkesh elects to busy his hands by clasping them tightly together. without the obscuration of smoke, however, the bright glitter dancing in his dark eyes and the slight smirk tugging at his mouth is clearly visible. )

Let's examine this, shall we? You intend to play me? A character that, while popular in Bengali literature, is not well-known outside India. ( leaning closer, he speaks slowly, drawing out each word, ) You yourself are already aware of how difficult it is to obtain accounts of my adventures. Fluency in Bengali or money is required. A slight obstacle that you overcame, at least in the case of the latter. But your real obstacle is expecting and finding people to also overcome that difficulty.

( he smiles and, if it wasn't for the obduracy in his tone, it could almost be mistaken as warm. ) Your persistence, while admirable, is misguided. Please direct it elsewhere. Because, realistically, I doubt I'd get out very often. ( not that he'd want to get out anyways. he much prefers to stay in and let his mind mull over problems. or act like a veritable whatsitsname.

he laughs, sharp and short. )
Like I said, admirable.
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[Words are not wholly necessary to relay a thought. Sorcha has gotten quite good at motioning with her hands - as painful and swollen as they might be - and making the appropriate expressions. Her features are clearly set in a frown of determination.

No! Do not choose me!

She raises her hands for emphasis and then she holds up one hand, bending her thumb towards her palm so she is showing the number four.

Oh yes, she has been left alone for four years.

Why change now?]
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Okay, great, finally, you figured out I was here. Or I wrestled my way in. Whatever. We got a problem.

You don't know me. I don't know you. And there is no way in hell we're going to dragon land riding this surfboard of mutual confusion and dumbfuckery. I mean, I'm literally forming before your very eyes, do you really think you got a handle on this?

No. No you do not.

And I know your small-ass attention span isn't gonna keep for this. So just-- I dunno, stick to your pretty little Presidential Nerd. I'll be over here doing -- whoa -- whatever the fuck I want.

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You tell me I can't get put into a game like this because I no longer resemble canon, right? But that's not my fault. Leo doesn't resemble canon anymore either. None of us do. We're not canon anymore.

But I bet Crash stays dead, right?

Nuh-uh. People don't re-write people because of stupid things. This is some Anne Rice level bullshit right here. I think. Throw me literally anywhere but a game that requires me be strict to canon. Are AU games still a thing? Wait, I don't want that either!

I have a headache. I'm about to go crazy. Seriously. Don't do that to me. I've been reset way, way too many times in my long life already.
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His centenary? You're right, Miss Mun, this is a long time. And he managed to write all those wonderful stories that people still enjoy. That's a type of immortality, I think, to have your work like on all these years.

Do you think he'd be pleased, Miss Mun, with my story? I know I'm changing it a little but... you have to take control of your own story or people will think you will let anything happen to you. And that's not right!

I hope he knows, though, how grateful I am. It's nice, to be a story. Even one you have to direct yourself. Someone cared enough to let people know my story. That's nice.

I wonder if I can read any of his books...?

On the Film

Jun. 6th, 2016 12:36 am
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We both knew it was going to be ridiculous, didn't we? That's not to say it wasn't an enjoyable ridiculous, I certainly appreciate the skills they added to repertoire, and it is pleasing to see me finally be given a weapon which is more in-keeping with the training I receive, but we both of us know this is not something which will win acclaim.

It is nice to have a proper face, however. One that is my own, and not that which belongs to the ... other versions of myself. To see my sisters safe is also very pleasing, and is something which I would not trade for, no matter the offer.

Now, if you will please excuse me, dear Mundane, while you may not have me in a game, the Unmentionables continue to roam England, and I have a duty.

[[Canon is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies]]
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This is....really bizarre, you know. I thought with Ronan you already had your hands full, but I'm no trouble comparatively I guess. Still, this place is weird and uncomfortable, and I'd really just like to get back to my friends.

Also, can I please have my Coca Cola shirt back now?
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I get it, okay? You want to see more people from my iteration of the universe - there's some of them I want to see too. And I get that you're really lonely thanks to 2016 being a jerk to basically everyone. I'm gonna have to be rude and say that I really hope we don't run into more of the type you wanna see, though.

