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( orphan black. )

You'd only have a few months. Doesn't seem worth the effort.

After all. How can I squeeze in a third round of betraying everyone and getting them killed in such a small amount of time.

[ J...oke? Haha. Haaa. ]
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Ha. Ha.

Or not. You know.
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Haven't you done enough?
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We all do, darling. And I appreciate what you did, I really do. But ... I mean... you understand, right?
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Is it true? That you're ... I mean ... that your time is limited?
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That isn't what I meant. I mean ... I'm sorry. That that's going to happen to you.
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Ah, isn't that the truth.
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Well, she is a part of our family, for better or worse, isn't she? And she really does love you, doesn't she?
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Of course not. But it's a nice thought, isn't it? Simplicity. I used to know what that is.
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Well ... thank you.
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[Stares for a moment before rolling her eyes.]

Should work on that punch line a bit more.
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[She's aware the others are dead, very well aware of it. There's losses on the Leda side, but they shouldn't dwell too much on it. At least not without a drink in hand.]

Doesn't matter, I'm sure you'll find time to work on it.

[Or not. Granted, they found the original, they could figure out some sort of gene therapy for him.]

You plannin' on leavin' Gracie?
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[ It's a touchy subject for her, considering she wound up in this mess because Beth killed herself. It's all complicated but he's family. They found a way to give Cosima more time...they'd find a way for him too.

She isn't blind to the look he gave her but doesn't comment on it either. ]

But your person [ She refuses to say Mun, sounds too much like monitor. ] might have other ideas?

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[ She shakes her head. ]

Not that I'm aware of. I've been wanderin' but that's been it.

[ Then again, when does her person ever tell her if she'll do something or not. ]

Surprised t'see you here, haven't seen much of anyone else.