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On the mun's readthrough of the Clone Saga

Hey, do us both a favor and leave my past where it is. There's nothing I want to relive there.

I don't care what Aracely thinks, thinking of Reilly doesn't make me want to be a better man, it just reminds me of what a monster I was...

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Why don't you ever call me?

No, seriously, you need to call me. I think you're the only person that might possibly be able grasp that Otto's using my body as a meatsuit right now. Everyone else is tossing around the idiot ball.
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It was the Octobot's hivemind. Accessing it let Otto get into my brain, and he used that to swap our minds.

I tried getting it back, but it didn't work, so before Otto's body died with me in it I forced him to relive pretty much everything I've ever been through as a last ditch effort. Figured if I couldn't live I could at least make him try to turn over a new leaf.

It sort of worked, in that he's apparently attempting to be a hero, but he's still the same selfish twisted manipulative jerk who's only out for himself he ever was, just on the right side of the law
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Well, seeing as that's my body, no. Tell someone who can actually do something about it. Like Dr. Strange. And let the Avengers know what's going on.
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They wouldn't try to kill you. Beat the hell out of you, possibly. And at least some of them are suspecting something is up. It's not entirely out of the question that they'd listen after they finished beating the snot out of you. Weirder things have happened

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You don't have to be a monster. It would help if you didn't bring people here that make the telepaths scream and fall over.
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I know a lot of good people who've done bad things. So long as you work at it, you can be someone's hero.

[His hero is Deadpool. Just saying.]

Okay, I believe you. It just kind of freaks us out because it's never a good sign. But Aracely seems nice.
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Because you can help people! And you won't feel bad anymore.

[Evan does not look happy at that reminder.] I wish people would stop trying to kill Mr. Logan. And that he'd stop killing people. But it doesn't seem like that's going to happen.

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Can't say you look very monstery to me, mate. I mean hey, I know that sometimes the real monster is the one inside us and man is the biggest monster and all that jazz, but like... if you say you're a monster with that kind of tone, odds are that you really aren't.

[Yes, suddenly a burning, hovering skull with a pleasant British accent. Because why not?]
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That I don't! But let me put it to you like this: have you ever coralled a bunch of people together and set their faces on fire simply because you like the sound of boiling eyeballs?
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Oooh, that IS approaching some pretty hardcore levels, that I do admit. So what was your game, eh? Children? Prostitutes? The elderly and slash or infirm? Presbyterians? Please say presbyterians, they've always rubbed me the wrong way.

[And the skull, well. The skull keeps on talking as if they're discussing the weather and how it's a bit balmy, innit, instead of a traumatic series of events that has forever scarred this mans soul.

Bit of an asshole, yes.]

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sorry this is so late but i just couldn't resist!

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Don't tell me you've tricked another kid into thinking you're some kind of hero, Kaine.

[ Gosh, mysterious devil dude, why you gotta be so snarky? ]
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Re: oh god this is going to be awful in the best way

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Sounds to me like this Aracely thinks otherwise.

Anyway — my guess? This is some alternate universe thing. Your face is a lot less horrifying than I remember.
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[ To his credit, Reilly doesn't budge an inch, even though there is a menacing dude all up in his space now. ] Hey! I don't owe you an explanation. After all, it's your fault I look like... this.

Most of the time.

[ Not that it bothers him. Much. Besides, maybe that little tidbit will keep Kaine from asking the really tough questions. ]

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