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[Confused? Confused.]

 ... what are you even doing.

Nobody really goes 'round these parts anymore. Everything's out of date. Even my stuff in this place's out of date!

You don't even go here anymore what are you doing--
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Welcome back (if you're staying)

[personal profile] dynamiteboy 2017-09-21 01:11 am (UTC)(link)
Huh, you weren't kidding- 2015, huh?
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Always an experience coming back to DW

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As something of a time capsule myself I can respect that.

[Viva la 1980s]

I'll probably be saying the same thing next time I come back here- my writer's not the best with commitment. It seems a lot more... Difficult to find places to put yourself here, but I assume that's meant to be the charm of the place. Can't say I'm that used to it.

[Look at this tumblr whore.]