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 ... what are you even doing.

Nobody really goes 'round these parts anymore. Everything's out of date. Even my stuff in this place's out of date!

You don't even go here anymore what are you doing--
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Waking me up aft all this time? What is is, ten years? Or nearly that. Don't blame my sense of time, I'm not yet so old that I don't know what year it is. I'm going to have to politely ask you to reconsider, seeing as I'd just gotten used to the quiet.

H-hey, don't just ignore what I said! I just told you, I'm not coming out like this, so you can-- [a carefully delicate cough] Well, I'll put it for you a bit more plainly, then. No. And since we hardly see each other anymore, I don't think we need to waste time on further pleasantries. Good day.

[he turns to leave]

No, I'm not bitter about being left when I stopped entertaining you! Although I do imagine something like that would be fair grounds for a dispute.
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 you knew it was coming, didn’t you? You knew, you asked yourself this multiple times if it’d ever happen, and when it did happen you’d just deny it. I can’t say I’m surprised, really, or resentful of it. After all, I would’ve done the same thing myself.

The question now, I guess, is where we go from here. I know you’re in too deep to quit writing about me, and I ain’t the type to just stay away forever and let folks forget about me; really, there's I got no plans of going anywhere. But you know how it is with everything. Engines got to stop and fuel up every once in a while, you know? And fires need feeding. If you want something to last, you got to let it rest once in a while.

If you don’t feel it coming back within the next three weeks, that’s mighty fine, you know. You did your best, and that’s what counts, right? Besides, there’s a whole load of other folks waiting to get out of here. I know you’ve been thinking loads about Ami, and if it ain’t her well, my brother’s been coming around more often lately. Maybe give the old man some air once in a while. Maybe let Tolys actually let loose—I know he’s the type to keep himself cooped up with work too, great minds think alike I suppose. Heck, maybe you could even throw a bone at the dog and let the Ruski out. I know you’re real nervous about him, but you’ve had him for as long as you had me, right? I mean, look at me, I can't even say I'm too fond of the guy, but come on.

Really, I don’t mind taking a break this time around. Just thinking ‘bout the coming elections gives me enough of a headache to deal with.
… what’s that? The big guy? You’ve got a point there, though—I can’t just leave him hanging. I don’t want to leave him hanging like that, either. It’s been a week, after all. Hopefully when I come on over, he’s not gonna have the door slam at my face.
But, I digress.
Point is, after I go on over to talk to the big guy, I’d like a bit of a break just to pull things back together. Heck, who knows? I’ll probably be up and about in a day or two after before you even notice!
I swear I’m not going anywhere, mun, so there’s no need to worry there. Really, I don’t think you could ever lose me if you tried.
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You sayin' I'm not nice all the time?

[And he'll raise a brow and give a small laugh.]

Wow, so that's what you think of me, huh? And here I was, actually keeping a lid on just for your sake. I know you've got things you're stressing over-- granted, don't we all got them?-- and haven't been having the best couple of weeks for a while. Really, it's fine; I'm still here, and don't plan on going anywhere. It's not like I can go anywhere in the first place.

Yeah, I miss him. I really do miss him. Him and a load more people I didn't think I'd be missing myself. But, you've got things to do. It's understandable. Heck, I know myself what it's like to get hung over things that need to be accomplished. You'll get yours done, however. Just you wait; soon the week will be over and we'll be free at last to do as we please.

On another note, though-- yeah, all that complaining? You're not the only one who finds it annoying.

Hey, you!

Nov. 7th, 2015 09:04 pm
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Hullo, Munnie! It's been a while. You've been busy, I see~ And you've gotten us an actual Gloomy Bear! And it didn't kill you in your sleep! So lucky!

As for me, I've just been here, lurking as usual, same old, same old. 'Finding it funny it's me you dig up when there's so many of us here. Then again, I've always been the favorite of a sort~

You think we've still got people we know around here? I guess we'll see, won't we? 
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 Excuse me Miss Mundane... I'm a little worried about you.

You seem to be over-exhausting yourself with work, school, and homework. Remember to get some rest soon okay? I'm glad that you thought of me, but I'm okay. I just want you to think of your health. You have your cold yet, yes? Please don't be too hard on yourself while you're healing.

I miss everyone too.

[OOC: Will have to link icons.]
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Mun, you were super brave during that torture session - and then you celebrated with a burger like a true hero! I'm so proud! [Mun just wants to permanently erase that doctor's visit from her mind.]

But I'm so boooored! Give me something to do. I know!

You kick back and relax and I'll take care of all of the tagging What do you mean, I can't be in character? I am the best at characters! I'll make them even more awesome!
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So you're finally going to learn some more about the history of your country just because you can't get rid of my voice? Not that I don't get it, my voice is inspiring and amazing and heroic. That's awesome! Don't worry, dude, I, the hero, am totally here to help. Start reading some of these. [Practically buries mun in a pile of books.] What do you mean you don't have time to read all that? Speed through it, bro-sis. Of course I can always tell you about my favorite parts, if you want to skip the boring stuff.

