Jan. 27th, 2017

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Gee Wilikers...! This is a great spot for me to work on my inventions. It's definitely better than my workshop at home. Now I just need to get all the tools to make the new and improve ranger plane. And with all kinds of new gadgets out there, nothing can possibly go wrong this time!
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I don't think that you've thought this through enough, and I really wish you'd reconsider. You don't know me half as well as you think you do. You should really just give up and turn back from this idea before you make a fool out of yourself or worse.

[She settled, leaning against the bridge railing, staring out towards the entry into old hell. Sighing, she turned her head back, muttering about 'now I'm the one talking to myself.']

You're just not going to give up until you do this, are you? I'm a little jealous of that tenacity, no matter how stupid it is. Well, with any luck, you'll get bored of this idea like all your others, give up and I won't have to out into the world. That would be better.

[No, she wasn't going to admit that she really wanted out under the sun again. She was so jealous of all the people having fun in those games, getting into trouble and having adventures. It drove her to distraction. But then again, everything did.]
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It's not over unless you say it's over, mun. Sometimes the soul needs a break. Given the last one you took wasn't quite what I'd call a real break? I'd say you deserve this one.

Life changes are difficult to cope with and you've had several thrown your direction in a short period of time. Some were your choice, yes, but not all of them. Patience and self-care are important to steps for you to take right now. I know you're terrible at them, but practice makes perfect, hm?

Take it from a man well versed in these matters - put in the effort now while you can. Life can be so much easier for you if you let it be.
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Hello mun. Don't mind me just the Doctor. Got a bone to pick with you actually. Welll more than a bone really. Just how long do you intend for this to last, eh? It's bad enough I am stuck in one place. Mind you the company isn't so bad and I do have the ole girl again. But my current state is just disgusting.
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Hey, if you want there to be more activity at the mansion, you have two of us there. Make something happen!
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Well well, 'mun' isn't it? You don't exactly ooze confidence for me, and believe me at least my generals had that. (Not smarts or anything else but I digress.) You're thinking of things far too small. Why should I concern myself with just Earth where there are over 20 teams of spandex-wearing do-gooders, when I could be taking over the whole multiverse! Where I Lothor command an army of thousands and everyone must bow down to my greatness, is that really so terrible a thing?!

All this fuss for that Blue Ranger, you know how this ends. You're going to abandon her soon enough. Once you have a taste of my power you won't go back! Now on to my orders, find my generals especially Zurgane: my number one general, keep any 'heroes' from ruining my plans, and above all else: do NOT even think of looking for my nieces or nephew!

Lothor, Evil Space Ninja aka the future ruler of the multiverse.
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I don't mean to complain or anything, but... you do have future plans for me right?

'Cause Master Alucard just got back and I'd rather be spendin' my time around him and Sir Integra than just collecting dust y'know?