Oct. 22nd, 2016

yellowxearthxlion: (seriously?)
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Dude, mun, I cannot believe you let her---

What do you mean it was bound to happen? I'm not--

I hate you so much, and I better get it back.
shadowsangel: (or what i must do)
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It's been quite some time, hasn't it? I'm flattered you picked me out of everyone to bring back, but are you quite sure this was the right move? We haven't had our time since before this site, isn't that right? It's quite alright to be nervous.

I believe in us, mun, things will work out for the best, you'll see. Unlike some other troublesome ones, you can count on me to keep you up even in the darkest times.

So, what do you think of horror games?

[No one should be this happy at the prospect of horror, what is wrong with this boy.]
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First of all, "Cuddle city"? That's a joke, right? It's bad enough you've made me fall in love with someone I've only dated once (and I can tell that will just end great), but now you want to send me to "Cuddle city?"

Please tell me that at least Will might be there. Or that a lot of people die. Then I'd have something to do.

Oh, and by the way, the "not my type" jokes are getting old.
shelbycobra: (Making a phone call)
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Can we talk about you deciding it's fun to embarrass me? I know I'm blonde but I'm not stupid. And if you playing me for laughs all the time makes me lose Connor I will murder you with your own keyboard.

Plus, I'm pretty sure Tommy thinks I'm a complete idiot now so thanks for spoiling a friendship I really could've used at the moment.

All I want is one night where I can go dancing and to dinner and to be a normal girl. Is it that hard for you to do without puns or me mistexting somebody?

And you wonder why I'm thirty going on fifty.