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You know this is technically kidnapping, right? I've got an obligation to the Earthen Ring and whatever you're plotting can't trump that. 

Remember that when my master kicks your ass. I warned you. I was nice

what do you mean I'm dead?
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I don't want you sympathy, you worm. That you had guessed my condition tells you nothing of the truth of what Gul'dan is. Not any more.

I am power. I am darkness incarnate. I am inevitable. The power I wield will scour all those who oppose me from any world I choose to set my eye upon. The misbegotten race of orcs has produced only a handful with the vision to see the truth. Their primitive traditions and chronic failures to reach beyond their station will always be their undoing. I am no orc. I need no clan, no parentage, no people.

You who look to the past for answers are like them. Foolish. Doomed. Salvation lies in the future - a horizon burning with the fires of the Legion.
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Legion pre-patch, huh? 

Once you're done playin' around with all those "UI" buttons and sortin' out my bank, you're gonna give a little thought to what happens to my family, right? You do got a plan for when Westfall gets turned into one big ol' Legion crop circle, right? A benevolent plan!

Muns are benevolent... right?
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What are you so excited about? It can't have been that good. I wasn't even in it.
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Worried? And why ever should I be worried? After all, this is what I have been planning for, preparing for. Did I not tell you, Champion, that they would come? This is that time.

Worried... of all the ridiculous—

They will fall. [ reassuring himself a little? maybe. ] There is no other option.
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You question the choices my time-lost brother has made in pursuit of power?


Yes, now that you mention it. So do I.
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[Wait, shh! Stand still!

...What's that on your head?

It is a fat, friendly bird, apparently, twittering away softly to itself. It seems very comfortable.

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Ah! What's this?

[ a low, resonant, echoing coo rolls in his throat. ]

I must say, how very unexpected this is! Of all the grand and powerful arakkoa of lore you could have chosen, instead you settled on this dusty old bird. Interesting. Make no mistake, I have no complaints; being called to play a part in your tale is entertainment enough for me - we can't have these old bones growing torpid and creaky, now can we? I like to keep bust.

I look forward to where this might take us, child.
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[The boy holds his head in one hand, unsettled over the (VERY) spoilery visions presented to him. ]

...Does it really matter how exactly it's going to happen?

...no, I don't really care if that was Khadgar. - Yes, of course I'd like to see him. But - I've kind of got bigger things on my mind, here!

...I don't know if I "want to be there"! Why would you ask me something like that?!
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...the rumors of my return have been greatly exaggerated.
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Such uncertainty is ridiculous. It will only mean defeat for you if you hesitate. Strike or do not strike at all! Seize the opportunity to find new allies, new lands to explore! Just stop dawdling! 

[Ancestors preserve her, she did not train and train to become a pep talk giver. There were Kor'kron to find, a city to rebuild. Important things to do! 

And she was hungry, damn it!

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And what is it you bring me here for? Acknowledgment? Is the pride of you “muns” so weak, so fragile, that you must be constantly tended to like an infant?

I want to make something clear: while you bask in security, I revel in war. As you struggle to maintain mundane tasks, I conquer lands. And while you sit idly, I lead armies. You should relish in the attention of a passing glance, let alone acknowledgment.
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You would chain me to a city full of humans. And here I thought you to be squeamish, girl.

I must question your true motives. You know just as well that I will not suffer a body that is not my own, nor will I parlay with any leadership comprised of your kind. So tell your Warchief exactly what it is you plan to do.
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Growing rather impatient, are we? Not that I blame you much, champion. Loathe as I am to leave Azeroth while in the midst of such an exciting time, I would like to resume my work in Ariel. I'm sure Kairoz can manage well enough on his own, and if he can't... That's not exactly my problem, now is it?

However, take care to not get too carried away. You have other tasks to accomplish, particularly the ones I set you to.

[ but mehhh third cloak don't wanna. and how 'bout that beta stuff. ]

Why not refresh your knowledge of my extraordinary exploits while you're at it? It'll be well worth your effort given what's to come. And as for that... well, it's best to not give away the game too soon!
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Congratulations, mundane, on the extraordinary achievement that is your soon-to-be second legendary cloak! Why, it is almost as if you haven't been meaninglessly squandering these past several months on more trivial pursuits.

I would salute you, but my capacity for sarcasm is all but exhausted. Truly, mundane, you have been living up to your title, haven't you? I haven't even gotten started on your astonishing lack of interest in acquiring what should have been your favorite summer reading material. That book came out how many months ago now? And yet you have done nothing. Is trying my patience the only form of entertainment your pitiful mind can devise?

I do not accept your excuse that this is "compensation" for the fact that certain dialogue responses are no longer available in your "game." How many times must I say "you do not want to make it onto my list" before the message sinks in?

There is the remaining grievance regarding your appalling lack of progress in obtaining a certain pair of daggers, but I feel I've rather made my point. Do not disappoint me again.
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My dear little mundane, as much as I appreciate and understand your good intentions in allowing some of the lesser races the chance to meet true aristocracy, I must decline.

[He casually inspects his nails, preening them throughout the conversation.]

I have far more pressing matters to deal with, a Magister's work is never done. [Somebody's got to make all that sparkly crap in Silvermoon float around uselessly and it's sure not going to be a hunter.] And I will be frank with you, that morbid dank hole in the ground is hardly compelling in comparison with the grandeur of Silvermoon. If I wanted to play in a pit with undead I would go to Undercity.

Might I recommend the Paladin go in my stead? Of course, he is hardly as qualified as myself, but he is always looking for some sort of charity work isn't he? I'm sure he will jump at the chance.
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Really, Champion? Did you truly expect anything less? Sacrifices must always be made if one means to achieve anything and I did warn him not to trust me.

I advise you not to think too much into it. Doubt my sincerity like our young prince, if you wish. Question my motives all you desire. Only one thing matters and you know what that is.