Jan. 4th, 2017

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I'm really flattered you're thinking of me. Especially when you almost picked Princess Luna. She's got years more experience of this whole 'reformed villain' thing than I do.

But if I inspire you, don't forget what that feels like. Don't be afraid to reach out or take the little steps. They're what happens on the way to the bigger steps.

Like this place you're probably sending me. Talk about empathy magic! I'm gonna be in way over my head. But if I can learn more about myself - well, I'll definitely give it my best shot.
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Hey, mun!

Don't worry about me. Really. I know you really want to play me, and you keep getting ideas, but I'm fine waiting until you get your other things together. I'm not leaving, you know.

Besides, maybe finding another place for me would be good. I'd like to have at least some of my team around. Besides, you need to finish watching my story, and there's more coming out soon.

So, you'll be fine. Just wait, and I'll still be here. Really.

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People really thought Victor was evil and trying to trick me?

I mean, I did wonder what he was doing out of nowhere, but... [ how blessed he was for the time he didn't know about "Be my coach, Victor!". ] I don't think he's capable of doing anything "evil".

[ speaking of doing evil things. ]

L-let's worry more about the upcoming season than any of these places you're looking at, okay...?
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Couldn't just let things lie, huh?
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Needing a distraction from your life is really no reason for you to go screwing around with mine. So please, do everyone a favor and stop looking at games and applications.

You should get a hobby. A different hobby. How about a cooking class?