Jun. 17th, 2017

netherking: (side: you may be right)
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[He's just staring down the mun while sipping on his drink]

Starbucks has truly become something of a wonder in the modern age. As is your attempt to familiarize yourself with myself and how the stories that the Greeks told would apply. It's nice, actually.

What, exactly, do you plan to do with me? Weren't you talking about taking a break?

[He offers the pink drink in hand]

Have you tried this? It's wonderfully delicious. Especially with how warm it is up here.
jumpman: (sweat drop)
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Phew! It-a sure feels good to get out and-a stretch-a my legs.


Oh! I have a new game at the end of-a the year? Well at least I-a have some lull between-a adventures this time.


O-oh. I'mma teaming up with the rabbids too... [can he EVER get a break.] s-sounds-a fun...