Oh boy.

Apr. 5th, 2017 01:02 am
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 First of all, y'haven't even touched m'canon in ages. How're y'meant to even write properly f'me, much less this--alternate universe thing ya got goin' on here.

, I like t'think 'm a patient man, but y'really pushin' it.
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Oi! W-Wait up!! What do you mean it would be nice if others come to Amoi?! To that kind of place...and besides! Most of HOMRA would be mongrels, you know!!

...Saruhiko? Heh. That guy would probably find them annoying. And he's worried about a lot of things already, don'chu go inviting the Blues either!

((Game is Tanagura, a panfandom sex rp loosely based on the world of Ai no Kusabi.))
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Everyone....is together. I'm not scared.


So don't look so sad.

[It's a little hard to, Anna.]

I'll be okay. I'm strong, just like them.
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A sign of caution, a calculated risk, an occupational hazard. Lesser men know these terms. Lesser men know, and encounter, and tread carefully as a result.

No matter whom you ask, danger is not a foreign concept. It is not unique to the job, though I suppose the type of danger might vary, the complexity might differ . . . In any case, we all move forward despite the warnings. Some of us don't even bother to read the disclaimers.

Thinking of it like that, it really shouldn't be a concern.

[ there's a breath, steadied and calm. from anyone else, it might have been ringed with smoke. ]

The worst that happens, is that we die.
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Mun, mun! It's so empty and it echoes up here. I'm kind of lonely. Maybe you can find Neko friends! I know, find my Shiro! I guess you can find my stupid Kurosuke, too. He cooks yummy food even if he makes me clothe myself before I can eat.

If I'm good and wear my dress, can I go out and make friends?

I would like that very much.

I like the idea mun has right now. Mun's idea means I'd be much less lonely.

totsuka no

Apr. 19th, 2014 02:18 am
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It's all right if I try this too, isn't it?

You have a really good eye for things, you know—this looks like fun! Let's see, let's see ...

Well, for starters, it's definitely the kind of thing Yata-chan would complain about! Off he'd go, all "haaaa? O, oi! Who said you could pretend to be me, what are you doing to my voice!!"

Ah! That's right, he'd be quieter for you, so: "WHAT ARE YOU DOING, Y, YOU—"? That sounds better!

San-chan would be much prouder—he'd be sure that you made a good choice when you picked him! So totally, absolutely certain ...

Kusanagi-san's the easiest of all. I'd say bonsoir, mademoiselle! ... and we'd stop! We'd have to—think of how hard it is, talking to someone when you're overcome by them! But that's very natural, you know, he can be pretty charming! Especially for his age.

... It's fine if we leave it at that for now.

He won't be here today, will he?
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Oi! Shithead!!!!

[Don't mind the very loud, red faced, agitated teen, as he comes skidding to a halt on his skateboard. Apparently he has some bones to pick with his writer... He's not really thinking about who's around to possibly hear him.]

'The fucks wrong with you!? Tryin' to send me off some place like you're in charge! Who the fuck do you think you are!?

Whatjah mean I don't have a choice? I'm tellin' ya now, I ain't moving and ya can't make me!

[It probably wouldn't have been so bad, if Yata didn't know the in's and out's of the place he's being packed off to.]

You're a perverted old freak! Jus' cause you can't get laid, don't mean ya have to try and force me to!

Like hell am I settlin' for this! You want me there so bad? Well, ya gotta catch me first fucker!

[Flipping the bird to his writer is all good and well, but it's not going to change anything. Yata can get as violent as he likes, but he's still going. Like it or not.]


Dec. 29th, 2013 02:11 pm
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What's that, you might send me somewhere? That's great news, shouldn't you be overjoyed?

[ NO???? you're an embarrassment ]

Hey, come on, I'm not that bad. Besides, aren't my friends at that one place you've been at for almost a year? You shouldn't let them be alone, c'mon.
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Uh, mun... As much as I appreciate your working on my application and trying to find me a game and all of that...

"Computersexual" isn't a valid orientation or will it make a great journal name! Come on. I'm sure you can think of something better.

[ Help a brother out then? ]

On the other hand, we've got until January to get the app together and cobble up a new journal, right? Plenty of time. Of course, the holidays are coming up...

Wonder what I can get the Captain for Christmas...
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Wait, why the hell do you want Saru to come here?! Mikoto-san is enough!

... no, you know what, that's a great idea. And while we're at it, we can strap him to the moon and just leave him up there!
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Not yet. It's okay.

...It'll, be okay.

I want...to see them again.
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So you say you want to try 'my voice'? Should I sing something for you?

Since we're already here, let's make a lot of happy memories, ok?

[And then, he looks sightly uncomfortable] Y' know, that username might be kinda...
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Ahaha, well... There are worse ways to go!



Jul. 17th, 2013 08:51 pm
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Hahh... So I'm still here.

[...Typical. 'That guy' isn't even hanging around to greet him, what a flake. Not that Suoh really expected him to be here, but... Whatever. Maybe he can at least catch some decent sleep now.]

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[ a bright smile is offered; lopsided, bordering on slightly ridiculous. ] Ah you're thinking of acting so hastily.

[ . . . ah, those places. . . ] And you know I'm not too keen on conflicts.

[ sighsigh. ] But you're not going to change your mind, are you? [ and he can't really think up of any tricks at the moment. ] You know, you're more stubborn than Kuro.
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... Call it quits when school's back on track for ya. You almost don't have my "voice" anymore. Ya can always come back some time so don't sweat it.
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... Losin' my voice, huh? Not surprised, missy. Thinkin' of throwin' the towel in a few weeks' time or what?
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I doubt you will be able to have a good grasp of my voice, considering how you've been faltering with a certain bartender's for nearly a week. And you're easily distracted by mundane things. This is easily a terrible idea for you to consider.
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Stop makin' such a fuss. It's just another day.
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Of course I'm still hot even as a girl. You've seen me, right? Perfect good looks are in my genes.