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Finally caught up to me have you? So dad's a mum now? That's exciting. I love her hair. Takes after me I guess.
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 ...well, it's about bloody time, if you ask me.

Sure hope this one has a better sense of direction, mind you.  And decency.  And style.  Could use a bit more common sense, I s'ppose, but I won't be holding my breath there.  Wouldn't be The Doctor otherwise.
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Hello, hello! Thought I heard someone calling out. Just took me a moment to get moving. Young face, old bones; you know how it is. But what's the buzz? What have I missed?

...oh, I see. That is different.

[Is it?]

Maybe. Possibly. It's always a bit different. Still, four limbs, one head, not ginger... the more things change, eh?

[He almost gets sad there, for a second. Almost.]

So! Time for both of us to start catching up. Come on. Let's shake the dust off!

((OOC: I'm okay with Bill or any other characters from season 10 responding, but please refrain from dropping any specific spoilers. Vague allusions are A-okay.))
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Ya know, I don't really get it. And no I don't want to talk about it.
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No....absolutely not. My canon point from the other game was fine. We do not need to deal with that. In fact I'd rather you ignore everything but meeting Bill and move on from there thank you.

I do like the new icons though....
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Don't even think about it, yeah?
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What do you mean you need a rewatch? Icons, yeah, I get that - I have more six expressions, you know... but you're already putting me on memes, aren't you? And replaying all those frozen moments Doctor whatever was talking about... Replaying me in your head.

I think I've already moved in.
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Look you know you aren't happy about this and I'm even less so. I don't feel ready to let someone else, man or woman take over and be me. Not to mention I still feel like I'm forgetting someone and something. I wish I could figure out what it was before I go...just so I wouldn't feel so..empty anymore.
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Just listen. I dunno about this whole canon updating thing. You actually want to go through with it?
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I'm the Doctor, and this is my friend -


[coughcough] I'm friendless, currently, though if one were to speak in a more figurative sense, everyone is my friend! Or a friend waiting to happen. Or someone trying quite desperately to kill me. Though to be quite fair, sometimes friends also want to do that.
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Yes, well. Best not to skip straightaway to the end, eh? I mean — endings are rubbish, anyway, aren't they? You just finish them and then they're over!

What's the point?
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Hello mun. Don't mind me just the Doctor. Got a bone to pick with you actually. Welll more than a bone really. Just how long do you intend for this to last, eh? It's bad enough I am stuck in one place. Mind you the company isn't so bad and I do have the ole girl again. But my current state is just disgusting.
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I don't get why you've got to do that. I mean, I sort of like being myself. Not that I'm gonna forget everything that's happened. Or at least I hope not. You're not that cruel, yeah? Anyway, this whole no power business is a bit of a mystery just hope he's okay.
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No. NO.

Don't you bloody dare. I like this look, thank you. And the eyes.


Stop it.
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Don't you start with me Mun. I'm fine and I'll always be fine. I just don't like thinking of the past you know that. I don't need you or anyone else fussing over me. Also if you could get all the superheroes in your head to stop laughing that would be nice.
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I suppose it's like they say: You're only as old as you feel, eh?
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Is it the end of the world again? Really? Been a while since I've been to one I didn't already know about. A little anti-climatic though, really, if you ask me. I was hoping for a bit more excitement. One minute I'm in the TARDIS, next minute I'm waking up in a disappointingly ordinary little room. Mind you, I've woken up in far worse conditions than this. At least I still have my pants this time, I suppose. Those French really do know how to party, though... but, well, that's neither here nor there, so! Right then! End of the world, universes, whatever. Let's see...

First of all, I'm the Doctor. Hello!

B. No, wait. Two. Yes, Secondly, has anyone, by chance, seen a big blue box? Its, ah, a wooden, police call box, and completely locked. Trust me, can't get in there unless I want you to. Well... unless, maybe, you're really, really, really clever and I mean extremely advanced intelligence. Sorry, but I am a genius, so we're talking a species not just human or common, run-of-the-mill, alien species here. Don't get me wrong, though, I really do love humans, and I hope many of you have survived this little world ending. You always do, and keep evolving, so I wouldn't be surprised!

Three: So before I explore and investigate, it never hurts to try asking first - although it does take the fun out of things and I hate to admit when I don't know something: where am I?

And four, or C, or maybe one of those little footnotes nobody really reads: if you've seen a fairly outspoken, red-headed woman wandering around, please guide her my way. Don't worry, she'll happily inform you her name is Donna Noble - she does like to talk, you know, just a bit. She tends to get into trouble whenever we're separated, you see, and her mum is quite a bit scary. (The mothers always are, come to think of it.) She would literally have my head.
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I'd given up hope that anything exciting was going to happen anymore. I thought you'd forgotten about me. I mean going somewhere where The Doctor is would be great but beggars can't be choosers. Danger? I'm not worried about that. The Doctor attracts danger remember, I've had enough experience. To quote a certain animated lion, I laugh in the face of danger


Forget I said that
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Suppose this means I'll get to see her again.

I had hoped she would take her time, of course but... it's not really her fault. Can't stop Clara from being Clara. Even he couldn't stop that from happening. 

I almost wish he had.