Feb. 13th, 2017

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I will make a bet with you, Writer. It is my belief that Magic exists in some form or another in every world. We can either be connected by it or driven apart by it, yet it cannot be ignored.

(This is a subject on which he is passionate.)

Muggles and No-Maj need not be hidden from it as if they cannot possibly understand it! Wizard, Witch or otherwise, we are all humans and we must find a way to share otherwise there will always be fear and persecution.
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Hey, I'm not late. I just had a lotta things to take care of. Worth the wait, though, right?

I know that time fog is some crazy stuff, but how many versions of me do you have now? Nevermind, all the alternate universe stuff makes my head hurt. But didn't you try this once before with Natasha? oh, and Jan too? Why would I be any different? The academy's just not that popular.

Don't tell Fury I said that. He keeps giving me the evil eye. I don't think he likes that I made them accept animals before I'd join up.

((cross posting to dear_player))
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Oi, mun.

I know I was your favorite within five minutes but couldn't it have hurt you to wait a couple weeks to pick me up?

(Shush Lucky I am an impulsive thing you should know this...)

....well I do now.
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So you made me because your current character may say their last prayer soon. Okay I can dig that.

But why am I here?