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So you finally went through with it, yeah? Even got a place called [community profile] genessia planned out for me?

I'm not complaining or anything, especially since the Princess is there, but we're not getting enough bites. Just between you and me, I'm really bored.

...What? Hey, don't try to spread any slander here! I am a perfectly honest and well behaved rabbit.
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Hey, mun! Let's pick up the pace, huh? How am I going to prove to everyone that I am THE STRONGEST IN ALL OF GENSOKYO while you're sitting there slacking off?! Get me into a game this time, stat! Memes are great but you already flaked last time so maybe some drive will get you going!


Hooooh, you're right. Now that we're in a new place, there's plenty of different universes out there. ...In that case...

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This is wonderful, Mundane! Any one of these places you could send me to could have a potentially limitless supply of ancient tomes to decipher. Be sure you don't waste a lot of time and get me somewhere pronto, alright?

[ "Kosuzu, that gung-ho curiosity of yours is gonna get you killed one day..." ]
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Stick with it this time!

-Well someone's grumpy...-

Of course I'm annoyed! You keep picking me up and dropping me like I'm some stone to be cast aside. It's frustrating!

And I'm not exactly thrilled about your plans to fill my entire team with ghosts... It makes me ill to think about.
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I don't think that you've thought this through enough, and I really wish you'd reconsider. You don't know me half as well as you think you do. You should really just give up and turn back from this idea before you make a fool out of yourself or worse.

[She settled, leaning against the bridge railing, staring out towards the entry into old hell. Sighing, she turned her head back, muttering about 'now I'm the one talking to myself.']

You're just not going to give up until you do this, are you? I'm a little jealous of that tenacity, no matter how stupid it is. Well, with any luck, you'll get bored of this idea like all your others, give up and I won't have to out into the world. That would be better.

[No, she wasn't going to admit that she really wanted out under the sun again. She was so jealous of all the people having fun in those games, getting into trouble and having adventures. It drove her to distraction. But then again, everything did.]
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You've got guts. Oni are supposed to kidnap humans, not the other way around. You didn't even try me head on first. There's nothin' I hate more than a coward, and you'd have to know that by now.

Like I said, you've got guts. Dumb as hell, but guts. And I like guts. I also like alcohol and fights. You're stocked up on both, so it'll do for now. But I left that mountain because humans got too boring.

So don't get boring.
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You can't hide anything from me, mun. I've seen the ideas you have in your head, and I sincerely hope you don't go through with a few of them.
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Well, well, look what we have here. I've watched over your shoulder every time you've glanced at that [community profile] subnautica place, and I must say I'm intrigued on what you plan to do.

It will be quite unfortunate being without Ran or Chen, but that's of no consequence. If you were expecting me to use this domain to complain or kick and scream, I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you. Not even those plans you have off to the side will be able to make me react in the way you want me to.

I wish you good luck in your application progress. Just remember that I'll be watching every single move you make.

[ The laugh she makes behind that fan is absolutely devious, enough to send a chill up weaker people's spines. ]
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Because this went perfectly the last time, right?

[ youmu can you please chill the snark for like two seconds ]
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"So... Mun?" The little youkai looked thoughtful, her eyes wandering. "I had a thought. Well, it's more of a question."

[ Yes? What is it Koishi? ]

"Why is Freud used in the title image of this community?"

[ ......... ]

"It's my fault, isn't it? Is it something I said?"

[ No... It's just- ]

"Is it something I did?"

[ No! Of course not- ]

"Is it my peenmaku?"

[ NO! It's none of those things! ]

"Oh..." She paused, pursing her lips a little, the gears in her head turning... "Is it just because everyone really likes di-"

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You've chosen a unique route to go down, mundane, but no matter. I will adhere to the stipulations you've given me. It's not too often a ruler follows the ruled, so do not take advantage of my courtesy.
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First off- No. Second- You need to leave me alone.

This won't work. You tried to play me once before in a game and how did that end up? You ended up forgetting and letting me go back into quiet 'retirement'. I liked it like that so let's go back to that idea and you can send someone else instead.

....No, stop. I do not need to find a instrument or figure out if I can sing well. I'm not going.
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I understand being excited, but you just got here. It doesn't matter how much help you're being offered from your friend, you need to take responsibility on this one.

[ ... ]

Oh, these "games" have time limits on the ability to put me there? That makes more sense. Leaving things out like this is only going to throw me off y'know.
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I'm completely against this, but you're not going to listen no matter how many times I complain so what's the point?

[ "...Wow, Reimu, you're actually not being stubborn for once?" ]

There's nothing to argue here in the first place! I'd just look like an idiot if I tried to fight it at this point.
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Were you expecting me to be upset? The only reason I wanted to come here was to express my gratitude. Being away from Eientei is regrettable, but having the chance to get out and meet new people while also exploring a brand new place sounds exciting.
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Just so you know, I'm against this one hundred percent.
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Really? You spend all that time "prettying up" my account and now you're telling me all you intend to do is go on these meme things? I think we need to sit down and rethink this who~le thing.

...What do you mean I don't have a choice? I always have a choice. I'm me.


Nov. 16th, 2015 01:28 am
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I don't get why so many people get upset about being picked up by one of you guys, mun. There's a story everywhere around here and I won't rest until I get info on all of them.

[ "A-Aya... I'm just one man here I can't--" ]

Don't say that word. "Can't" isn't in my vocabulary! I'll do most of the work, you just take up the role of the "Editor", 'kay?
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It's nice that you remember me and want to let me out again, but shouldn't you think about what you're doing first? I don't think just winging it would be a good idea.

I mean, you only recently started trying to do this sort of thing again, shouldn't you take some time to be sure you can handle it?
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Huh..Been a while since we've had a heart ta heart about somethin' like this. Obviously it's needed though.

If ya wanna send me ta that place, do some replays get me back into what I was before ya sent me in ta games and did some weird stuff with who I am and where I'm from. If ya can't beat it? Read the scripts and hope for the best.

Also I know ya are kinda sad that if ya do this I won't be able ta help with Flan because ya play her there. I can help off screen and if I'm really needed, ya know how ta do it without it bein' too stupid.

You'll be fine and ya know it. Ya played me for HOW long now? If you think it's too soon, Focus on your other games and applications. I've got more then enough on my plate at the one game. I would love ta go bug Alice and Patchy and everyone else but still. Give them a bit of time ta prepare for me. Won't be any fun if they aren't prepared right?