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Dear Mun,

What you are attempting to do is reprehensible! To use me as bait to try and lure in a Beatrix like I'm some sort of meat slab or common trollop!

I have half a mind to report you--[Listens to his mun telling him something.]

Your favorite pairing? Us? Why, if you think you can just butter me up--[Listens some more.]

Why yes, it would be nice to see her. I've missed her terribly. The way the light of the moon gleams across her fine blade, her bosom heaving--

[Steiner's eyes widen and he stomps up and down a couple of times. Clink clink goes the armor.] Y-You made me say all of that!? You cad! You charlatan!
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You.. probably should calm down a little. I know you're eager, and I .. guess I am too. Being able to meet new people ... I'm a little nervous, but it'll be okay, I think.

I'm not really happy about the canon point you picked for me though, but it'll be fine. You -will- let me regain my memories won't you?

At least getting away from the Empire will be good. The further I get from that, the better...
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My my, I must say I like this Nifelheim place's foreign policy. Sounds not unlike what my own dear Emperor proposed, bringing the wonders and convenience of Magitek to the world~! Though we didn't have some pesky kingdom with a crystal hoarding all the magic.

And this Ardyn fellow, the chancellor? I like his candor. Just the way he moves, talks, and the presence he imposes reminds me of... well. Me~! Never a bad thing. ...He could do to liven up his wardrobe, but only I can be perfect I suppose.
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It's been a while since we've been anywhere, hasn't it? I'm... not really comfortable with some of the ideas you've been talking about. They're not very nice are they?

But... you've been saying you want to 'put me somewhere' and... do you have to, really? You don't even have a plan yet. Do you?

...allright then I' you. Let's do this.
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It's been an awful long while, but I hope you won't get ahead of yourself. I know that I can be overly cautious, but preparation is important. It's... not that I'm nervous, really.

[ Although she holds herself like she is. Too stiff, shoulders and back straight even though her arms are folded and hands pressed tightly to her arms. Eventually, she does remove one, just to emphasize her words when she speaks, adding in vague little movements with her hand. ]

I just think it would be wise to think things through. I'd rather not take the lead, so I would appreciate the company of my friends if that's at all possible. I'm still adjusting and learning from my mistakes. [ It takes a lot for her to admit this. It's a difficult confession because it means accepting her failure earnestly. ] I... am at my best working alongside others, helping to hone a plan rather than direct it myself.

[ It wasn't as difficult as she thought it might be to say that, though she allows an audible sigh to escape her. Subtle, but still out of her control. It's something she's learning to accept and move on from. Everything isn't possible to control and that doesn't have to be a bad thing. ]

I hope that you'll take my request into consideration.
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Just what I always wanted. More fighting for someone else's sake. [ Heavy Sigh. It never stops, does it? Always have to raise my blade for someone... or something.] I was actually getting used to it. Not fighting.

Though... [ She smirks slightly ]

Guess we'll see how much rust I had accumulate in the last few months. For both you and I.

You sure you want to do this? Thought you were more interested in eagles and riders of late.
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Feeling listless, is it? There were better things to do.

Taking to the skies may be for the best.

...And no. I need not say anything more.
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...Seriously? You call yourself a -- what was it again? Millennial? Whatever that means. You call yourself a millennial and you didn't even know about this website? Livejournal died and you retreated with your tail between your legs, keeping me in your head since like, 2009, when really we could have been playing around together this whole time!

...I've been sitting in the dark for eight years

I used to make you so happy, mun. And my remake is coming out soon. I know, we both have our fingers mega-crossed for some new friends. Let's hope for the best then, huh? In the meantime, can you find me anyone to talk to? I'm kinda rusty here. 
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Sorry, but no. I'm not in the depths of despair right now. If that was what you wanted, maybe you shouldn't have pissed me off.

....Why did this have to happen a second time? Damn it!
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A space setting you say? How interesting, yet woefully pointless, since my duties remain firmly on solid ground.

Niflheim. Ring any bells? The Empire. That's right. I am Chancellor to the Emperor, you see. If I went shooting off into space he might be a little miff regarding my absence. You're such an impulsive man, I don't know how I'm supposed to put up with you.

What's that?

I see. You want to place me there because his Royal Highness is there and so is Lady Lunafreya. You spoil me. You really do.
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I must say this is a nice change. Being out of your head and not being trapped in that- what did you call it? Headspace. Yes, that's it. I do enjoy being out and about, stretching my legs and not being tied down.

You know how it is.

[He's a complete cocky asshole and he knows it. But, he's got enough balls to overcome that.]
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Dear mun:

We have known for little time, and I appreciate your enthusiasm on roleplaying as my persona.

Still, I'm not sure dropping my name at pornographic threads is, actually, a clever idea.
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 Hell no.
This is single-handedly the worst idea I've had to endure since that time Echo thought going to Hunter Islands at high tide would get us more 'loot'.
No way in hell am I going there.
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Why would I be happy, my upgrade from Echo is you.

....Well, whatever, I guess listening to your voice is a little better than hearing Vox go on and on. This break from Palamecia might be good. Or is this place just a part of Palamecia, like that Tower of Challenges.


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I wonder which one of us is more surprised at my being here.

You seem shocked, but it's really very pleasant for me. Look at all the room I have! And things grow here!

It's odd to feel so..unconnected with the world but also it's very free.

I'm free.

So, maybe it's a good kind of surprise, right?

We can do this, together.
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This is what you do when you're thrust from my world before you're ready!? Don't you have other things to be doing? Like sleeping? You're not even familiar enough with Eorzean speech to do this yet.

Oh, and speaking of resting, I'm somewhere safe! So enough of that worrying, already. I may not have been able to reach a bed to retire but you definitely can. So, go!

[She makes shooing motions at the fourth wall.] Go! ...Gods, how did I wind up with such a foolish player?
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Why, yes, I will be doing all of the cooking and driving. Is that not what you expected of me? I'm the better person to be in charge of such matters.

[He doesn't want Prompto crashing the car or anyone else giving them food poisoning whilst camping. Yep.]

Voice Test

Dec. 1st, 2016 03:47 am
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(He looks up from his book. Briefly.)

You do not make your case well or succinctly. I am in a good mood, so you may have one more attempt.
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You would send me?

[I remember someone saying once that the actors must play their parts! You didn't think you were exempt, did you?] that is your plan. The stage shall be a world without the Farplane? Very well, then. You have my consent.

[There's no Sin, either. So don't go getting any ideas!]

I think that is where you are mistaken. A story without sin? A world? Surely such a place cannot exist.

[Hey, you know that's not what I—]

Truly, it will be a wonder to behold. Not just a city of machina, but a great and vast planet full of possibilities. And one I shall see for myself, not just through mere glimpses of reconstructed memories in a sphere...

[—um, are you even listening???]

Take me there.
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It has been a long while. I thought you had...forgotten. { She fidgets, a tentative hope glowing in her eyes. } You ask me...what I want. I want to see everyone. My sister, Snow, Hope, Fang, Vanille...Sazh...

Everyone. We could be reunited here. Why waste that opportunity?