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It seems I'm not the only one starting on a new journey.

This calls for a celebration!  I know just the place.  The food there's fantastic.  You'll love it, I'm sure of it!

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You do have to face the music sometime.

[she'd know.]
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You keep talking about ace attorneys, miss. Which I suppose is all right...but there's only one ace attorney that I know, and that's Mr. Wright.

I feel like you know something you aren't telling me!
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Oh now, don't you fret. I am sure that the people would be most appreciative of any efforts you would be able to provide. I, for one, have full confidence that you would perform most admirably.

There is much to this place that is very mysterious, to be sure. However, that is what makes adventurers interesting. You never know who you may encounter, and what stories you may uncover. Life, like so many things, is quite like a puzzle in just so many ways.

Ah, but I am getting ahead of myself. For now, let us take the time to enjoy a nice cup of tea and see who happens by. I do so find that a nice Darjeeling or perhaps some Chamomile does wonders for frayed nerves.

Of course, I would be more than happy to hold a place for any who would happen to desire it. This is, after all, the sign of a true gentleman.
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Lady Storyteller, I beseech you: do not allow your sword to waver now that you have read the complete Story. I find no dishonor in the truth, and neither should you. If there is a new Story you wish to compose, then allow me to lend you my strength. It would be my honour.

I await your next parade.
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Goodness. Hershel's gotten himself into a real predicament, hasn't he?
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You've certainly been restless as of late, haven't you? That is understandable, given your current situation. May I suggest you make a list of the things you need and wish to do? It could help you sort your thoughts. And, my, do you have quite the list to go through...

As for your procrastinating, you already know the answer to stopping that. While others can inspire you, it is ultimately up to you to carry out the tasks at hand, no matter how inconvenient they may seem at the time. You can not just wait around for when you'll be "in the mood" to do something - nothing will get done that way! Who knows? Perhaps after you've started one task, you'll find the motivation to finish the others.

And I must say, despite your initial trepidation of "voice testing" me, you seem to be becoming more comfortable with the role. I'm glad. We wouldn't want you panicking like that poor Hazel fellow every time I pop into your head.

[He smiles warmly and adjusts the brim of his hat.]

I hope you take my words to heart. You can accomplish many things if you just give yourself a little push.
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Oh, mun! It's been such a long time since I've been out of the headspace! How have you been? I hope you haven't been overworking yourself.

... You're thinking of sending me back to Johto? Well, that certainly wasn't a bad place to be before, because everyone was there too! It was so much fun. It's been far too long... how are they, anyway?

They... they aren't there anymore? But you still want to send me anyway? But... you know how I'm going to react when I get there and the Professor and Luke aren't there... I-I mean, I don't mind going back! It was a fun experience. [She just hopes maybe the mun can somehow bring one or both of them there as well...]

Oh? There are some pretty nice people there that you'd love me to meet? Well, I guess I'll go anyway. I mean, you've never steered me wrong before! [...that or she has a terrible long-term memory.]

But mun, be sure and review before you apply there, okay? We have to be ready!
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Hahaha! Now this is rich.

Let me get this straight, you so-called Mundane. You've played a few games, and now you think that qualifies you to control me? Please, don't be so absurd. You must think that you know me so well now, but you have no idea how sorely mistaken you could be. All that you have at your disposal regarding yours truly are a few bare facts encapsulated within a sea of intricately crafted lies.

I'll enjoy waiting for you to surrender to this futility. Then you may finally understand that donning this mask is no simple matter.

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My, my, I'm quite honored to be the first muse you've decided to play in what seems to be a long time. But what's this about being late with my application, hmm? You're going to have to work harder if you want to be successful in life, even with diminutive tasks like this.
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.. Oh no, don't you start it, too. It's bad enough that Lucy calls me that. My father's the professor, remember?

And I, ah.. It's very nice of you, of course, but let's face it: I'm not entirely stable lately, and I'd really rather stay right where people know me and know how to handle me. Just in case. Besides, Lucy forces me outside often enough, don't you think?


Jun. 29th, 2013 12:41 am
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 I believe this is what they call "jumping the gun".
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Honestly. You spend months ignoring the peer pressure of your acquaintances, and then choose now of all days to listen? You do realize the other 'muse' of yours is involved in several other important ordeals right now.

You shouldn't even be taking part in such a childish pasttime. You have a job, correct? Even if you will be quitting this one soon enough, that does not give you an excuse to slack off.

...Though I must admit, with all my plans postponed for the time being, I do not have anything else to do. Perhaps if you prove yourself to have enough wit, I'll stay a while. Shall we try a puzzle?

[With how long it took her to solve some of the puzzles in his game, he wonders if this mun is actually up to the challenge.]
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I just lost the people I care about and you really still want me to keep going? What do you even expect me to do? I'm sorry, miss Mun, but I just don't think I can handle anymore.

I just want this game to be over, you know?

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Mun, I think we've really got to talk about your taste in games. Honestly, death spaceships? Games that involve murder, and now I'm going to be participating in an assassin fight?

I want a vacation.
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...A cute pet fox isn't going to make up for being forced to participate in an assassin's game, you know. I don't even want to know what kind of horrible things you've got planned.
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Honestly, why is everyone just now realizing that I don't like snails? The English version of the game has been out for, what, three years now? This is hardly new information. Even if it was, I don't understand why it's--

image of a snail here )

...Mundane, what are you--

oh look more snails )

Will you get those bloody snails out of my face?!
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...You're joking about wanting to send me off to another scary game again, aren't you, miss Mun? Please tell me you're joking. I've had my fill of terrifying incidents that could last me a lifetime.

Please don't go through with this.
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As much as I understand the woes of a particularly difficult puzzle, every puzzle has a solution and I am sure we can stumble across the perfect one for this conundrum and the many others I have lined up.

Why don't we take another look? )
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You're going to have me cut up my arm?!

Have you gone completely mad?!
Forget it, just thinking about it sounds painful!