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What do you want?

[A second later:]

I'm not interested. Bring my brother or...someone else. Not Kagome.

[His lip curls, revealing a fang as he growls.]

She has enough to deal with!

And don't think about Sango or Miroku either!
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...and here you are again, approaching me like an over-excited pup. I have a pup of my own; I do not need you.

(Was that too harsh?)

Then again, what mother would mind seeing their son - even if the environment is less than satisfactory? If you can make it so, pup, I might think better of you.
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I spent my life protecting those important to me. It took me too long to find them. [Is that regret? Can a demon feel such?] They are fighting to keep it too. That is how it should be.

My sons have done well. It matters not which world they frequent.
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You would have me believe that you have intentions for me just because you are re-watching the final chapters of my story? Be not a fool. I have no time for such flights of fancy. Go pester Inuyasha if you truly wish to have a plaything.
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[Looks at username and then glares at his writer]

You are not amusing or clever. Stop snickering.
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You intend to keep me as I am? I was free of this sham of a body and now you have put me back.

[What can she say? What can she do? Her spirit is too tired to fight.]

I would rather this happen to me. [The others can be spared, surely.

Her lips twitch, faintly amused.]
No, you cannot trick me into thinking this is the afterlife.
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Oh? So this is the part where I'm supposed to thank you, is it? I suppose if nothing else I should applaud your taste, but I can't find it in myself to applaud your thinking. It's been well over a decade since you last revisited my story, has it not? And as of now you are only... twenty of these "episodes" in, meaning you have made it approximately one-ninth of the way.

Which is very troublesome for me. Technically I haven't even met Sango yet, to say nothing of the many other important (although less so) occurrences that shaped my fate. So perhaps instead of sitting there choosing my words for me, you could return to the task at hand and get me properly up to speed? This humble monk thanks you in advance for your no doubt immediate cooperation.

Ah, and about this inappropriate username... no, on second thought I think I understand! Even with your limited progress through the series, you must understand the purity of my character and nobility of my intentions. It may be that I judged you too harshly, mundane. I'll reconsider my hasty opinion at once.
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All of this fuss over light and dark? What will these pups say next? That demons are evil?

(Oh no you didn't, humans.)

How else would we admire the moon and the stars? In broad daylight, they are nearly impossible to see.

Such a silly argument.


Jun. 1st, 2015 12:33 am
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[Sango looks so unhappy, but so unsurprised.]

Of course it's reading old threads of my most horrible experiences in that game that makes you "miss me." Of course it is.

Go away. I don't care how much free time you'll have this summer.

So grumpy.

May. 15th, 2015 10:07 pm
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I don't have to be nice to anyone. [Especially you implied heavily.] What do you think I am? Some puppy?

[His glare says "don't answer that".]

Lemme go and I'll pretend you don't exist. You won't get a better deal, trust me.
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 It is a pun.

[Woah there, kiddo, you'll sprain something, packing that much disdain into a word.]

It is by necessity the opposite of wit.
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It is done. Are you proud? I sought peace and you give me...a city? What am I to do there? And without my bow and arrows?

(She does not like being unarmed in a foreign territory. Then again, who would?)

You say Sesshomaru is there? As well as...their father? (What can she say to them? What can she say to him after imprisoning his son to a tree for fifty years?) I think it best if we do not cross paths. No matter what he says, Sesshomaru has not slain Inuyasha. Their relationship could grow in the future with the aid of Kagome and Rin.

(There is happiness in that and she is glad for them, yet it's another change she will not see.)

I cannot focus on the past, Mun. They are beyond my reach now.
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I don't suppose voicing my utmost stern, unrelenting displeasure at the idea will mean much to you at this point.

[Sesshoumaru is almost resigned. This may or may not have something to do with the alternative, which is mind-blowingly, teeth-grindingly boring.]

Do not make promises you do not intend to keep.

[At this point he's not even gonna bother to suggest sending someone else instead. Fat lot of good that did him, last time.]
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I have to wonder if you value your life? I do not take kindly to my time being wasted. Unlike my son, I do not dabble with humans.

(Not that she blames Sesshomaru, but it is a strange and noteworthy habit of his.)

Speak swiftly and well and I will consider sparing you.

(She stays seated, her claws sliding across the smooth surface of the large Meido Stone fastened around her neck.)

Or perhaps not. I don't feel magnanimous.
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What is the purpose of this? How does one "test" a voice?

[It's part of the creative process, Lord Stick-in-the-Mud. Don't hate.]

I have no need for such meaningless things. And increasingly less for your pathetic attempts at banter.
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Why don't you get back to canon reviewing instead of dragging me out when you aren't ready?
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Why are you taking me somewhere without any of my friends? Kohaku and I still have so much to talk about... and who's going to make sure that lecherous monk doesn't run off with some other girl? Everyone is going to be so worried....


I guess I should be glad you're paying me any attention, but can't you see that I'm not just some toy for you to play with? Honestly, you're so selfish.
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It's nice that you're thinking about me again, but we both know that's not enough. Let me see my friends. I don't even mind going to another world!


I need to know they're okay.

[It sucks being left in the dark.]
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So, why am I here, again? I thought we went our separate ways years ago, woman. Whatever you're planning I ain't interested. Go back to forgetting me and we'll both pretend this never happened.