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Kingman Knights, are you here?

I have conveyed to you before that I don't mind being alone. If it is a state I am in, you will hear no complaints from me. The thing to keep in mind is that things are constantly changing. There is a blessing in that, believe me.

I will admit that finding more Kingsman would be exciting for the both of us, I am ready to fully admit that they might not there to be found.But this status will not last long; there is a trailer coming.

Which brings up the point of how I will be depicted in the sequel. I have no requests for how that shouod take place. I have changed so much since then. Whatever happens to my screen self really bares no connection to me; we are not at the mercy of a plot that we ourselves are not orchastrating. Remember that.
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Suggestion box

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How about you pm me some of these ideas you've been mulling over? Maybe then we can consider coming in off the street? Too many variables currently and the mun sees so many paths that not a single one seems to take precedence. Open to suggestions, ideas, brainstorming.