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Uncharted waters, bold new territories, and no, we're not making time travel jokes! Honestly, ye've had enough of them with the shorts. I'm just here to have a lot of low-key adventures with my nephews, teaching them to get out of trouble since they're such magnets for it.


Okay, mebbeh one or two cases of time travel. I do have that clock...
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Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! This is sooo exciting! I thought meeting the nephews and the Donald Duck would be the best experiences in my life, but now you're telling me I could literally go on hundreds of adventures anywhere and everywhere? Best! Day! EVER!

... Oh wow, maybe I'll even get to try candy for the first time! Grandma's always kept me from sugar - and basically every single form of thrill imaginable - but if I got away with my first adventure, then I definitely think I can handle a lollipop or two.

What are we just standing around here for? Let's get moving! TO THE FUN!

((OOC: spoilers possible in comments!))
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So... who missed me?

And yes, I have been working out, thanks for noticing. Guess slipping the animators that extra five bucks really helped.
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Well... [She puts her hands on her hips.] It is technically a voyage. [Only in "space" and not the sea.]

So. This "voyage" we have anything planned yet? Or is it all in the air? I mean, we found an island for my people so it's not like I need to be home anytime soon.
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Oh, c'mon, where's your sense of adventure? Don't tell me you're chickening out. We barely got started...!

( a small pause and then a tiny sly grin spreads across her face; saying in a sing-y tone: )

Ya knnnnnooowwwww, if you give it chaaaance - you might just like it~♪.

( giggles. )

Besides, I'm not going to leave you alone otherwise. ( she places her hands on her hips with her head held high.) -- So we should just get going. I wanna be out there to the great unknown.
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All right already, can you and your idiotic friends stop squealing about that trailer? I've had about all I can stomach of that sappy little family.

So what if the children have more of a personality this time around? That will just make them easier to manipulate!

Just you wait, Scroogie ~Dahling~. That dime will be mine, and Magica DeSpell will be the richest duck in the whole world!
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Gee Wilikers...! This is a great spot for me to work on my inventions. It's definitely better than my workshop at home. Now I just need to get all the tools to make the new and improve ranger plane. And with all kinds of new gadgets out there, nothing can possibly go wrong this time!
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You're kiddin' me, right?

You have got a pack of princesses, ne'er-do-wells, reformed types - some are near my wheelhouse and some ain't, but you're probably better qualified for all of 'em than for me, and they're all in that head of yours somewhere too. And you're gonna be too busy in a week's time even if you just pick one of us.

Not that I ain't flattered you've missed me this much, but have you even had a look at my story again after all these years? I don't take kindly to disrespect, not-so-little girl. 'Member that?

I'll take a spin, but if you insist on throwin' me out there for good then you'd better do me justice.
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Well, shucks!

[ He's not clinging those noodly arms to anything but thin air, as you can see. But when it comes to fourth walls, Wander is perfectly okay running head first into solid brick. After all, it's been a while and just because 'it's been a while' doesn't mean one dusty muse could be an less affectionate. Anybody but him. ]

Fancy seeing you around again. I just knew [ A squeak ] you wouldn't forget little ol' me!
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So... Uh... Could you go over this with me again? You're saying you're not a god, right? But you still get to decide what happens to me, based on your whims?

Don't get me wrong. The whole 'not burning me to a crisp, or crushing my windpipe whenever you get upset'-thing, I like that. It's just, you know, if it walks like a god and talks like a god...

Besides, I like it in the Underwold. It's cozy. Well, okay, so not cozy, exactly, but I have friends there. Sure, Charon is kind of a quiet guy, but slip him a couple of drachmas and he'll give you a ride anywhere you want... Anywhere along the Styx at least.
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[Peter looks around, and blinks in surprise]

Well, gee, I didn't know it was his birthday! You shoulda told me earlier, Mun! We gotta get all the Lost Boys together to celebrate his birthday! An'... well, and everyone!


Well, not Hook.
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 Ha ha ha ha! Aw gee, thanks a bunch! But don't forget, it's my gal Minnie's birthday too! She's just as pretty as the day we feels like just yesterday...oh boy, if I start now I'll never stop.

