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Mun, no.

I don't have time for this, and neither do you.

If you need something, just say it.

Unless you are volunteering to join the resistance. We could use a hand.
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There is always time. At least now and in this place. The war is going nowhere without us.
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[Leia is a leader and she keeps her tone calm, reassuring. She even smiles.]

You did. You did get us that blueprint. [She was there.] Don't worry, being here, nothing can go on without us. The Death Star isn't a threat now.
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[She reaches out, lightly touching her shoulder.]

Time doesn't mean anything here. We've received the plans, Rogue One succeeded. And my brother destroyed the Death Star.

The war is by no means over, but we've taken probably the largest threat possible from the field.
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You won't know his name, he joined us after Rogue One retrieved the plans. His name is Luke, he's a Jedi.

He did precisely what you and your father suggested, we hit the weak point. The entire Death Star exploded.
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[ He looks somewhat amused. ]

As stubborn as you are, you still may not be able to change their mind.