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I don't know what this is supposed to be. I know you want this to be good, but this is so, not good. And I'm not playing along with it. Not unless Travis wants to show up here and explain himself.

You want me to come back out, call TJ. Or Gamble. Or even Cutler, I'd take him in a heartbeat. Those were real cops.
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No I'm not.

I'm allowed to miss the people who have been important to me. Connor will always be important in my life, even if you think he's not coming back. I literally changed my life to spend more time with him. John was a lot of fun. And Michael and Damien, well, there's nobody like those two guys ever. I'm not ever going to forget them.

So I don't think there's anything wrong with going over old threads and remembering all the people who influenced my life. They all helped to get me to where I am today. And everyone around me now would understand that. I haven't forgotten anyone since I was in karting and I'm never going to forget anyone who helped me.

Deal with it.
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When I say I could've been killed, and nobody says anything, that doesn't make me feel very good about my future.

I know you like me, and you really want to see things end well for me, but I think it's time to consider that it's just not in the cards. Maybe it's time to move on, for me and for you. Every racer hangs up their helmet eventually. Even the champions. There'd be no shame in it.

Better that than having my heart broken again. Or my head.
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What am I supposed to do right now? No, really, I'm seriously asking you. What am I supposed to choose here?

You've come up with an impossible choice. The one thing I've never done in my career or my chance to make history. How do I choose?

And you know the last time I went to France it was for Frank and then his house blew up and you had to retcon me.

Where's Michael?
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I don't ask you for a lot but I'm going to ask you for one thing.

I want someone there for this next race. This is the biggest race of the year and with all of the bad things that have happened leading up to it I want -- I need somebody to be here right now.

I haven't seen Connor in a month. And Michael, I don't know, I guess he disappeared again. But I can't do this alone anymore. I can't keep all this in anymore. I'm asking you for help.

[She's scared and sad. But then she hears what else the mun has in mind and her head snaps around.]

That other thing you're thinking of doing?


Okay, so I'm asking you for two things.
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You're lucky Connor wasn't there. Having me need a doctor after the race? When he finds out, he's going to kill you. And then me for not telling him.

But you need to put your head together with his mun. There's some very big things happening for me now, and I can't imagine that he would miss all of them. You two need to figure out what's going on and where he is before you say something else stupid.

And how did I drive three hours from Indianapolis to Chicago with two injured hands anyway?

[Uh Shelby. Shane actually would have...]

No. Don't tell me he's lurking around here somewhere. I'd rather have the blisters.
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I don't know what we're doing here either! And regardless of what Erin says, I don't think you can make me pregnant. My husband hasn't been here in ever, and even if he was, I think he'd have a cow about it.

A box of Rice Krispie Treats says nobody even notices this.
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Um. Hi.

[Raises hand.]

Given my relationship status, you know what the first one of these sounds like I did, right?

You don't even know if my boyfriend would want me to propose. Isn't he supposed to propose? And in case you forgot, the one time I tried to get married didn't go so well. So what are you doing with this thread except possibly upturning my romantic life?

...You're just going to leave it there. Okay. Hm. I guess we'll see if he notices. And see if I say I told you so.
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No, I don't think I'm acting like a spoiled brat. In case you haven't noticed things in my life aren't going well right now. We're making mistakes and there's no room for mistakes so yeah, I'm going to be pissed. Plus I'm lucky if I get to see my boyfriend at all, I miss Michael, and oh yeah, still upset that everyone forgot my birthday. So I'm upset and I'm not going to apologize for it.

I'm allowed to act badly sometimes. I'm sure there are muses around here who do a lot worse than throw a temper tantrum. If I tick some people off then I'll fix it later. Let me get it out of my system now before the Month of May.
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I think you should give up on the idea of my birthday ever being a thing. I know you love to write all sorts of holiday posts, but this is the second year nothing has happened. At least last year I won a race. This year is just, I don't know what it is. I don't think people care about birthdays once you get past like 21.

You did say some of the other drivers got me presents. I'm sure Mom and Dad got me something too. So at least that was nice, but you don't have to make every milestone in my life a major RP event. Just write a ficlet about it and we'll skip the letdown.
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I have conveyed to you before that I don't mind being alone. If it is a state I am in, you will hear no complaints from me. The thing to keep in mind is that things are constantly changing. There is a blessing in that, believe me.

I will admit that finding more Kingsman would be exciting for the both of us, I am ready to fully admit that they might not there to be found.But this status will not last long; there is a trailer coming.

Which brings up the point of how I will be depicted in the sequel. I have no requests for how that shouod take place. I have changed so much since then. Whatever happens to my screen self really bares no connection to me; we are not at the mercy of a plot that we ourselves are not orchastrating. Remember that.
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We can both agree that not having brakes on my car is a bad idea. I obviously would like to be able to stop and not crash. But I'm not sure calling in Tobey is the solution. What makes you think he's going to fly all the way from New York just to look at my car? There's nothing in it for him, aside from painful memories.

