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musing on recent(ish) drop & missing.

I hope you know what you want is impossible.

I don't deserve any of their forgiveness, and I don't think I've earned the right to another chance, either. I made a lot of promises. They trusted me and I lied when I said I was better. You shouldn't--


I don't even know how many people that I... that he... I let them all down.

What kind of hero can't win against his own villain?
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Not all villains are created equal. Certainly, we'd like to think we can always prevail despite how the odds are stacked against us, but circumstances conspire against us.

I'm sorry I couldn't have done more.
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Perhaps, but we could have paid better attention. We should have realized something was wrong sooner.
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I don't know. I could have been a better friend, perhaps. Offered my support, looked into ways to ease the situation peacefully.

You don't have to necessarily rely on us, but you didn't need to suffer it alone, either.
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You're also the one who suffered for it.
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That can be one of the more unfortunate consequences of the setting. You need to arrange contingencies for your contingencies, in case some pieces are no longer available.
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You'll forgive me if I'm skeptical that it was the best result for all involved. If only we could have prevented it instead...
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And that's the point we'll end up being stuck on, won't it? I suppose it's the problem with retrospective wishing.
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And you still died. What can anything I'd done really add up to if I couldn't have helped that?
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Well, I'm...I'm glad I could at least help on that front.
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We were fortunate to have you for the time we did.

You were a good person, Bob. Despite everything that happened. Never forget that.
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That's how it so often goes, isn't it? We can spend lifetimes trying to rebalance the scales, and so often do.

I would know more about that than any of us.