May. 6th, 2017

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Um. Hi.

[Raises hand.]

Given my relationship status, you know what the first one of these sounds like I did, right?

You don't even know if my boyfriend would want me to propose. Isn't he supposed to propose? And in case you forgot, the one time I tried to get married didn't go so well. So what are you doing with this thread except possibly upturning my romantic life?

...You're just going to leave it there. Okay. Hm. I guess we'll see if he notices. And see if I say I told you so.
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Hey Mun,

I know what you wished for, but someone had to make the sacrifice play and I was the one willing to do it. I'm proud of what I did and who I did it for. Maybe I'll come back and maybe I won't who knows. I just know I did the right thing.
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Yeah? I'm here. I've been here.

You're testing me, right? Have some confidence! No one's around to quiz you. You're not getting graded. Just do what you want to do, and if people don't like it? They'll get over it. They're just some losers on the internet, what are they gonna do to do?

Oh, and clean your apartment. It's gross. You think I'm kidding? God, no, I'll show up and scrub the inside of your oven from top to bottom, I swear I will. Look, there's some little crusties on the side. You're as bad as Eskild. Boys are disgusting.

At least your microwave doesn't have anything growing in it. So you have that going for you.