Jan. 29th, 2017

thelastcetra: (original(19))
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I wonder which one of us is more surprised at my being here.

You seem shocked, but it's really very pleasant for me. Look at all the room I have! And things grow here!

It's odd to feel so..unconnected with the world but also it's very free.

I'm free.

So, maybe it's a good kind of surprise, right?

We can do this, together.
n7shepard_spectre: Shepard, Miranda discussing plans (Status update)
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I know you're excited about the new game coming out, but really, did you have to drag me up out of the ashes? That story has nothing to do with me. My story is done and told. I saved the galaxy.

Three times.

And what do I get for my troubles? A well deserved rest? A vacation? Finally get thanks from the Council I saved multiple times?


I don't even get a decent death.

And now you want to just pick me up, and make me go through all of that again?