I do know you should probably talk to my friends, because I'd like to think someone in my life would have seen the race and been slightly concerned by me almost catching on fire.

If this is how the first week goes I am going to absolutely love this season. And that is not sarcasm this time. This'll be fun.
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No, I don't think he left me. Don't be a dick about it.

We've got six days until the season starts, four until I have to leave anyway, so you want to focus on that?
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I'm so sorry that you've got these new problems now. The good news is X-rays aren't that bad. I've had several. And hopefully they'll come back clear and with these new medications everything will be okay soon enough.

And I mean, I'm dating a doctor. If anyone can make you feel better about this it's him. He saves pandas for a living.

Just relax and we'll find you something fun that'll make you forget all about this. If we could handle all the crazy that happened last year with the merger and the dissolution of the merger and my dad, we can handle this. I promise you.
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No, seriously, what just happened?

You pick a storyline for me to follow and it ends up being the one where I win the Race of Champions? Where I wind up in the Nations Cup semifinals? Maybe you better start playing the lottery because you - we - are really lucky.

I'm incredibly humbled to represent my country and my sport in the way I have. I didn't expect any of this when I signed up. But I'm honored that I was able to have this shot, and the only way it could have been better was if my boyfriend could have seen it.

Which is what matters now. My work is done and I'm exhausted and I just want to spend time with the man I love. I want to see how being apart has affected us and have that reunion he said we were in for. That's what is worth writing now - how my career will change my relationship and me having to figure out these challenges I've never had before. We learned from last season that I can win all the races and it doesn't mean anything if nobody is there.

So if you really want to end this well, just find me Connor and a pizza. Because I'd trade the trophy for him in a heartbeat.
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As weird as it feels to have you writing me stuck in bed and not on a plane to Daytona...I need you to focus on my personal life, not my professional one. If Connor isn't happy then giving up the Rolex 24 and all of that won't mean anything. He's who all of this is for.

I'll handle my business with the Race of Champions. I always do; that's not what I'm concerned about. What I'm worried about is making sure the man I love is taken care of, and that all the things we've been through recently haven't complicated our relationship. Focus on that and the racing will work itself out. I'm not a champion for nothing.

Although the back spasm was an unnecessary touch. I hate you for that.
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The Rams being blown out by Arizona makes you think of me. My ex-hometown football team being humiliated on national television makes you think that bringing me back out is a good idea. I guess I should be happy but really I'm kind of mortified. Like anyone else is going to want to talk about the disastrous state of the team with me anyway.

If it makes you happy I'll vent for a little bit but don't be surprised if this doesn't mean anything. There are reasons I got mothballed you know. Very good-looking and valid reasons.
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You are right to assume a murder-game would bore me, Mundane. I have had my fill of murder between the last three gameboards I've borne witness to. The bloody taste of that particular genre has simply burned out my palate. Perhaps Lambdadelta would still find it sweet - but then, she always preferred the same, familiar candy on her tongue or in her mind. Perhaps for her, murder is to stories as konpeito is to food. I am not so easily sated.

And you know full well how poorly I take to being bored. That's the curse of witches, isn't it? How lethal boredom can be?

This [community profile] synodiporia is promising, I admit. A game where one is expected to shift tone, genre, aspect, and powers on jaunts beyond my usual liminal space... quite a promising variety of fragments for me to wander. I can only imagine how proud of yourself you must feel for finding a game that you think suits me that well. I go so far to admit that the Hanged Man is an apt symbol for me.

I understand that an old... acquaintance of mine will be there, and that if Battler shall join them that you intend to take me there as well? How nostalgic you must find it, to imagine us drinking tea together, and yet it's nostalgia for a game you've known of for so short a span of time. How very human of you.

You do realize that if I go there, it will not have a happy ending, don't you?

You do realize that I am a witch, right?
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It's not as simple as you want to make it, mun.

I'm not deciding for my boyfriend where he wants to spend Christmas. He is a grown man who can make his own choice and so is his mun. I'm sure he'll pop up before the holiday and you can ask what he wants to do.

And if he wants to come to Florida? That's not just some Norman Rockwell painting holiday warm and fuzzy whatever. It'll be the first time I've seen Dad since he quit. The first time Dad will have ever seen my boyfriend. And do you remember how badly he reacted the last time I introduced him to somebody? It was all "Shelby Elizabeth Diana Manning." Both my middle names.

...Granted that's because I was also engaged by the time I got there but still.

This is a big deal, and I think you owe it to everybody involved to get it right. Don't cause a problem just because you're impatient to write fluffy Christmas crap.
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Yeah, that made me think about marrying Connor, too. It would be really sweet if that was how we did it. But to do that I actually have to talk to Connor first.

Even if it doesn't happen I can say I was part of something really special, and that's good enough for me.