Feb. 22nd, 2017

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Really? We're really doing this?

Because I gotta tell ya, mundane, I'm fine with the three of us. Its nice to have made a decent first impression on Link and Zelda.


Of course I'd like to see mine again. Hard to say if the feeling would be mutual though, ain't it?

...fine, do whatever, but get the idea of enabling villains out of your head?
heirofficium: (your mum)
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So... more memory loss? Really? Like Kyriakos wasn't enough for us?

I'm kidding, flower. I know it won't be like that. Curious how you'll make me fit, though! What do you think? Muggle teen heartthrob? Actor? Singer? Oh, singer. I like that one. Make me some bad boy who sings at open mic. [ snickers to himself. ]

Just don't take too long making up your mind, duckie. You've only got til the end of the month.
bullamongstags: (concern)
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You going to stop lookin' like that?

What happens happens, we don't have a choice over it. It isn't like you were hanging around like this last season...

Yes, I am glad I'm off the boat. Even if I wasn't on the boat but ...

No. Stop it. She'll be with her family. That's ... it's important.

[Gendry is not pleased with his mundane. Forgive her, for she has fandom feels]
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Goodness, isn't this interesting...are you absolutely certain that I'm the one you wish to invite in? You're acting upon quite a few assumptions, even, to your credit, you are usually spot-on with them lately. I guess this isn't your first walk in the park, so to speak.

Just play nicely~! And don't be surprised if you find me as unpredictable as a cat.

(Though I must say, mun, bravo on the journal name. So very clever indeed.)
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Yes, I know you're excited. Your squealing is still ringing in my ears. However, the fact remains that unless Alex returns, or my not so secret admirer comes back from wherever he may be, you have nothing new to do with me. I will not be subjugated into any pointless games or turn into the generic keyboard puncher in some random canon.

And don't you even think about this bizarre AU of yours. Alex Kane may have faked his death but it would not be to turn into a Chicago lawyer and I would most certainly not be his assistant.
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Did I just get de-aged?