Oh. [Slaps sticker of the American flag on mun's head.] There you go! It'll help you absorb what you learn even faster. Especially if you go to sleep with it on! [Mun is looking doubtful.]
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This is no good. [ Ivan looks less amused than usual. Which. Is hard to pull off. ]

While I am not having fun, you will find more of my glorious icons, da?

[ It...wasn't a question, made clear by his complete dismissal of another's presence. ]
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So you're really gonna try and take me back to a game, huh?! After all this time?

Wahoo! I can't wait! PSLs are great and all, but a game's a game!
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... it's not as if thinking about it would solve anything, mun. It's what it is, and thinking about it won't change the situation at all.

It is not as if these things would just... magically and instantaneously repair itself. There are more important things to be done after all, to begin with.

Now if you will excuse me, I have some paperwork to attend to.
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I'm not exactly sure why you chose me to deliver this message, except for the fact that I'm not sick I'm not exactly sure why you chose me to deliver this message, except for the fact that I'm not sick like most of my counterparts today, but alright.

Happy birthday, King of Spades and his counterparts.

And a belated well wishing to our Ace as well.

Arthur Kirkland
Queen of Spades
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Hey, hey mun it ain't my birthday yet!

Well I guess it will be tomorrow and all that, so make sure that ya get yourself a huge, ton of fireworks for tomorrow and a bunch of meat to grill! 'Cause this year's gonna be off the freaking hook!
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[Just this...nervous laughter. Like the laugh is trying so hard to be confident and cheerful but instead sounds a little like he needs to throw up.]

What? No way, that sounds like a cool adventure! Nothing's gonna scare a guy who's been alive as long as the mighty Kongeriket Danmark!

. . . Between Norge and Sverige I think I've already seen plenty of scary things anyway. . .Sverige, talking to him every day, it's like talking to a yeti face to face? And cleaning Norge's house is like being surprised all the time. . . I didn't know there were so many creatures in that other world he keeps talking about . . . Hahaha! Heh! . . . heh.

[who are you trying to convince, Denmark.]
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I refuse to do anything~! Have Amerique do all the congratulations~

Non, ma princesse~! I will not waste any of my precious breath on those catterpillar-brows~! I am too beautiful, non~!?
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 You know the only reason you drop me off here nowadays is to give me room to air my grievances with you directly, right? Nothing else, nothing more. Really, it's kind of no surprise that you've neglected this place yet again; it's not like there's much to keep me tied to this place, anyway.

But, anyway. I guess it can't do any harm, right? Trying to be more active in this area, I mean. Of course, that depending on whether you've even got the time to do so in the first place-- it's not like I don't know how you work by this point, Mun. I've been stuck in your headspace long enough to pretty much get a grasp at that.

Maybe I'll be lucky to find someone to keep me anchored to this place, who knows. I know there's, like, some folks, but as they say, the more the merrier, right?

[Though, he does hope it won't be an excessive amount of 'more'.]
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 Ah. It's been a while.

I don't mind. The quiet is nice, but I do wish ya hadn't let it sit for so long. 

No more games, though. Still reeling from the last one.
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You need to calm down, alright?

I am fully capable of taking care of myself and your constant nagging isn't going to stop me.

If you want to laugh at me when it's all over--then laugh. And maybe, I don't know... believe me when I say that I've had worse things happen to me. Like being ruled by Russia, for example...

But in all honesty, someone needs to tell that delusional imbecile how it is. I don't really care if he actually comes around or not. At least I'll never be able to say that I didn't try.

So cut me some slack. I'm doing him a favor.

[ No. You're pissing him off. He's going to kick your ass. ]

It isn't over yet. We'll see, won't we?
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Oh, and here I thought you had forgotten me entirely. No, no, carry on as you were. I've been far too busy to mind all this isolation. Splendid isolation - yes. I quite like it. And besides, nostalgia is a funny thing. I suppose we do have some... "history", but I won't hold my breath; I dare say I'll go forgotten again within the month.

Hm? Not that it bothers me or anything. It doesn't. You don't think I'd rather not be by myself than end up caged in whatever stupid jar you throw your next victim? Hah.

Although... Well... Maybe letting me out to visit others here and there without the "caged" part wouldn't go amiss...
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I suppose I must admit, you've earned your respite for the day, and you've been remarkably on top of things here as well.

What's more, you've actually managed to be more creative in your methods of trying to torture me! Adventures in outer space while I'm stuck in the 19th century, how clever. [Please note the sarcasm.] And now a game featuring loads of required physical affection? ...I'll give you that one.

It's a good job I won't cave though, isn't it? I've come this far. No point in buckling for your nonsense now.

By the way, if you don't mind, would you please turn off that period programme set in--yes that one--! The one with the spies in the American Revolution. [Arthur will refer to it as that, as opposed to "War of Independence" because it might make him violently ill if he does.]

Praise the cinematography all you want, I still don't like it.