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On applying for a game: Canon is Dark Souls 3

Ah, the purloiner of Cinders... It seems that once more you have sort to disturb our grave. You remain keen in your unrest, for that much is clear.

Tell me, Ashen one... What is it you desire? Has the flame still yet to die, fade into ash and dust? Or have you woken my brother and I for more, selfish a purpose?

We have little interest in games Unkindled one... Let us rest here, in the silence of darkness. For no good can come of our presence, our curse, our grief...

It brings nothing but death and revival. A never ending cycle of magic and flame. What use have you for such things now? Our soul, our life is that of chosen solitude and exclusion... To now be of light is a foolish notion.

But then... You always were foolish in your ways, Ashen one.
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Why "Ashen one"? [She is a Namer, so the choice intrigues her.]
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[Rhapsody is definitely "another" in most senses of that descriptor. She is quite a sight to behold with her sun-gold hair, emerald green eyes and perfect skin. Really, there is a long story behind all of those traits and it involves the fire at the center of the earth.]

I cannot give you their name, but I can give you mine. I am Rhapsody and you...

You are an ancient, are you not?
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[There is something about him that draws her closer without him asking. She does not know him well enough to pity him or feel sympathy for him. Yet he is surrounded by shadows and a chill. She is curious what will become of him if he is warmed.]

I am a musician. [So the name is fitting.] You are royalty.

[Now she feels the first pangs of what could be pity.]

Yes, time passes without our consent; without us even being aware of it. [Thousands of years passed for her while she was within the Earth. When she emerged with Achmed and Gunthor, nothing was right; nothing was as it had been.

Rhapsody kneels before him out of respect, loosening her hair from its usual black velvet tie. It falls around her shoulders in bright waves.]
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Who are you? [The way Lothric speaks makes the hairs on the back of his neck stand up.]
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That is no answer. [His words are spoken in a harsh voice, ragged with emotion.] I need no rest!

[Except he does. Ambition and the hellish egg he wears around his neck are driving him into madness.]
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[The mention of sorrow seems to irritate him. Before he met a certain warrior, he did not understand the emotion; he did not have time to consider it. But, yes, now he is full of sorrow; he is full of regret and guilt. Griffith hates it.]

I would never rest near one who could betray me. [Everyone can betray him.

Also how does he explain that he is drawn to these young men because they sound like the voices that haunt him?]

You do not wish to know.
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[One of those demons is resting against his chest. Lothric and Lorian might see the eye open, though Griffith doesn't notice it. He never does.]

I have no reason to attack you if you do not attack me. [He draws closer, his sword staying sheathed at his hip. His sharp eyes take in Lorian's movements.] Your brother?
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[Griffith's hair is like a cloud, soft and, dare anyone say, fluffy. At the moment, it is less than pristine - as is his attire. He had a rather eventful night that might very well result in his death. Or worse.]

I need no flame. [A small smirk curves his lips.] You object to me?

[He leans in closer, daring Lorian to make the first move.]

We could all use an unyielding sword. I am jealous. [Because he comes from humble origins, he gives the Princes a deep bow.] I am Griffith, leader of the Band of the Hawk.
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[He is soaked in blood from clawing his way to the top. Worst of all, perhaps, is he is unrepentant. Few in any world have Griffith's level of ambition. He is determined to be the sole King of his world.]

There was no taunt. [Merely a challenge! A foolish one, he admits, when he sees the weapon. Yet he doesn't relent or move back. There might be a death wish under his pride; under his ambition to be the best, the strongest, etcetera. His eyes widen when he is...rescued?

How kind.]
Careful now. [Griffith offers Lothric his hands - his arms - to hold onto.] How is it that I would "surely fall"?
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[Griffith's heart is moved by him; he sees himself in Lorian and he understands him to...some degree. There is no one he feels possessive over. Scratch that. There is no one he wants to acknowledge feeling so possessive over.]

Do not think so little of me! I am not finished gaining in strength. There might come a time when I am worthy of competing with your brother.

[He is not a muscular man, but he need not be with how little Lothric weighs. For a moment he watches the struggle. Then he intervenes, drawing the Prince fully into his arms.]

I admire your tenacity. Do you hear that, Lorian? I do admire you. Very much. I would not raise my sword against such a powerful life force. [Unless he had something magnificent to gain. But he leaves that unsaid.]

I see no reason you need to suffer. [Griffith lifts Lothric fully and walks to Lorian. Once he is near, he holds out his free hand.] You asked if I wished to rest. We could do so together.
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[Unnatural actions. Yes. There will be many of those in Griffith's future; his sanity will not be able to hold its own against them. Demons know their business well and he sold his heart - and body - long ago in the conquest for power.]