Mostly 'cause you're a dirtbag. [She scowls.]

And I know you're planning to send me to Sol Raveh or to that...sci-fi ship place, or a bunch of other places, and I just want to remind you to not burn yourself out again, okay? There's a reason folks keep saying you push yourself too hard.

- Charlie

[ooc: Canon is Five Nights at Freddy's: The Silver Eyes. It's a book related to a game series, so...obscure canon twofer yay!]
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You can't even decide what I effing look like! How are you gonna decide on a game?

At least you picked me and not Mr Pigpiss or his girlfriend. I'm definitely the best. I'm--

...will you send me somewhere without Noise?

Somewhere without my Pa?
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"Historical awesomeness"? Don't think I'd go that far mundane, remember the cost.

[Don't be such a downer, Hare-bear! The trailer looks amazing!]

...Suppose I'd agree with that.
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You read my tale - or, rather, re-read - my tale and you wish to...send me elsewhere? What of Whistling Tor? What of Anluan, Maraid, Magnus, Gearróg and little Emer?

We are only beginning our new life and I do not want to miss a second of it.

(Even so, she bites her lip, her curiosity as ravenous as ever.)

What would a new world be like?
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Pest? So that's what we're callin' it these days? Well, I never. Gent like me bein' called a pest, an' to think I was honourin' you with my good company. Not that there's much to be doin' round these parts. Ain't even sure what you got planned for me. I've got things to be doin', you know. Can't be hanging around here like I've got all the time in the world.

An' who's this bloke you keep going on about? Nothin' like him. Or Sikes. Me own man, that's me. The Artful Dodger. You, though, your call me Mister Dawkins, we ain't rightly knowin' each other yet. Anyway, why would I want to get involved in some ... bloomin' revolution. Every man for himself, an' Dodger first, that's how it goes.

Anyway, it's in France. Not going there, not on your life.
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You're trying to make your little brother read our books just because he's now nineteen?

...that's pretty fucked up.
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'Bout time you decided to listen to me. You only been playin' me... since June? Bit of a time to go without a natter and a cuppa tea, ain't it? You got no manners in you, Mundane, ain't right to be treatin' a gentleman like me with so little respect. Might start thinkin' you ain't really as fond as you say.

Now, let's have that little chat, shall we?

First off, setting me up with Nance... Not such a bad job you done there, even if she won't stop nattering on about bloody Sikes. Makes a man sick to the back teeth to hear of the bloke. Bloody hell... He beats her near to death, an' she still thinks he hung the moon. What's it take, eh?

Second off, ... Twist. Oliver. Whatever you want to be callin' him. Not that I got bad feelings towards the man, but I don't know 'bout this thinkin' of yours. Arrangin' a meeting with him an' Nance? Lady, we don't even know a Twist off-hand to be doin' that with!

Oh, and the face? Ain't too bad. Not as right 'andsome as I am, but it'll do.

[[Yes, ladies and gents, Jack Dawkins, known to his friends and h'intimate acquaintances as the Artful Ddoger, all grown up. Taken from just after the novel Dodger, by James Benmore.]]

Oh, Hello!

Mar. 8th, 2016 09:17 pm
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I must say, it's awfully nice of to you, uh, 'pick me up', Mundane, but I really ought to be getting back to Windsor Gardens. I was out doing the shopping for Mrs Bird, and she's gets very worried if I'm not back at the right time. And then I have elevenses with Mr. Gruber, and I do so hate to miss that.

... Play me? Surely you mean play with me? I do enjoy games, but none of these sound like they take place in London, and London is my home now. With the Browns. What if Aunt Lucy came to visit and I wasn't there? She would be very worried, Mundane, and I wouldn't like to do that to her.

I suppose I can play a little while. These games do sound very exciting, and I would like to try my paw at some of them. Do you think I might meet another bear like me out there? I hope I have enough marmalade sandwiches to share if I do.

[Paddington Bear, everyone]