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Go go power rangers!

You know this isn't going to work without teammates, like, at all. Even a little.

you know I'll be the last to admit it, keep people at a distance, but those idiots kind of grew on me a little.

Not to mention my mom is going to freak out if I go missing. But hey, maybe I'll get my face on a milk carton or something.
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I've seen plenty of your teammates around here. Even without them, you're a Ranger. You'll always have teammates. [Even when you run away they'll always find you. Trust him. It's almost like his team has microchipped him.]

Face on a milk carton?
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They definitely don't have 'milk cartons' on KO-35. Or milk.

Might have been useful, actually....

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.......What part of that were you confused about?
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Not all humans are from earth, you know--or all Rangers. I'm from KO-35. It's a space colony, in the Karova System.

And no. We don't have milk.
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Yeah, probably. We don't have garages either.

My mun tells me your team had a bit of a trial by fire.
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And in the end, you all made it through. You did good. You all did.
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I've met your counterpart, and some members of her team. But it's still nice to meet you Trini.

And I'm Andros.
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I'd say you are definitely unique, but there's a Trini in my universe too. You share some of the same qualities--but are definitely two very different individuals.
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There's a couple different ones actually. I wish it wasn't necessary though.
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Probably. I just wish there weren't so many universes out there that need protecting.
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Careful Trini, Andros and his mun might try enabling you! [Smiiiirk]
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I dunno, does the chance to meet other rangers from another universe sound drug dealer-y? Because, uh, he's getting mine with that. Not sure resisting will last long.
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[Hey, he's been to some pretty shady places, although that red cloak might not be nearly as inconspicuous as he likes to think it is]

My mun tells me so many characters in [personal profile] medietas_mods are her fault. She kind of is like a shady drug dealer.
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There you go, Trini, Andros is an intergalactic ranger dealer.
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Yeah probably but hey, you can taunt the rest of us then. You have an advantage not going to a game.
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Awww, but we're your idiots!

[But he's with you there, Trini-- without teammates there's not much point, right?]
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Ahh right-- takes one to lead one, yeah? Or four.

Speaking of idiot stuff though, you're right. It wouldn't work at all without us with you.
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Miss you? Nah, no-- we just can't be 'Five Warriors' if we're down one, you know? Four isn't as cool-sounding.
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Exactly! Who's going to side with me on the important stuff, like pineapple on pizza? Or if wrestling is fake?

...also that. Something tells me that Rita isn't the only one who wants a piece of Earth.

..get it? Because it's a crystal. In the ground.
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[Whoa! Now there's a sight she didn't expect to see, like, ever

But change is good, and she's curious to see where you're headed.]

You sound like you've a solid head on your shoulders. It can be difficult to admit your reliance on your friends. [Or anyone, for that matter.] Remember that reliance is not a sign of weakness, but of strength and trust.
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[Oof, that does sound inconvenient, to say the least.]

That's certainly an easy method to get the upper hand with you. Is the proximity to make up for some lack of emotional bond?

[When she became the yellow ranger, they were all friends starting out, so new.]
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Team mates are always good to have around but sometimes being on your own is cool too.