Jan. 17th, 2017

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Mundane, there is absolutely zero reason for you to be upset. While I agree that the idea is a little upsetting, I can assure you I have no bar code tattooed at the back of my neck.


I may have been artificially created, but I was raised as a human.

[...] Yes, I know Commander Akutsu treated me as though I were an item rather than a person, but I assure you he was in the minority, even within ISDF.

[Another sigh.]

Yes, I know the other ISDF soldiers shot at me after the specimens for Haze and Hypnos were installed in me. And that they saw me as a monster. But honestly, I am a draconic humanoid abomination, so what were you expecting? Humans judge by what they see most of the time. I'm sure I must've appeared frightening to them, and I had just struck their Commander down.

I don't blame them and you shouldn't either.

But, back to the topic at hand- The only items I have on me as an identifier are my dog tags and my military issued ID. No bar code. I promise.