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What do you want?

[A second later:]

I'm not interested. Bring my brother or...someone else. Not Kagome.

[His lip curls, revealing a fang as he growls.]

She has enough to deal with!

And don't think about Sango or Miroku either!
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Pushing us from your thoughts, Inuyasha? How cold...
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And along came a... (no relation)

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Oh dear dear, what a nasty tone.

[She chortles.]

Such a salty and bitter flavor, I dare say that it would be a hard for even me to mask. Which is such a shame. But I suppose not all are going to be to everyone's taste.

Oh! But where are my manners. My name is Muffet, if it would please. Would you be so gracious to provide your name as well?
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Hmm? [For a moment she's confused, and she takes a moment to really THINK about how badly he misheard what she said.] Aha~???

Do people accuse you of being very literal-minded, dear?

[Some of her lower hands prepare a cup of tea for herself. Something tells her she's going to need it.] As for your... straightforwardness... I've been known to be quite devilish, hee hee... but an outright demon? No. I'm just a humble spider with a love for baking.
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[At that she grins.} Oh, dear. You really should be paying better attention. I have been talking now for a few minutes. If you haven't heard anything this spider has say anything then perhaps you should check if something is congesting your ears.


Now. [Her eyes narrows icily, but her smile is still set.] I'm afraid that I should point out that you are being quite rude. I had asked you for your name, didn't I? Are you going to continue to keep that from me, after I have been trying so hard to be accommodating?
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[Her expression softens and she even gives a soft giggle at the eyes drooping. Aww, how cute.]

Well, let me put your mind at ease. I am not a demon spider. I am a monster spider. Its a bit of a difference that I think you will find is an important distinction.

[She smiles warmly.] Would you like some tea? First cup is free!
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[She really doesn't have any reason to, but she also decides that maybe this one is just a little... moody.]

[She'll have to keep teasing him to the minimum. Or at the very least until he decides its time to start swinging.]

Its spider tea, silly! I am a spider, and this is my tea.

And no, it is not poisoned, or tampered with, or altered in any way. I only use the best all-natural ingredients. And it would not do for my customers if they went dying on me, right? Think of the lost business.
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[Her eyes droop a little and yet... she continues to smile.] I suppose I could. There are quite a few spiders in the world and it would be easy for me to ask them to filch.

[She takes a sip of the tea, looking soberly into it. This is a little out of place from the abrasive tone she had not a moment ago.] But then those people wouldn't have a choice, would they? What good is taking money from others that are unwilling. Spiders have enough enemies already that I really don't need to be making more. Too man, really...

[She chippers up and readdresses the dog boy, drawing herself out of the doldrums and back to her chipper mercantile self.] So I decided that the best way to seek support is by selling a product! That way, spiders can keep their dignity and any money we earn is from people who are supporting us spiders. Even if they are only doing a little bit, its still a better way than just taking it by force.

[Aaand a redirect, for good measure.] Are you enjoying your tea, dear?
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[Oh dear, she doesn't like the sound of that.]

...don't think about what?
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[Have the most skeptical look, Inuyasha.]

Have all of your misdeeds finally caught up with you?
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Well, if it's some sort of imprisonment, what're the odds of Naraku showing up there?

[She'd be inclined to follow along if there was even a sliver of a chance...]