But the way I see it, you're only as old as you feel! And you know there are plenty of more adventures waitin' for me out there! Like my journey with Master Aqua comin' soon! So just you wait, the next 88 years are gunna be just as great!
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Golly, not everyday someone actually wants me to be with them, not that I'm complaining but still.

Just make sure you send me with the proper precautions, helmet, bandages, flotation vests, non-flammable clothes, hazmat suit, bullet-proof vest, predatory cat deterrent, anti-

OH! Now that I think about it, you should probably send double with for everyone else, I don't think people from other dimensions would know about me and I would hate to cause any trouble for them.
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Gee, look who remembered me. [This is not the expression nor tone of voice of an amused teenager. He raises an eyebrow briefly, unknowingly echoing the way his older brother used to.]

I'd say I was flattered or something but you only remembered because you were researching nuclear disasters. I'm not gonna be jumping for joy over that. You know, as a whole, mostly my field of science is safe. It's when non-scientists decide to deploy it that things go, well, nuclear. [Hiro winces at the pun, and then presses on before anyone can linger on it. He'd groan at his own bad humor if he weren't so stressed out.] Weren't you going to do an AU with somebody else? Or just RP in general? Try Honey Lemon, everybody likes her. I'm like, one-fifth that energetic. One third as likable. Which I'm totally not apologizing for, by the way. Especially since I - we, the team - saved the day with less risks to the team's safety than canon because I wasn't afraid to work in more combat-ready features.

Given the wicked rough levels of homework I gotta deal with double majoring, I can't see how I have time for this. Seriously, my brother is going to come back as a ghost and just. Stare me down until I wake up and get back to it, no matter how rough SFIT gets. I'm kinda amazed that hasn't already happened, to be honest. So whatever I'm supposed to be doing here, I can't. I'm flattered - not really - but I can't.

Not that anybody wants help from a 'mad scientist' anyway.

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[Peter, are you actually going to listen to me?]

Why should I? You keep forgetting me. I'm the best there ever was, and you forget! Tell me why I shouldn't run you through.

>[I might have found a game that you'll enjoy]

... What kind of game?

[It's called Utopique, you get to play like an animal]

Can I have big wings? No! Fierce fangs! I want fierce fans! And I'll be able to fly, and fight, and scare off all the ol' pirates that show up, even if it's that false Hook with the dark coat. The one who has the imposter.

Guess you're not so much a pirate, but I'll be watching!
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Yes, mun, it is exciting that you got to meet Greg Weisman a couple weeks ago. 

And yes, I'm happy you're thinking about me again.  You spent a lot of time working out how my universe would work (even if you "borrowed" quite a few ideas from some of the fanfics you used to read), and writing lots of little vignettes.

But that fact remains, I'm one hell of an AU, and not even a canonical one.  So you'd have to find a game that allows for that. 

Though like I keep telling you, you could just play me non-AU and make the middle of The Mirror my canon point...
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My goodness, your friend was so nice to make all of these pretty icons! But do you mean what you said? That because of this, you're going to look into a second game for me?
How exciting! Living like a commoner, and doing commoner things, and learning about commoners, and - Oh. Right. I have to stop using that word.
But if I may make one teeny, tiny request? ... Can we find one that has the little handsome musketeer? Once you find true love, you can't ever let it go!
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Oh, what, you're feeling lonely? How do you think I feel, being stuck up there inside your head, all alone? I feel like Steve McQueen in The Great Escape, except I don't have the luxury if a ball to help me pass the time with.

I guess I shouldn't complain too much. It's not as bad as cell block D, after all. No Frugal Lucre prattling on about nothing until my head feel like it's going to explode... But I digress.

You know who would be nice to talk to? Shego. She's my... Well she's very special to me. Oh, and if not her then I suppose I wouldn't mind catching up with Kim Possible. A little tête-à-tête between arch foes and all. At this point I'd even try having a conversation with the buffoon. Or mother.
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Watch your words, mundane for you cannot possibly fathom, nor control me; my power is eternal. I AM ETERNAL! The gods themselves fear me and so shall you, and the rest of the pathetic rabble that surrounds me in due time.

Now be gone, before my patience wears itself thin. And I have little patience for fools such as you.