Mar. 31st, 2017

liringlas: (☆ prelude)
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I've been on enough adventures. I want to find a home of my own; some place that is permanent and preferably free of Cymrian excrement. Those tapestries will never be clean and you know it.

Besides, I have too much Lirin in me to be happy living inside of a mountain. I need to see the sky, though it was good exercise having to climb up a path every morning and evening to sing.

[Then there was Achmed and Gunthor... Jo...]

Ah... Maybe Ylorc isn't so bad.
beourguest: (still)
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[The small candelabra doesn't move right away and then all the sudden he is a flurry of motion and excitement.]

Mon cher, this is wonderful. Out of everyone in the castle you chose to welcome me. I just knew you had a lovely charm and you and I are going to be well suited to each other I think. I do wish you had chosen my uncursed form but ah well. Let us have some fun.