Feb. 1st, 2017

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I'm so sorry that you've got these new problems now. The good news is X-rays aren't that bad. I've had several. And hopefully they'll come back clear and with these new medications everything will be okay soon enough.

And I mean, I'm dating a doctor. If anyone can make you feel better about this it's him. He saves pandas for a living.

Just relax and we'll find you something fun that'll make you forget all about this. If we could handle all the crazy that happened last year with the merger and the dissolution of the merger and my dad, we can handle this. I promise you.
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I wasn't happy with you, when you decided to put me in this place. It's primitive, and I'm once again stuck on a planet with no way of leaving.

But having someone from where I'm from, even if it's decades before... It's helped. The people aren't terrible, either.

I don't love this Dark Future you've prepared for me, but the prospect of having a family, of him accepting me as his daughter, even though I'm just... me. It's probably not as dark as it should be, at least where I'm concerned. Even in the present, I'm happy.

I suppose anything is better than Jakku.
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Yeah the episode sucked and yay for me its not over yet.
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What lies ahead may be known not even to the gods. Your fretting over a potential "remake" is foolhardy for many reasons, all of which you are well aware.

...your vow to have the Galactic emblem tattooed on you, also foolish.