I am intrigued, though, forgive me for saying, I have no desire to be crippled.

[But he will be. One day soon, he will be like the Princes, unable to do more than crawl when the tendons of his legs and feet are cut.]

Minds are easy to lose. Forgive me for speaking harshly to you, Prince Lorian. [Griffith settles before the giant, holding Lothric in his lap.]

What flame? What circle? Are they his? [He motions at the giant before giving Lothric a smile.] Soon. First I will see to you.

Do you need to eat? Drink?
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[Well. This is... something.]

... Prince Lothric.
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[That's what happens when you conceal your face with that swag Farron headpiece. But the girl shakes her head.]

I think rest. If that would be okay, I mean.

[She gives a short, but polite bow.]

I've been through a lot and... a chance to just stop and rest would be appreciated.
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[Well where to begin? Other than "well I actually agree with you 100% that the Age of Fire needed to end, sorry I had to kill you anyways in order to help make it happen". But really...]

A lot of everything, but it's... what came at the end that's still shaking me.

I don't like being used, even if it's for a good cause. And, how am I supposed to feel? When someone I thought of as a friend just... does something horrible even if it's for a good cause, knows it's horrible, never actually explains it to me to see if there's another way, just expects me to clean up their mistake before it gets completely out-of-hand... and probably is grateful that I did my part and killed them?

[Seriously Gael, what the hell.]

Going forward with that, looking back and remembering all of that, it's... hard to explain.
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[That, at the very least, gets a smile out of her. She doesn't have much confidence it'll be some widespread epoch; she'd once been regarded as someone "neither born to greatness nor granted it by fate", and so far that'd held true.]

If it were, it'd just be a part of something a lot bigger. I wasn't the only one who had to deal with that sort of thing. There were a lot of tragedies that came out of the Age of Fire.

[The smile fades somewhat as she looks back over at Lothric and his brother, her gaze not holding for long.]
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I'm sorry to hear that >_<. Hope things improve soon

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... We did once before, yes. And even before that, I'd at least heard about you by reputation.

[Yes, they had crossed paths. Swords too, for that matter. And what a simple thing it would be to show the brothers her blade again and let that be explanation enough. But she wasn't here to fight, and she didn't want them to think she was. Instead, she produced her shield for them as a reminder; an old, Astoran shield adorned with a blue crest. No doubt a rare weapon for them to have seen, as it was a poor choice for defending against Lorian's burning sword and Lothric's divine miracles.]

We met before in Lothric. When the Fire was fading and you and the other Lords abandoned it.

And we had to fight. Not because I wanted to Link the Fire... but because I wanted to see it end. Because even the times before there was always... always someone who would just keep it going even if I didn't.

So I had to get to it. I had to get to it and bring with me someone who could tend to it... so they could instead ensure it was snuffed out for good.

[Her shield slipped through her fingers with a soft clank, the girl bowing in apology to the Prince who had shared her views and yet still had to die for the sake of not leaving things to chance for a third time.]

I'm sorry.
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I am beset by grief anyway. What good are you sequestered away like a relic?
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[ So he is a penitent eternally whipping himself with the brunt of memory. Some intimate event known, perhaps, only to remnants like them. ]

You embrace your prison and suffer for it. Will a millennia suffice before you realize the folly of this... [ A shadow of sympathy and scorn passes over his face. ] ...masochism? I argue that you aid me instead.
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[ Is his desperation as such that he must bargain with ancient abominations? Pride flares in his chest but it is a paling fire, tempered by the years. He is an old man in a teenaged shell. ]

A greater purpose. My world is diseased, and should I fall the sickness will seep into yours. [ He sweeps a glance at the crumbling architecture. ] What's left of it.

You claim to have forsaken your duty. I've brought you a worthy calling. Redemption by blood.
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You'll be made to care.

[ The contagion at hand has no respect for the duo's private retreat hence the only means to extend their solitude is to take up arms or consign themselves to a fate worse than the slow entropy of their universe.

His gaze tracks the performance of that gangling limb. One narrows his eyes—an invalid! But not of the typical sort. He emanates the black aura of a sorcerer.

His fingers itch for the hilt of the dragonbone blade but he suppresses instinct and stays his hand. His quarry is frequently led by practitioners of magic and he's come to distrust their kin (his own kin), but this isn't the time for old prejudices. ]

You want a sentinel because you intuit that I won't die?

[ The prince asks for a period of his life in exchange for the entirety of his. An unconscious smile touches his lips. Like One doesn't really see a future. ]

It's decided. You are my executioner until I am yours, and rest assured, I'll cut down any who intrude on your silence.