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Because I like it in here, that's why!

I'm not leaving, you should be thanking me for making this cluttered, dirty little headspace decent.

What did I do?

I put myself here, that's what.

It's already better, you're welcome~
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I'm certain she will thank you eventually.

[Is that a true sentiment or sarcasm? The world may never know!]
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[Drizzt actually laughs at the pun. By the gods. He's got an awful sense of humor. Not as bad as his rival's, but still.]

She will learn with time. And I do find the times between battle sometimes especially boring myself. Too long, and my hands start to itch.
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[A chuckle.]

I fight enough that I do not wish to go looking for battles to start. Books and training keep me busy enough, as I never am idle for long.
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She'll come around. Even good things can take some ajustment, when they're new.
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Certainly not! An A-list lady like yourself should be acquired with alacrity.
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Astounding! You're an authentic heroine! Could I have an autography?

[She has a book and a pen.]
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I appreciate it.

[When she gets the book back, she holds it up to her unblinking, half-lidded eyes]

Well that is just the most agreeable autography I've ever attained.
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[Why thank you!]

I'm sure I will. I'm all aquiver to have made such an applauded aquaintence.
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Oh - oh wow! You're THE Lady Bow, aren't you?
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Oh, I'm Vivian! It's nice to meet you... I heard all about your amazing adventures with Mario!