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Ah...well, it seems you did let me out to play. I do feel quite honored, considering how many other muses you've been bringing out lately. Here I thought you weren't going to give me the time of day.

Yet here we are. Don't you worry, sweetie. I'll play nice with everyone else. I promise.

Heroes woes

Feb. 7th, 2017 07:39 pm
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You're not going to get me.

... Look. You've got a 3% chance of gaining any 5 star, which is then further lessened by the fact that there's 14 of us.

Of course, that's being generous. That's if you summon a 5 star at all. There's 4 and 3 stars which can scupper any possibility you have of getting me. Plus the fact that red summons are -not- guaranteed.

Any thoughts you have of less successful summons somehow spurning me to appear is false. You have 15 orbs per new game. 2 as a bonus. You can't summon that many times to gain a probability boost with those.

...You say if I'm such a know it all, what the possibility is of getting me even with all of that considered?

Well, it's simple. It's--

[He reddens. Has the prince been caught out with something he doesn't know?]

. . . .

You're insufferable.
I'm not here to teach you your numbers!

. . .


Really, why don't you just play the game and have fun with it? You haven't played it at all since launch and it's likely you'll do something terrible to your phone soon.

Listen to your friends. It's not as if you get to interact with me or anything. It's simply a portrait.

This is pointless.
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Um... I'm flattered that you like me, but I'm sure there are far more interesting people you could have chosen . I'm really n-not that impressive, or fun...

Oh, wait, I think I get it. You chose me because they'll all be fine without me. I understand... Th-they've got plenty of healers already, and I don't contribute much. It'll be better for everyone if I'm not in the way.

I guess that means... I'm in your hands. I'll do my best.
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[Man that's a big boulder... No, wait. Look out everyone! It's Benny! I heard that he once ate an entire mountain because he was hungry.]

Mundane, please don't try to spread such outlandish rumors about me. Especially when you don't even know what you're going to do with me. Though I'd suggest finding me more pictures when you get the chance.
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... I can't even muster the energy to get annoyed at the name.

Look... even you admit you're not 100% sure you 'have' me. I am 100% sure I'd rather go back to my nap. How can I possibly work with someone who doesn't like coffee?

If you'd just try my signature blend, you'd change your mind.

Oh... and clean your room. Seriously. Do it now.
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Why have you summoned me to this place mun? My powers are too great to risk influencing humanity unless their need for me is greater even still. To call me here jeopardizes not simply this world, but my own should powers at play know that I am missing.

Ah... I begin to understand now. I am not whole and complete am I? You have summoned a small spark within me so that I might still share my existence with mortals in a way that will not harm any worlds. Perhaps I have misjudged your heart mundane, but you cannot expect that such a thing will last? My form was fleeting, failing, even when awakened by the fire emblem it cannot change the fact that my place is no longer in any world.

Yet still you seem determined to conjure me forth, to test my love of humanity and my benevolence. So be it awakener... I shall accept your terms and step forth into the multiverse once more for however long our time together may be. I have witnessed the rise and fall of countless ages untold, yet even seconds that I may have once more can be cherished.
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Mun... let me just ask you one question. What the hell are you doing?! Look, I'm all for getting out and about a bit more, lord knows I could use a break from everything that happened during the last two wars I've been in, but this?! This is not exactly what I'd pick out for a vacation! Hells, this isn't exactly what I'd pick out for anything!

I fought in that damn war so that I wouldn't have to put up with an apocalyptic world, and now you're throwing me right into one? How am I supposed to survive if I don't have all my sweet sugar connections?! What I keep on me will only last me about a week, maybe two if I try to ration myself. Besides isn't this place a...

Oh hell no, you did not just suggest that I prostitute myself for sweets!

[The worst part is? He's thinking that might be the best way to go.]

I really hate you right now you dastard. You do know that you'll have to wait at least twenty days until their apps open up again, right? My cast mates consist of a man who thinks that a pastry made from the flesh of a zombie is palatable, and the daughter of a woman who looks like she's twelve. Not that I have anything against either of them... I just...

[He's not helping his case here.]

