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Spoilers for the Rebels Finale

Yes, I agree that the outcome could have been worse but they...we  lost too many people. Nothing really went as planned.

The only thing I'm going to miss is the Bo-rifle. 
Perhaps the meteorite too.
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Nothing ever really does.

[A beat while Mayli squints nervously at Kallus's uniform.] I suppose even ISB can break from the ranks.
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If you could plan for any of that, I would be surprised. -Sir.

[Ne'er-do-wells don't tend to be on good terms with the Empire. Especially former Academy recruits.]

...Things still need to change. But I'd say you're in the best place for it to happen. The Empire isn't going to change from the inside.
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Mn. You let the 'what it's in, they'll chew you up inside. Personal experience.

[Mayli smiles and shrugs one shoulder.]

Not a lot of people get the chance to break clean. Even fewer get to do it from Imperial custody. You're gonna be spending a lot of time staying one step ahead of them.
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First-hand. [A helpless little shrug.] I was an Ensign at the time, but it was the same choice. Bury my head in the sand or run.

Hey, you ever figure out a way to fix the past, let me know? Because there's a market for that kind of thing.
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it has to be said

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You have a lot to live up to with that codename.
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[So what if his mun's warned him there are multiple of same people here? He didn't really believe her then, and he's barely believing his own eyes now. So he's going to stare for a second, or two, till hearing about a meteorite. Alright, this is real, probably not even Thrawn knows about meteorite, because it's not useful for any personality study, now is it? So, this is real. Unless it's not real and he's just so tired that he assumes it's real, but such circular thinking wouldn't help his exhaustion, anyway.]

Yes, me too... but if Garazeb ever says I should've gone back for my Bo-rifle before escaping, I'll kick him and don't tell me I'm wrong on that.