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Oh boy.

 First of all, y'haven't even touched m'canon in ages. How're y'meant to even write properly f'me, much less this--alternate universe thing ya got goin' on here.

, I like t'think 'm a patient man, but y'really pushin' it.
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Izumo. [Have a familiar young girl peering up at you.]
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[Anna blinks once, giving a nod.

She's probably been in this place longer than Izumo, and she's. Eying him a bit, realizing the red on him is almost like Mikoto's.]

Are you okay?
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[A flicker of a smile before it turns into a concerned twist of the lips.]

...Your red. [Is like Mikoto's - at least, the Mikoto that she knows.

A silently inquisitive glance. Are you the Red King?]
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[That's enough of an answer for her, so she reaches up, her fingers curling around his coat.]

How bad is it?

[Because Anna is connected to Mikoto, she could see his dreams. This isn't an Izumo that she's familiar with, so she doesn't quite know how bad it is with Izumo.

Would Izumo's Sword be in a worser state?]

......Mikoto and Tatara? [Do they know? How different were their worlds now?]
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[She leans into that, the act of it comforting.]

Were you made King recently? [It's not bad yet, but it will.

Anna is still studying him quietly, though her expression slips, sad, at the mention of Tatara. She shakes her head.]

...Tatara is dead in your world? [Being forced to live through Tatara's death, and then Mikoto's--

Would it be worse when Izumo dies, too?]
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Same but different.

[Because Izumo and Tatara were Mikoto's first Clansmen.

It seems as if some things never change. She shakes her head, though, her grip tightening.]

Tatara doesn't want Izumo to be upset - he was happy. [Regardless of which Totsuka it was, Anna's sure the thought would be the same: he was blessed.]
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You haven't changed either. [Different worlds, but he's still the same.

For that, she's grateful.

Anna doesn't look happy, a slightly disapproving look in her eyes as she looks at him.]

You can't be angry for something that was out of your control. [Anna would know. She's warned Totsuka, after all, but he still chose to stay.]