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According to you, I'm cold and uncaring, but Light is "cute and wholesome". It makes me glad that you see things in such an objective manner.

Oh? You meant in regards to our personalities in the original source material?

...that's not supposed to make me feel better, I assume, because otherwise you'd be doing a terrible job at cheering me up. Which I don't need, by the way; unlike you, I'm fully aware that being "nice" and being a good person aren't necessarily the same.
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I've read some overwhelmingly horrible literary drivel in my days, but why you're watching this unbearable shit is just beyond me. You wake me up for this? Seriously? For this decade-late-to-the-party Hollywood abortion?
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 No, mun, I'm not bored.
I have surpassed bored. I have transcended boredom, into a form of restlessness I like to call "play the drums on empty parfait glasses with dango sticks."

Enjoy that sound for the next three hours.
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I get five years of nothing and you send me into this?


If you think I won't make it out of there, you don't know me as well as you like to tell everyone you do.

Stay on your side and I'll stay on mine. I've got shit to do now, apparently.

Voice Test

May. 27th, 2016 10:46 pm
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What's there to test? I never agreed to this and I'm not interested.  

[Nothing ventured, nothing gained.]

What's that supposed to mean? You know next to nothing about this venue, least of all what could possibly be achieved by putting myself through it. Don't think you can bait me with vague clichés.

[I can try a few other methods, if you want.]

[A scoff] If you're that desperate, you could at least disguise it

[Not desperate. Versatile.

And definitely not succeeding in changing my mind. Forget it.

[Give it a week. Let the experience change your mind. It might give you insight and open your eyes to new perspectives. That's never a bad thing, right? ]

I don't know what you're trying to imply.

[Just a week. One. Week. Seven, short days in new surroundings. Come on. That's honestly nothing.]

[A pause.] ... You could have lead with the fact that I don't have a choice. 


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Hm. Here again. Admittedly, we didn't get very far the first time - I'm perfectly willing to entertain the thought that this exercise might be beneficial for us both. ... Though, I would like to point out that undertaking a new hobby is not guaranteed to reduce stress.

T-that is the reason we're here again, isn't it?
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I suppose I should be grateful that you did not use the other name. Still, as long as I am not cut off from my duties I am content enough to remain in your "headspace." At least you have all I need, and some interesting fellows besides.
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Whether you like me or not, the notion you had to create this speaks loudly enough. I have made an impact on you, and ultimately, that's what counts. Besides, you have to like me to some degree. At least, enough to make me this.

As much as I would like to see what this community has to offer, games are out of the question. You are way too unfamiliar with me to even attempt anything. Who says we can't go walking around some other communities, though? There's plenty of opportunities, as far as I can see.

Don't be so negative. Why don't we see where this could go?
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[He said no, damn it. Clearly she does what he wants, no matter what he says.

It's been months since he got to do anything but be under surveillance by a lot of people who are also probably doomed to die on a sentient island.

It's just as irritating when she knows he's about to make his move soon.]

I've been "left alone enough"?

That's not a plausible excuse for bringing me here, Mun...

I know you want to know what I'm going to do, but I can't say I know for sure-- concerning that dangerous musebox of yours.

Perhaps you need to wait a little longer.

[Haha, nope!

Light pinches the bridge of his nose slightly.]

You have others who prefer your attention a lot more than me, don't you?

[But aren't you bored? Yes? No? Maybe so?]
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Heh. Looks like I'll be with this other Light after all, huh?

Cool. This ought to be interesting... Would be even mooorre interesting with the girl in the human world like his.

I heard you're intending on going back to writing more about her and everything in the story you started. Congrats! It's about *time*. Just like all those fans, I've been wanting to know what happens next!

[More than anything, Ryuk hates being bored!]
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[That seems to be the vibe he's getting from his the mun chick. She won't really admit it, but he knows how her mind works!]

Hyukhyuk, I guess that makes sense. Light wouldn't be bothered to budge for anything.

He hates ya.
[He's also still busy figuring out and testing the boundaries of his "captivity", as in being watched like a hawk, not really allowed to be left by himself.]

It's all right. I don't mind doing this. It adds onto the fun that will start back up again.

We already got one other dude coming by, from the same human world Light comes from. I wonder how he'll fare in the Nexus...
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I'm not sure what the hell you're attempting to do. Not that I care at all, but I'm old news, so if you're planning up some grand adventure for the two of us, don't. Just don't. It's not going to happen.

So, how about you just leave me to do my own thing in your headspace instead of boring me to death out here?
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As intriguing as this sounds, it won't go well.

You heard Amber, and now that this Jack Harkness guy's there--on top of everyone knowing. [A little bit of venom just might have been let out for a moment there.] How will it all even work out in either of our favor?

Forget it, Mundane. Stop messing around. Things will only get worse for everyone if he shows up there too.

It's not even worth listening to you anymore.

[He sighs. He needs to think about getting all those people off his back, or at least there should be an opportunity in which his wardens' backs are turned... He hates this Nexus world, its island, so much. It's keeping him there and he can't even go near Ryuk without someone around, for everyone can see him.

The part of his mind that is Kira has been stewing about it, and it's almost driving him crazy not knowing how Mello warned his new friend about him when he was never at the island in the first place.]
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Tch. Just like you to add insult to injury with that username.

[ the faint crunch of a chocolate bar ] Anyway, you better not be thinking of sending me to a sex game. Or anywhere with that brat Near. Got that?
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Hmmm... mun-chan, you forgot about me for a reaaaally long time! I don't think I'll forgive you for that, especially when you're being so silly about everything.

It's a bit late to want the truth to come out about me! And I will definitely never tell! It's a super forever secret! ☆
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And you accuse me of being sentimental. Don't you ever tire of your own hypocrisy?
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[ It's impressive how such a calm, well put-together girl can radiate this much displeasure without saying more than a single word. ]

If you really want to... [ A precisely-calculated pause; her lip curls. ] me somewhere, then please stop devoting your attention to that boy and give my world the thought it deserves. [ Read: give me the thought I deserve. ] No game would accept an application with a history this poorly documented. It's embarrassing to listen to you think about it.

On the other hand—[ Her demeanor shifts, and she smiles. She almost seems pleasant now... but not quite. ]—you're not required to send me anywhere at all, as I'm sure you know. You've been busy lately. If you decide to leave me to my own devices after all, I won't be hurt.
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So here we are.

I'm not saying nostalgia to your immature adventures from years ago isn't a valid reason to bring me back - as you know, I myself am quite prone to never lettings things go. Persistence is a two-edged sword but not necessarily a bad one to wield.

What I am wondering is just what you're intending with this? Knowing you, there is hardly any use in dragging me away from that comfortable spot in the back of your head. It'll only be a nuisance by the end, won't it?

To make at least a bit of use of this, I'll just say your diet lately is really not the best. Buy some jam.
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Oh, you remember me.

It's been a while, mun.
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Considering I'm one of your first muses, you'd think that I'd be more important.

But no. Apparently I'm not even worth the same amount as a broken Gamecube. Fuck you too, mundane. Don't just pull me up when you "miss" me. That's stupid as hell. At least be consistent.