Did... did I anger some plegian dark mage who cast a hex on me? Tharja, is this your doing?
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I-I do not think this is such a good idea, mun Sir.
You do realize I'm on the endangered species list? Where is this place? [ O_O ]
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Muuuun, come on!

We could be doing anything right now. Like, climbing trees, or running in circles, or flying somewhere, or burning some zombies with my awesome dragon fire! And you're just sitting here staring at a screen like some doofus!

Why didn't anyone tell me "infinite adventure" would be so boring?
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Caeda and... Tiki?

Are you certain that's really them? Because I'm... not. Honestly.

What in the world is going on, here?
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 It's been a long time in coming.

Don't put me with people who will just waste my time.
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While I am grateful that you have at least brought me back out for my birthday at the very least, I must protest your lack of commitment, and your overall laziness! You can't let ruffians who would cuss at you dampen your spirits on playing you silly sod. If I ran and hid every time some brutes name called me, I wouldn't get terribly far in life, now would I? While you are boycotting fortanon, I don't recall hearing you say you were boycotting bakerstreet or all of RP in general. Hop to it, and let me have a bit more time in the sunlight than just my birthday for pity sake!

With that said, I don't think you could reasonably app me to any comms with your current state of health. You've only ever managed one or two at a time at best, and I promise you that there would be a conflict of interests if you apped me to [community profile] thewake. There is no question that I would interact with someone of noble birth in such an uncivilized place, and you already play a Fire Emblem muse in your other comm.

So naturally your only course of action is to either drop some of your other characters to play me, or find me some quality time outside of a comm. On a related note, I'd like to spend time with my friends on my special day, so unless this place is much more lucrative than my last recollection, I suggest that you prod a few of my compatriots.

Lastly, I might add that the party hat looks utterly ridiculous, but I think I still managed to bring a bit of class and dignity to it.
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 C-Clearly if you've no incentive to commit then surely you know better than to play with my feelings....



( Noire you cant do shit to me shut up. )

O-Oh... I-I simply wish to make use of myself to my friends and family... Is it possible this could happen? I am wrecked by nerves and haven't the slightest clue as to where anyone is... Oh...
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Though dark energies possess my sword hand and resonate through my blood, I am not certain having him as a father is really the greatest of choices.


Yes, Henry is an unrivaled master of the darker arts. This does nothing to allay my fears.

Not that I, a hero of legend who traveled through time itself and faced the reanimated dead hordes of a great dragon, knows fear.
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Well gosh mun, I'm flattered and all that ya went on ahead and made this here journal fer me. But don't ya think that ya oughta finish that there story first 'fore ya go and do somethin' like this? Seems like yer just jumpin' over the fence a bit early.
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 Don't give me that look.

I can't believe I even have to say this, but no, I did not curse the game so it would end. That's something far beyond my power.

But I guess now you'll take the time and find me a game where Robin is. And no, that's not a suggestion. It's an order.

... Until then, I guess it's a magical free for all... heeheehee....
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Well, well. Hello there! Taking little old me on like this is really quite ambitious of you. I like that! You know, I could supply you with some tips – half off the regular price! That’s a great deal, take my word for it.

...Just as long as you promise we can open up shop! Let’s see what the locals here have to barter with.

[And just like that Anna has turned her attention to the masses of dear_mun— Arm sweeping out towards a sizeable selection of items. Any of you prepared to haggle…?]

We’re open for business! Sooo show me what you got.
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Were you really that surprised to see me, Mun?

[lucina seriously you were the VERY FIRST CHARACTER MUN UNLOCKED??? she's allowed to be excited]

After you went to the effort of getting the new game when you were already on such a tight schedule this morning, it's only natural that I act just as swiftly. You know I'm not one to leave things to fate, either, so let us call this one a happy coincidence!

...Though I have to wonder if it has anything to do with your choosing the Hero-King as your first foray into-- what was it? Classic Mode? Naturally, I would have made the same choice! Heh... perhaps this experience will serve to bring us closer together. I know you've no plans to bring me anywhere in the context of these games, but know you've got my full support!

On to further victories, then! We can do this!