Jan. 22nd, 2017

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No, seriously, what just happened?

You pick a storyline for me to follow and it ends up being the one where I win the Race of Champions? Where I wind up in the Nations Cup semifinals? Maybe you better start playing the lottery because you - we - are really lucky.

I'm incredibly humbled to represent my country and my sport in the way I have. I didn't expect any of this when I signed up. But I'm honored that I was able to have this shot, and the only way it could have been better was if my boyfriend could have seen it.

Which is what matters now. My work is done and I'm exhausted and I just want to spend time with the man I love. I want to see how being apart has affected us and have that reunion he said we were in for. That's what is worth writing now - how my career will change my relationship and me having to figure out these challenges I've never had before. We learned from last season that I can win all the races and it doesn't mean anything if nobody is there.

So if you really want to end this well, just find me Connor and a pizza. Because I'd trade the trophy for him in a heartbeat.
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[ Davy frowns and shakes his head.
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I don't get why you've got to do that. I mean, I sort of like being myself. Not that I'm gonna forget everything that's happened. Or at least I hope not. You're not that cruel, yeah? Anyway, this whole no power business is a bit of a mystery just hope he's okay.